WooCommerce I-wantit sales booster


This extension will allow customers to collect product data (image, price, description, category, link) from your store and add them to their wishlist I-wantit. Users can see an I-wantit icon next to the buy/ basket button. Now, anyone can share your products on I-wantit with the image, URL, price, and description. After the installation, when the customer visits your website he will find this button and can access to his account in I-want it or create a new one without leaving your website. Now, the customer will click on the product that he wants to add/share. This brings up the login for I-want it and after login the customer will add the product to his I-want it wish list or even suggest it to a friend. After adding the product to your wishlist you can check your account. Here you will see all the products that you have added to your wishes. After clicking the product, you can see the website Url of the product, a button to visit the product page along with the product description, price and title.

Use Case of « I-want it »

After the successful installation of the extension, the admin will enable the extension and will set the position of I-wantit logo for the product pages (best results with a button close to the buy/basket icon. Now, when the customers choose a product he can’t afford now he will be able to see an I-want it logo to keep it in his wishlist easily. Clicking the logo will ask them to login first. After login, you will see a page where you can choose a product image, then you can check the product infos and edit them.  After confirming the infos he can add it to his own list or suggest it to a friend.
You must have an account  to save product images, Url, and price, and description on i-wantit . You can create a new account in one click.

Features of the I-wantit plugin

  • Enable/Disable the i-wantit feature from the admin backend.
  • Set the position of the Logo on the Product page.
  • Allowed user can add product Images with URL, price and Description.
  • Increase your website traffic.

Benefits of i-wantit extension

Admin Benefits

The admin will be able to allow the users to collect product’s image, URL, price, link, and the description on i-wantit. This will allow more user engagement thus increasing the sales conversions. The admin can enable or disable the extension for use at the frontend and can set the position of the i-wantit icon on the product page.

Customers Benefits

Customers can save any of the products they like to their wishlist and this will allow them to return to the product pages or can share these product with others.

  • Exemple of i-wantit service in a product page.
  • Settings of the extension back office.

“WooCommerce I-wantit sales booster” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



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