۱۹ Top Advertising & Marketing Website Templates 2018

You will achieve even greater results with your advertising agency when your construct a website using one of the best marketing website templates. Just like your work should be of the utmost quality, so must be your web presence. If you are a marketing agency that helps other companies grow beyond expectations, your should appear[…]

۱۸ Top Car & Automotive Website Templates 2018

For cars and everything related to the industry, these modern and convenient automotive website templates are the ideal options for you to go with. They range from car repair, car dealers, car rentals, auto classifieds and similar. On top of that, each template is entirely customizable to give you more freedom with the final design[…]

۲۰ Technology Website Templates For Apps & Software 2018

Whatever kind of a tech business or startup you are, you can take all these modern and responsive technology website templates to your advantage. For apps, software and any type of service you offer, it should not be a question anymore whether or not you need a website. The shortest answer is: You Need A[…]

۱۰ Dev Talks & Presentations on the Future of CSS

Every year it seems like there’s more web development and UX conferences. They include a bunch of speakers who share the latest industry happenings with frontend development, user experience and general web design. Many of these conferences are private, but there are quite a few that release their presentations online. You can browse these keynotes[…]

UX at Scale 2017: Free Online Conference with 20,000+ Registrants

By Jerry Cao on Oct 2 2017UX Scaling design is one of the greatest challenges faced by product teams today. That’s because design just doesn’t scale like engineering. As teams, products, and processes grow, things eventually break. Despite how daunting the challenge seems, plenty of companies have adapted their[…]

The Atlassian Design System: Creating Design Harmony at Scale

When Atlassian expanded their focus on design in 2012, Jürgen Spangl was hired as the new Head of Design. One of the first projects he initiated was creating the Atlassian Design Guidelines (ADG) – their new internal design system. At the time, they faced several challenges common to scaling a design practice: Design inconsistency –[…]