WordPress Task Scheduler


I am looking for a developer to help do the following

– I am using “The Event Calendar” plugin.
– I want to trigger email notifications or sms notifications
– When a specific event (not all) is about to start we want to notify the user
– We want to add events to the calendar if the user doesn’t do certain things like:
– You didn’t login today before 7pm, so the systems adds an event called “user didnt login” and then when that event starts, you send the notification by text or email
– You didnt enter your data into this custom field, so the system adds an event called “user didnt fill out custom field” to the calendar and when the event starts it triggers the notification.

Here is an in depth description of what were trying to do.

We have daily things we want the user to do so we will add those to the calendar but we want to notify them when they are not doing certain things. ie logging in, entering their data in customer fields, etc.