WordPress/Woocommerce Developer

We are looking for a developer to help make modifications and upgrades to our WordPress/Woocommerce website. The developer should have experience with API’s and configuring sites to push data to outside platforms, like Salesforce. The website has some fairly sophisticated custom development on the back end to integrate the purchase of our continuing education webinars with the webinar platform and track course completion and certificates. Our site was built by an outside developer who still works with us, but we are looking for additional resources that can work closely with us to increase the efficiency of the work that needs done.

We anticipate that the person or team will work full-time with us for at least the next few months. We want to develop a relationship so that the person or team is available in the future to continually make improvements to the site’s functionality and features. The person or team selected needs to be available during U.S. eastern time (Washington, DC) to be able to communicate with our team. Our website is www.clearlawinstitute.com.