WooCommerce Product Feed Export : Google, Bing, eBay, Amazon, Facebook and more


“The plugin enabled us to very quickly get our products listed in the Google Merchant stores system, no fuss. We took advantage of their ‘Full Monty’ program to get things done even quicker! With over a decade in our market – and very high end products – we do not tolerate any outages, missing products or data that is wrong…”
Kevin P. – Webmaster – http://www.electriccyclery.com

The Shopping Cart Product Feed for WooCommerce & WP-ECommerce (Getshopped) creates the native output required by each merchant (over 40 now!) of any product category (and all product details) for native import. It includes all required feed types for Google Merchant Center, Amazon Seller, Amazon Shopper, Shopzilla, eBay Merchant, NexTag for variable & non-variable products.

** —- WooCommerce Variations are FULLY Supported! —- **