Weasel Spark


Weasel Spark’s plugin offers you :
Tracking :
Weasel Spark captures all users’interactions on your website.
Thanks to Weasel Spark you can capture :
– Every clics, taps, users’identifications, …
– Automatic storage of all sessions

Webanalytics :
Weasel Sparkl provides you detailed statistics about how you site is used.
Thank to Weasel Spark, you could :
– Quickly see statistics of your website
– See your web traffic
– Watch over particular events

Bug report :
Weasel Spark informes you as soon as a user bump into a bug.
Weasel Spark, bug report it’s :
– Automatic send of a ticket in your bug tracking tool (Mantis, Jira, Bugzilla)
– The replay of the user session
– Allow your users to report a bug in a dedicated pop-in
– Send automatically a screenshot of the error message

Performance monitoring :
Weasel Spark shows you what happen on your servers at each user’s request.
Weasel Spark has a java agent, a PHP agent and a .NET agent to detect which request have been called and your servers’ answer time. Optimize your site !



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