WordPress Restructuring Development

Educator.com is looking to redesign our company blog’s WordPress Theme to reflect the style and navigational elements of our main website https://www.educator.com.

To qualify for this job, you MUST demonstrate proficiency and ability. To show this, you must first set up a WordPress test website on your end, incorporate the header of https://www.educator.com exactly on your WordPress theme.* This will show that you are serious and you are capable. Upon reviewing this test website, we can immediately afterwards talk on the phone and we will sent you a deposit.

If you can do this, below are the technical instructions.

To replicate the educator.com header in a WordPress blog template depends on where the blog is hosted.
Case 1. Blog is hosted on subdomain.educator.com, inside a folder within the / web root folder.
In the WordPress header.php file, the links to the educator.com css and js files must be given. The locations are /css/inc/header-min.css and /scripts-min.js. In case of mobile, the css location is /css/inc/mob-header-min.css. Additionally /css/inc/main-min.css (and mob-main-min.css) has to be included for the open course dropdown, and login popup.
Next the header.inc file is included from this path ROOT_DIR/template/header.inc, where ROOT_DIR is the educator.com web root directory, not the blog’s. This file automatically includes the nav-content.php, which creates the course dropdown. The login popup is included from ROOT_DIR/template/signin.inc.php.

NOTE: with the above system, the WordPress header will be automatically updated whenever any changes are made to main educator.com header. If this is not desirable then the method suggested below should be used.

Case 2. Blog is hosted in separate folder outside the educator.com / web root folder (or NOTE above).
In this case, all the css, js, and php files for the header should be hosted inside the WordPress site. The php files that are to be included are attached. These can be modified appropriately for the different host/folder and included in the WordPress header.php file. The php files are not going to work as is on a different site or folder, and they have to be understood and modified appropriately. The css can be got from the attached files. The js cannot be attached and is here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x1M0VAHX3ItRkR9KVPYwzzPMAJMA6uGA/view?usp=sharing .

The exact process of including the files in the WordPress header can be understood only by looking at the current blog files (header.php and blog-header.php).

The database dump for each blog is in the attached blogs.sql file. In case of the /studyguide blog, each subject category blog data is in the same database, but with prefixed table names.


If you apply for this job without showing the WordPress theme with the educator.com header, your application will be reported to spam. This is to save you time by showing you are capable for this job.

Thank you for your interest.