WordPress Technical Support Specialist

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is looking for an experienced WordPress Technical Support team member who can provide world-class support to our customers over the phone or via TeamWork.com

Founded in 2005, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is a U.S.-based digital marketing agency that creates custom WordPress websites and digital marketing strategies for businesses across the United States and around the world.

Thrive is committed to cultivating a culture of exceptional people who create outstanding results for our clients. We are a close-knit team that is motivated, smart, disciplined, organized and committed to turning ideas into action. We are professional, honest and passionate about our work.

We already have many happy clients and are adding more every day. Grow with us as we address the business marketing needs of clients across the United States and around the world.


– ۱-۲ years experience working in technical support or a customer service position.
– Fluent in English (Either Native or Bilingual).
– Technical aptitude: You have strong troubleshooting skills and are able to easily identify problems.
– Strong knowledge of WordPress: You have built, installed or supported a WordPress site.
– Basic knowledge of DNS: You know what a CNAME and an A Record is, and how to add/edit DNS records.
– Basic knowledge of network fundamentals: You know what a traceroute is and can use ping.
– FTP: You know how to use an FTP program to access and update site files. If you know what SFTP is and why you should use it, that’s even better.
– SSL: Basic understanding of how SSL works and how to install on a website.
– Able to type 50 – ۶۰ WPM.
– Customer focused: You’re a people person who looks forward to helping the person who just contacted you for help.
– Able to multitask: You can handle multiple tickets at once, and efficiently prioritize them.
– Detail oriented: You like to take detailed notes of what you’re doing so others can see what steps you’ve taken to help the customer.
– Fast & reliable internet and computer (PC or Mac).
– Honesty: We value honesty and won’t tolerate lying.
– Integrity & Respect: We treat our customers and each other with respect. We won’t tolerate things like stealing, cheating, damaging property or destroying work.
– Organization: Must keep your daily task list up to date and pay careful attention to due dates. Keep details organized and pay attention to others’ notes to avoid mistakes and unnecessary work — this is vital to our team’s efficiency as well as our quality standards.
– Communication: Provide regular and clear updates to the Thrive team and our clients.
– Teamwork: We will work together, get along and accomplish goals.
– Sense of urgency: In today’s business world, speed is vital. We must be fast, agile, adaptable and make the important things happen quickly.
– Professionalism: We are providing a professional service and expect our team to act accordingly with our customers and with each other.


– Responsible for customer support requests. That means you’ll be the one our customers turn to when they have a problem and providing a solution should be your top priority!
– Working with clients to gather requirement for new requests. Calling clients or joining screen sharing calls when necessary to help solve issues.
– Working with designers and developers to assign and oversee tasks to completion.
– Applying creative problem-solving techniques to identify the source of problems. Must be able to troubleshoot problems with WordPress, themes and plugins (even ones without documentation). Then accurately describe the issue to developers (if needed) so it can be addressed.
– Maintaining high positive customer feedback through exercising empathy and utilizing your Customer Service skill set.
– Taking the initiative to learn about the customer, understand their problem, and determine the best solution. Keeping the customer updated with progress of their request.
– You’ll need to be well-versed in all the parts and services involved in running a website. WordPress is at the top of the list, but you’ll need to be familiar with plugins, database servers, DNS, FTP, SFTP, and SMTP to name a few.
– Giving your full attention and focus while working a shift. The amount of time you spend on each ticket will vary based on the issue/question being asked. You must be efficient but not move so quickly that you do not completely address the customer’s concern. Each response that you post should be aimed at providing a solution that does not require additional responses (when possible). Basically, you want to do your best to minimize the amount of back-and-forth in an effort to save time not only for yourself, but for the customer as well.