Web Developer


Push Digital Web Developer

Job Summary
Push Digital is seeking a highly motivated and talented developer to help in managing, maintaining and developing client sites both corporate, and political. Applicants are expected to have a strong work ethic, and are required to make meaningful contributions to the innovation, planning, and design of websites and digital marketing assets. Those candidates who thrive in fast-paced environments and are curious about learning the latest digital trends will earn a place with our company. Push is built on data and that is what our clients expect to see, so a proficiency in analytics is also a crucial skill for applicants to have.

Duties & Responsibilities:

-Upgrading functionality of our current stable of websites, as well as taking concepts from the final design stage to completion, in the form of responsive and mobile-ready websites
-Developed sites must adhere to the original/approved design as closely as possible, while making efficiency and usability improvements as needed.
-Finalized projects must be fully accessible and editable by the client, and in some cases done so in a turn-key fashion, where the client assumes full control over the website once it goes live.
-Fielding edits from project managers at random intervals
-If customized fonts are to be used (as directed by the lead designer), the developer will communicate with the appropriate project managers to determine proposed web traffic for any visitor-based font licensing that may apply.
-Determining the most viable security measures for the completed website, and implementing them accordingly.
-Fixing all website bugs/glitches while offering IT support for all systems.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

-The ideal candidate will be comfortable with frameworks, programming languages and scalable systems while also fostering the creative and innovative skill set to further improve our web development process.
-Candidates will be capable of managing a team of developers (both in-house and contract) while upholding the utmost dependability, product excellence, and communicative abilities.
-Candidates must be driven and proactive, with a proven track record of accomplishments.
-Candidates must have the ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects and operate under pressure while maintaining a high attention to detail.
-Candidates should be knowledgeable and forward thinking in regards to web standardizations trends while also having the ability to seamlessly switch between multiple projects at once.
-Candidates will have strong communication skills (written, verbal and presentation), while also being able to give and take direction in technical and non-technical terms. (i.e. explaining all site functions in a simplified manner to account executives and clients respectively).

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