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Receipt by Email

We would like our customers to get the Posters they’ve purchased to their email inbox, either in HTML or PDF that includes a Receipt with a QR code / Barcode for them to keep as evidence of pay

This Receipt would have three T&Cs on it, for example, This Poster is refundable but the credit would stay within Affiche


We like to have our users have accounts, that way when we offer them a refund, they can find that 50 USD in their account and can use it for another product, like Airbnb does have accounts with the possibility to have credit within that account.

This account space will also reflect all their sales from day 1 with us.

Checkout Cart

First Name
Last Name
Mobile Number
City, Country
Billing Details (Can be copied from Ticket info)
A Checkmark Button to Agree to the T&Cs of -ing


We like to have a page with all the Data Collected from Start of the (Journey of a User) till the moment they’ve purchased/signed-up.

Where the user came from (Google SEO, Google Ad Words, Fb, Instagram, Linkedin, Referal?)
What pages they browsed
Did they sign-up for the newsletter
Did they buy? What tickets did they buy?

Analytics are critical for us, we need to understand the user journey from start to end, and we can filter it by Country, Poster Bought, Sign-ups, Source..etc. With Graphs and we can export it to PDF to be able to print this data weekly.

We collect analytics from tools like Crazy Egg, Google Analytics, and we can have new tools to fit our requirements. We basically want all this data to be in 1 place, in the WordPress Backend.


Exporting Products Purchased list into Excel sheet (With information about which Posters were sold to those buyers, dates, and complete data collected)


We need the backend to be very fast and very stable, that why we suggest having fewer options to be able to have the lightest and fastest experience for our customers on the frontend and our team on the backend.


All Posters are limited in stock, and that limit reflects on the front end on how much stock we’ve current.

When an item sells out, then this specific item “Wissam Shawkat’s Peace Poster” needs to show it’s sold out everywhere.

Rates increase (Phase 02 idea)

We usually use 2 approaches when raising the Posters rates:
The first 10 Posters are let’s say are at 50 USD, once those 5 are sold, the price needs to automatically go up to the next set price at 75 USD for the next 10 tickets and so on till all tickets are sold out
The second is tactic we use is Timer, so we raise prices around 5 times before our event, so once the timer reaches, the ticket needs to go up (Unless it already went up according to our first metric of already sold 5 tickets or more)

So basically the first 5 Poster sell at 50 USD or until a certain date, whichever comes first.


We like to have a system of Referral similar to Airbnb’s referral system here, where people are able to refer a friend and get a reward in exchange, here is an example

Payment Gateway

Linking our current Payment Gateway, to our WooCommerce site. We also like to create an option to make a refund of (individual Posters) easier from our end if we (needed) to do that because of a canceled workshop or whatever the case.


It’s important for us to add a point where people have to check a box to agree to our terms of payment and how they use the posters, with a link taking them to a page with very very simple and clear points on the T&Cs, this will be located in the Checkout Cart.


Phase 01 Deadline: 27th February
Phase 02 Deadline: 3rd March (Including populating the website)
Launch Deadline: 10th March