Website designer and implementer


A unique situation here in that an umbrella corporation will encompass an online thrift ship, a blog, an educational component, a referral place, a spotlight and eventually another business that will be dog training. The umbrella corp is named 2nd Hand 7, Inc. It is named after 7 rescue dogs. The shop is currently up and running on eBay, 2nd Hand 7 Treasures. Every month 10% of the net proceeds go to a different dog rescue (mo kill). It would be great if I could run the shop in both sites OR feature some specials on the 2nd hand 7. The blog will be about my pack with photos…I would love if it can include recordings so I could do their voices. The education will be weekly blurbs about dog advocacy and rescue.The spotlight would be the rescue we had selected for the month in the shop and brief info on them. Lastly, I WILL be completing school with a training certification and would like that to run through the website. I want the site to be easily visited, a nice easy flow, good pictures but mainly I want it to be a fun resource for people who are looking to adopt a rescue, want to shop for a cause, want to learn more about bullies and multiple bullie households, to hire me as a trainer. Lastly, I want to learn how to admin the site and make chnges. I need this position to be filled ASAP by a highly motivated, personable and patient person. It would be easier for all if you have some working knowledge of big dogs, the bully breeds and have at least a “like” for animals. Thank you!
Pack Leader