Our company is devoted to doing the best possible work for our clients and maintaining a fun, thriving environment for our team. You will work side by side with top talent to improve your skills and advance the company as a whole. We listen to your ideas and use them. We offer opportunities for growth[…]

Custom multisite language switcher

For our multisite Woocommerce install, we need a custom language switcher between subdirectories, with flags widget and dropdown option source_link وردپرس

Blog re-mastering

Hi everybody, we are looking for someone to re-master our blog and put it on WordPress.it will have to respect the actual theme of the website and be secured ( avoid comments for spammers …).The actual blog is here : https://www.capcompta.fr/blog.php Thanks by advance Sorry about my approximative english. J.DUFRESNE source_link وردپرس

Resolve error a backup installation

Hi,I have a problem with the installation of a backup of a WordPress from one website of mine to another, some lines of code are intervened by the previous hosting, I have moved it.I am not an expert and although I know it should be easy to find the problem, I do not get it.I[…]

۱۷ Best Landscaping Website Templates 2020 ( HTML & WordPress)

Have you ever dreamt of having a nice outdoor space for a retreat at home? Are you dreaming of transforming your property into a more attractive and delightful place to live with? Well, you better call a landscape professional to help you do the transformation. Landscaping is more than just beautification. It gives you ample[…]

۲۴ Best Travel Magazine Themes for Travel Reviews, News and Guides 2020

Life is a wonderful gift. Though you have ups and downs, you ought to enjoy life while it lasts. Traveling is one of the best means to enjoy and have fun! Besides, traveling offers many benefits that can hardly be achieved unless you try. Typically, travel helps you broaden your horizon. Thus, you can get[…]

۲۴ Best Digital Agency WordPress Themes 2020

Find the best marketing strategies that put your brand in front of prospects. These strategies should help convince potential clients to trust their businesses to your expertise. As today’s online market place is more competitive than ever, you must find ways for your brand to stand out from the crowd. Luckily, acquiring a web presence[…]

۲۰ Best Charity Websites Inspiration For Non-profit Organizations 2020

Every nonprofits’ unique brand should be revealed on their websites. If you’re looking for inspiration to craft the most engaging one for your organization, you’re certainly on the right track. Check out these charity websites that will surely motivate you to build your web presence with quality and excellence. “No one has ever become poor by[…]

Cyborg Ant Website

Three page site. One Landing Page. Two content pages that are the same layout with different skins. I have built all the elements in PSD with artboards. Layouts for desktop are already done. Working on the tablet and mobile. This is a one day job, no more than two. I have set everything up for[…]

Digital Implementation Specialist

Position Purpose: This is a full time in-office opportunity in Monrovia, CA. In the role of the Digital Implementation Specialist, you need to be a quick-thinking, fast-paced juggler and love it! You will be involved in multiple channels of digital marketing for over 20 clients, often working on several projects at the same time. Digital[…]