Wanted: Brilliant full-stack developer, long-term position, exciting company


Hi there,

My name’s Charlie.

I run a personal development YouTube channel with 76M views and 1.2M subscribers. It’s called Charisma on Command.

For the right person, this is a Dream Job?—?and dream company.

If you are someone who…
– Wants to excel in your career and take pride in active and stimulating work
– Is looking for a shot to prove yourself
– loves the idea of helping people become their most confident selves

…this could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

We’re a great company to join. Here’s why…

– We’re established, yet growing fast and you will be getting in at the ground level of the tech team
– We are impacting people all around the globe – every day we receive dozens of emails from fans saying we’ve helped to change their lives for the better
– You can work from anywhere in the world. Our current team spans nine countries
– You will have increasing opportunities to expand your role as we grow

This position is the right fit for…

…Someone who really wants it.

Having spent the first 3 years of business without the right developer, I know the importance of development.

A developer is the backbone of an online company, and relied on more than anyone. Without the right developer, the rest of the team can’t function.

The perfect fit for us is someone who is already very good, but who wants to learn and is hungry to become a pro.

You need to…

– Think from a business perspective when it comes to solving problems. We work collaboratively and want everyone thinking “what’s best for our students?” and “what’s best for business.” That’ll mean helping us set the appropriate scope for our projects and pushing back on half-baked ideas 😉
– Welcome revisions
– Help us refine our technical processes
– Be a clear and capable communicator. As a company we take writing seriously. Great English and attention to detail are essential.
– Be someone we love working with! Fit comes first, above everything else for us. If the team doesn’t like you, no matter how good you are, we don’t want to work with you.

Nearly all of our communication is written, but we’d like you to be comfortable getting on the occasional call too.

Your initial tasks will include the following, but we very much would like to expand them:

۱٫ Create stunning email capture pages on WordPress

We currently use Leadpages, which is a service we’d like to get off as we bring more in-house.
Everything you create needs to be wonderfully responsive, and no stone (from the thank you page to a nicely formatted confirmation email) left unturned.

۲٫ Help us decide if we need to migrate our cart/membership plugin/domain

We use Wishlist Member and SamCart. The system works, but the cart is hosted off-site and I suspect that may be hurting conversions. We are open to a migration (I’ve heard Member Mouse/Stripe is good) provided it works well with our business requirements and other systems, Those are:

– Integrates and creates segments in ActiveCampaign
– Accepts both credit cards and PayPal
– Processes payments in either one time or installations based on customer selection at checkout
– Can have variable charges ($5 for a one-week trial, $99/month after that)
– Ability to have pop up cart or standalone page
– Mobile responsive
– Refunds automatically remove membership access
– One click upsell to different online courses

We are also open to migrating our 3 courses to a single website and members area if that makes more sense.

۳٫ Build a long-form sales page we can split test

We sometimes make sales pages that are many thousands of words. We need you to make these looks excellent. We also want to split test different designs,

The position will start as a part-time, paid trial. We aim to have you working with us full-time within the next three months.

To apply…

Please email me ONE example of a responsive page you have coded (ideally a checkout page or cart), along with a brief pitch on why you think you’d be a great fit.

Do not send more than one link or your entry will be disqualified.

Also, please do NOT send a resume, CV or attachment of any kind. We don’t care where you went to college (or that you even went at all)?—?all that matters is whether you can do it.

We won’t be able to get back to everyone, but for the few we like best, we’ll set up a brief call to discuss the opportunity.

Thank you for reading. Best of luck, and I look forward to hearing from you!