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10 Best Kids’ Games WordPress Themes 2022

Want to build a website for kids? Great for you. Then you need to know that web design for kids is a completely different ballgame. There is a certain beauty and wonder to kids’ games WordPress themes features on the list below. They are bright, colorful, and easy to use. The reason? It’s obvious; kids look at the world completely differently than adults. So, if you want your website to cater to these kiddos, break the rules. No, it shouldn’t look outdated or not in line with the best web design practices. Yet, it must be easy to understand, simple to use, and exciting.

Unlike grown-ups, children don’t look for content. Instead, they look for is engagement, entertainment, and education. So, it’s time to unleash your inner child. The beauty of premium WordPress themes is that they will do the trick without calling in for pros. The options you’ll find below can work for children-oriented websites. The choice is yours for kids’ clothing store, events, education, or nursery. You have no limits to how far you can get. Your website will look great even on the smallest screen sizes. Since children are more likely to use mobile gadgets to browse your website, responsive & Retina-ready design is necessary. And a lot more goodies inside.

Best WordPress Themes For Kids Games

1. Juno | Kids Toys & Games Store WordPress Theme

Juno | Kids Toys & Games Store WordPress Theme

You can find different kids’ games WordPress themes that claim to be the best option for your website. Yet, Juno doesn’t promise, it proves. This premium WP template can work for any kid’s toys online store and video games website. Kids love bold, vibrant colors, so be sure Juno will help them feel happy. It can also be an excellent choice for education services or gift shops.

Since its update, Juno abounds in features that go above and beyond. First, it comes compatible with Elementor. For you, that means as minimum coding issues as possible. Next, the theme comes with a set of pre-designed pages and modules to help save time. For header & footer areas, you can use the powerful layout builder. WooCommerce integration is another benefit to consider. Just because children are not concentrated, a little help is never a bad idea. For that, Juno features the Mouse Helper that will help children navigate the site. Of course, the theme follows the latest GDPR compliance rules to ensure your site provides the best online experience. There are so many outstanding features bundled in Juno that you must check them immediately.

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2. Tediss | Play Area & Child Care Center WordPress Theme

Tediss | Play Area & Child Care Center WordPress Theme

Want to build a website that appeals to parents and their children? Then Tediss is your best choice. Colorful and vibrant, this premium WP template has a lot to offer. First, it’s a multi-purpose option to help you build a website for any topic. Whether education, pediatric, or cafe, Tediss is the right fit for all. That’s one of the key reasons it makes our list of kids’ games WordPress themes today.

Let’s start with the GDPR Framework that helps your website run smoothly no matter what. It’s one of the must-have features to consider when picking amongst kids’ games WordPress themes. The thing is that Elementor comes as the major page builder will save you a lot of a great deal. So, you can forget all your worries and create beautiful designs like a pro visually. Make it easier for your users to book appointments online and stay aware of the upcoming events. Thanks to the WPML support, your content has no language borders. So children worldwide can enjoy your website with no limits. What’s important, Tediss is built with speed in mind, so your users will enjoy a super-fast page load. Look for something special? Chances are it’s bundled in Tediss.

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3. Little Birdies | A Multipurpose Children Kindergarten WordPress Theme

Little Birdies | A Multipurpose Children Kindergarten WordPress Theme

Go big, bright, and bold to engage. Go Little Birdies. Colorful and modern, this WP template is worth your attention. And the key reason is that it can be the right choice for any children-oriented web project. Whether education, nursery, or pediatric, the choice is yours. Also, you don’t need to worry about coding issues; Little Birdies will save you from that misery.

Whatever your niche, there are three beautiful demos to pick from. For personalization, use your creativity only. Thus, you can edit almost every tiny design detail you want. It helps that the theme supports the WPBakery page builder for that. Also, the theme features a responsive and Retina-ready layout, which is great. It’s more likely a child will use a tablet or mobile device to browse your site. Plan to hold events? It is always a great idea and a way to attract scores on new visitors. The Events Calendar plugin will help you streamline your scheduling routine from day one. Expect your website to shine at the top of the popular search results since it’s one of the SEO-friendly kids’ games WordPress themes to get.

