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Plugin or custom code request
We are building a site for our client that is a Medical focused job board.
We are using the plugins available through WP Job Manger – https://wpjobmanager.com/ in combination with WooCommerce.
Our client wants to limit access for Companies that are placing jobs.
We have contacted the developers of WPJobManager and they confirmed that what the client wants to do is not available as part of their plugin’s functionality.

Question: Can we limit the applicant resumes that a Company can access based on the category that both the job posting, and the application is assigned.
Cena M. (Automattic)
Mar 28, 17:19 UTC
Hi there,
While it’s certainly possible (and an interesting question), it would require custom coding to implement – it’s not available in core WP Job Manager or addons. We’re not able to help with customization requests like these, I’m afraid. You may want to look into one of these services for help:

Here is what the client wants to be able to manage.

Use Case 1: Single job poster
Any company that signs up for a single job package can only view resumes that share the same category as their posted job.
Example: A company that posts a job in the category of Cardiology can only see resumes that are assigned to the category Cardiology.

Use Case 2: Multi-Job Poster
Any company that is signed up for a multi-job package can view all resumes.

Use Case 3: Applicant – always free and can view all jobs.

Site: http://mdintro.darumatech.com/



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