WP Theme Customization

Attention all programmers!

The aforementioned Images (above) should display the industry name and users can select the Icon to be directed to next step in the solution recommendation process > Please use the following order for the industry Type Icons Images. Create a page layout with 3 columns and 3 rows as soon above, Beginning on column A row 1 >
Hotel / Resort
C-Store / Gas Station
Health Care
Online Store

Once a user selects one of the above Industry Type options they will be directed to a “Product Page”. Each Product Page will display the recommended solution benefits, and brief video demonstration. Please include call to actions on the product page to “Sign up Now”, Schedule A Demo”, or “Download White Paper”. When a user selects any of the buttons a data collection window will pop up with fields for Business Name, Individual Name, Title, email and best contact number. Once the user completes and presses submit a response message appears that says “Thank you for your inquiry one of our Account Specialists will be in touch.

Message ASAP!