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4. The Mounty | Hiking Campground & Children Camping WordPress Theme

The Mounty | Hiking Campground & Children Camping WordPress Theme

For a reason, the Mounty earns its place amongst the best kids’ games WordPress themes. This modern WP template can serve sports websites of all kinds. To be clear, you can build a website for campers, kids activity center, children blog, or clothing store. And the best thing is that you can change the theme’s overall look without coding skills. That’s why it’s smart to check The Mounty for benefits.

The theme has a lot of pre-designed pages you can use to represent your brand. You can also use custom shortcodes & widgets to tell a story about your brand more engagingly. Forget not about your skills and achievements, gallery of works, and testimonials. The best place to showcase them is your homepage slider. It helps that Revolution Slider will come in handy for that. In addition, The Mounty features a responsive and Retina-ready layout that looks awesome on any smart device. Always consider your users and keep them informed of your upcoming events, workshops, or meetings. All in all, the theme supports the Booked and Events Calendar plugins for that. And finally, monetize your website to make profits online.

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5. Kids Planet | A Multipurpose Children WordPress Theme for Kindergarten and Playgroup

Kids Planet | A Multipurpose Children WordPress Theme for Kindergarten and Playgroup

Right off the bat, Kids Planet is a multi-purpose option with features that go above and beyond. Forget the subtle functionality and restrained color palette. This time you’ll go big, go bright, and go bold. Kids Planet will be your favorite for sure. No wonder the number of satisfied users grows day by day. The theme contains everything you need to present your business online.

Getting started with Kids Planet is easy. First, choose between several beautiful topics bundled in the package. From that moment, you can begin the personalization of your page layouts. For that, get your fingers wet into WPBaker page builder. Got the most caring team in the metro area? Introduce it. WooCommerce integration built-in will come in handy, too. Showcase your offer and let your users purchase your products or services. For convenience, you can build a multilingual website and make your users happier. If you want to get creative, use shortcode builder to your advantage. One of the best things you can do is to add an interactive Ajax search mechanism and save your users time.

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6. SevenHills | Hiking Summer Camp Children WordPress Theme

SevenHills | Hiking Summer Camp Children WordPress Theme

SevenHills is another specimen of kids’ games WordPress themes to explore. It’s also popular among users for its versatile design and flexibility. It would be great if you used SevenHills to build a sports website. Yet, nothing stops you from making a website for summer camp, children’s club, or game store. The responsive and outstanding design of the theme will fit all topics.

You can start with pre-designed page layouts and grow until you’re proud. The beauty of kids’ games WordPress themes is that they are easy to use and edit for anyone. You just drag and drop design elements to where you need them most and enjoy the result. Not like what you see? Delete and repeat. Next, the theme has booking functionality to help you get more bookings online. For those who plan to sell camping equipment or kids’ clothes, WooCommerce is the solution. Needless to say, that responsive and Retina-ready design comes as a must-have feature. And finally, SEO support will help your site appear at the top of the popularity list. All in all, who doesn’t want to get there?

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7. Hello Summer | A Children Holiday Camp WordPress Theme

Hello Summer | A Children Holiday Camp WordPress Theme

Children want a happy experience from a website; Hello Summer can do that trick. Take the time to enjoy its alluring design that will look the same across all modern smart devices. The theme best works for kid events websites since it supports booking functionality. But who said you couldn’t launch a kids’ fashion store or entertainment blog? Robust functionality is the key reason Hello Summer takes place on the kids’ game WordPress themes list.

