WordPress Developer

Cornershop Creative (https://cornershopcreative.com) is seeking an awesome, U.S.-based WordPress developer to join our distributed team.

The core responsibility for this position will be investigating, troubleshooting, and coding solutions for WordPress-based websites and applications for our non-profit and small business clients. Tasks may include setting up WordPress custom post types, fields and taxonomies; troubleshooting server errors and migrating sites to different hosts; integrating WordPress data with third-party tools like SalesForce and Blackbaud products; and creating scripts to migrate data from other CMSes and data structures to WordPress. Additionally, this position may be responsible for developing and maintaining custom WordPress plugins.

Our ideal candidate is a hard-working, curious troubleshooter comfortable working independently with little supervision, but who also thrives working as part of a team that includes developers and non-developers. Since we’re a distributed shop, you’ll get to work from home! Cool, right?

Specifically, the things we’re looking for include:

  • Making WordPress sync data with common (and not so common) third-party REST & SOAP APIs
  • Crafting ingenious scripts to migrate datasets from outside systems, such as other CMSes, into WordPress, even when their character encoding isn’t what you want it to be
  • Doing WordPress theming, including heavy use of things like the template hierarchy, hooks, WP_Query, WordPress core APIs, etc.
  • Receiving potentially vague end-user bug reports, recreating the issues, and diving into the codebase to quickly identify root causes
  • Finding existing libraries, plugins or other internal/external solutions to solve programming challenges, rather than reinventing the wheel
  • Deploying websites onto production hosts via git, rsync (and maybe sometimes sFTP), configuring caching, updating DNS records, and associated launch tasks
  • Quickly and effectively maintaining/troubleshooting/supporting code written by other developers
  • Fluency with command line tools like git, gulp and wp-cli
  • Writing JavaScript (particularly jQuery) and CSS/SASS for cross-browser, responsive design without needing to rely on a framework like Bootstrap
  • Laughing at our stupid jokes (and the occasional good one)
  • Working in a fast-paced environment (we keep pretty busy!) while assigned to several projects at a time
  • Not losing your s#!% when you occasionally get feedback like “can we make the logo bigger?” or “change the padding by 1px” (and then getting asked to change it back), which may happen despite our best efforts
  • Utilizing superb written and oral communication skills to keep in close touch with distributed team members

Other stuff we’d love it if you’re good at, but aren’t requirements:

  • Working with and customizing BuddyPress
  • Troubleshooting mySQL performance issues (and writing performant queries)
  • Apache/nginx configuration, tuning and troubleshooting
  • Using Photoshop and understanding challenges in designing for the web
  • Working with non-profit CRM tools such as Salesforce, Salsa, Luminate Online, and Engaging Networks
  • Remembering to un-mute yourself before talking on conference calls
  • Being passionate about progressive causes
  • Performing basic devops/Linux sysadmin tasks like writing bash scripts, configuring web or database servers, and figuring out why “uploads don’t work!”

Cornershop Creative is an award-winning online services agency committed to listening carefully to our non-profit and small business clients and helping them achieve their goals. Our designs are beautiful, and our websites are creative and innovative. Learn more about us at https://cornershopcreative.com/.

Salary Range: $50,000-$70,000, though we are flexible based on applicant experience

To apply, visit https://cornershopcreative.com/apply-developer/ and submit:

  • Your résumé, which should include an indication of which U.S. state you live and work in
  • A brief cover letter, explaining why you’re excited about this opportunity
  • If possible, links to work you’ve been involved with that we should see, such as recent websites or testimonials

U.S. Applicants only!

Please be sure to include all of these items — to save everyone valuable time we’ll throw out incomplete applications. Thanks for understanding.

Cornershop is an equal opportunity employer.

While there is no official application deadline for this position, we’re looking to hire as quickly as possible. If you’re interested, please get your application in quickly!