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WTG Portal Manager Beta

WTG Portal Manager assists us in managing related content for a product, service or event.

Manage related content for a product or service in one place then offer it to visitors…in one place.
The job of this plugin is to pull related content of all types (even a WP menu) into one area for both visitors and administrators.
Everyone should have a better experience finding, updating, adding and removing information for the portals topic. That is goal number one. The
portal manager should streamline the creation of portals and guide the user to ensure no elements of the portal are missed. That is goal two.

What do you imaging the third goal should be in a plugin of this nature, let know in the plugins forum?

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Features List

  1. Manage many portals.
  2. Merge Twitter, phpBB and WP posts into a single “Updates” list.
  3. Custom sidebar per portal.
  4. Add custom menu to each portal.
  5. High customization per portal is the goal, more to come soon!

Work In Progress

  • Current Portal Selection menu on main page defaults to the first item.
  • Too many configuration values are being stored in the settings array. Starting with sidebars move them to individual options.
  • Serialize API credentials using key stored in plugin.
  • Need a way to delete values in a form and reset it.
  • Add functionality to the portal information in head of pages i.e. link to the portal, quick tools.
  • Allow more than one Twitter account to be used on Updates list.
  • Default values on Create Portal menus might be the cause of security warnings.
  • Developer widget – will include portal ID and functionality for quickly changing portal.
  • Setup a Trello account for this project.

Requires: 3.8.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.13
Last Updated: 42 mins ago
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