Xllentech English Islamic Calendar


Xllentech English Islamic Calendar plugin shows calendar with english and islamic dates by the current english month. This calendar plugin is fully programmed in php and requires no maintenance for Islamic dates year to year.

Islamic month names is customizable from Settings page. You need to update number of days of the Islamic month only if the number of days for the month is different than the default shown in the calendar.

The plugin comes with first islamic date for the current english month, if it doesn’t match with your area islamic date, you can change it from settings page. Create a support ticket for guidance. After that, This plugin calculates and keeps record of islamic dates of all the following months lifetime.

In addition to the calendar widget, this plugin also adds widget to show today’s english date and islamic date. See Screnshots.

The Pro Version of the calendar provides next month and previous month links, so that viewers can go back or forward for any past or future months with no limit. Also show Today’s Date as colored box. It also shows Islamic events on Calendar inside the day box. It uses Green text for Wiladat events, Red for Martyrdom Events and Black for Wafat Events. Events are shown only if the required file has data in it. See screenshots.

  • Resposive CSS, Fully compatible with all screen sizes.
  • Be worry free for Islamic dates, Requires no maintenance year to year
  • Show Today’s Dates with separate widget
  • Supports shortcode, use [xcalendar] to display the widget anywhere
  • Supports Timezones for Worldwide use
  • Email Feature for easy reminder and updating of Islamic Month Days
  • Color Themes
  • Show Week Starting Sunday or Monday

See demo at: http://www.xllentech.com/wordpress-plugins/xllentech-english-islamic-calendar/



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