As you can see, the theme can serve sports websites, too. To make that happen, you need to customize the theme’s overall look as per your liking. Worry not. It’s not rocket science since WPBakery is the major page builder for that. Its powerful and intuitive layout lets you create beautiful things without coding issues. Also, you’ll need to showcase your projects and engage your little audience. The theme supports the Essential Gris plugin that lets you organize your images in awesome grids. Interaction with your users will be easy, thanks to a set of advanced contact and registration forms. Tell your story with the focus on your website design, and you can keep your audience engaged and in connection with you.

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8. White Rabbit | Kids Toys & Children Clothing Store WordPress Theme

White Rabbit | Kids Toys & Children Clothing Store WordPress Theme

A website for children needs to be user-friendly and interactive. And if you don’t want to stick to traditions, White Rabbit is just the thing for you. It looks beautiful and stands out from the other kids’ games WordPress themes. It comes with several pre-designed homepage layouts to help get started quicker. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to those; getting creative with your page layouts is never a bad idea.

White Rabbit is a great choice for eCommerce websites. Whether a gift, clothing, or toys store, restart your site-building journey immediately. The theme comes with the full WooCommerce integration, so all the rest becomes history. Of course, the theme features a pack of pre-designed dinner pages that will serve you as help. Thus, you can tell your story, showcase what differentiates you from the competitors, and introduce your team. When using custom shortcodes, you can go even further and use a shortcode builder. Lay out your menus creatively, or opt for a splash page — endless possibilities! Children generally come to websites for entertainment, so make sure yours is the one they seek.

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9. Kids Care | A Multi-Purpose Children WordPress Theme

Kids Care | A Multi-Purpose Children WordPress Theme

Designing a website for kids is your chance to break the rules regarding web design. Kids Care is just the thing for you if you’re looking for a cute option. And the key reason is that it’s a multi-purpose WP template that suits children-related websites immediately. Preschool, activities, babysitting, or kids event, carve out your niche and get down to site-building.

You’ll get four ready-made topics you can use as the starting point for your website. Also, you’ll get four premade header & menu layouts to poke around. If you need more page layouts, take advantage of Elementor page builder. This mega-popular tool will help you skip through all tricky issues from day one. Making profits online is also important, so the WooCommerce plugin comes bundled, too. It is also 100% mobile-friendly, cross-browser compatible, and Retina-friendly. The layout is also optimized for SEO, so your site is more likely to appear at the top of the search results. When it comes to premium plugins, you have options. Thus, it supports the Events Calendar, GDPR Framework, WPML, and other goodies.

Here you can find even more children WordPress themes ranked and reviewed by our experts.

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10. Chit Club | Board Games Club & Anticafe WordPress Theme

Chit Club | Board Games Club & Anticafe WordPress Theme

Creating a website with Chit Club will be a walk in a park for you. Not sure? Then give this specimen of kids’ games WordPress theme a shot. It is perfect for children-related projects like toy stores, babysitting websites, summer camp portals, education courses, or art schools. The theme includes many cool and catchy designs that you can fine-tune until you’re proud. And the best thing is that you’ll do it without calling in for pros.

This theme is fully integrated with the feature-rich event solution for WordPress websites – the Events Calendar plugin. That means you can easily add as many events to your website, notify your users, and welcome them. This theme features many eye-catching fonts and lively colors perfect for a kids’ website. It is fully customizable and allows you to change its favicon, title, taglines, background, headers, colors, and all the tiny tweaking to make it a snowflake. Want to convert it into an online store? Have fun! The WooCommerce plugin would be a huge help. In addition, it supports the Instagram Feed and Smash Ballon Instagram Feed plugins. That would be great to integrate your website with your Insta acc and display your responsive Insta feeds there.

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Closing Up About the Best Kids’ Games WordPress Themes

Designing a website for kids is one of the most interesting experiences you may have. To do it right, put yourself in the shoes of a child. That would help you pick the right option amongst the best kids’ games WordPress themes. If you’re getting started, take the time to check all the benefits with the premium option. Otherwise, you might need to start from the beginning.

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