WP Fields plugin from web service


I created a web service for web admins to easily add country, state and city dropdowns to their site, pasting a bit of code into their forms and pulling in all the data from a web service- see here: https://geodata.solutions
I created a Joomla! plugin so that J! users can add these fields to their custom forms easily (I’m a Joomla developer), and I wanted to see if I could create a plugin for WordPress users so that they can integrate my web service into their sites.
If there’s any WP plugin developers who would be interested in making a plugin to use the service, then get in touch. If it could be done cheaply, I’d pay to have it developed and release it myself, or you could create it and sell/support it yourself. I’m open to ideas.
I have an API (http://geodata.solutions/rest-dropdown-lists) if the javascript I’m using in the code snippet makes you sick.
I’d just be happy to open up the web service so that it could be used easily by WP users if it was any value to them. As far as I’m aware, there’s no country/state/city dropdown solutions for WP or other CMSs, which is why I’m keen to push this new approach.