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Volunteer self-registration made easy. Without leaving your WP site. No hassles. No need to change any PHP or CSS file!

The easiest way to get volunteers for your tasks. They sign up/register themselves on your WP site/blog.
Fully integrated. No hassles. No need to change any PHP or CSS file!
Stop messing around with Google sheets or losing your visitors to anonymous third party platforms or lengthy bureaucratic procedures.

The Voluntueers.io for WordPress plugin connects to volunteers.io and seamlessly integrates a ssl secured service into your WordPress site.

  • As simple as possible:

    1. Install the WordPress plugin.
    2. No need to change any PHP or CSS file!
    3. Direct result, no lengthy configuration cycles.
    4. Cloud based – no interference with your WP config.
  • Adapts to your existing WP design!

    1. No overhauling of your site.
    2. No messing with already running scripts.
    3. No incompatibilities.
  • Signing up made easy:

    1. Event based: the sign up options is offered at the source: your site. There is no need to surf to a commercial, anonymous third party site.
    2. Your visitors will not leave your site.
    3. It is neither required to open another account nor to expose unnecessary personal data.
  • 100% free version available

    1. One year free, no credit card required.
    2. Extended and Pro versions available.
    3. No extra charge to your WP server, all is handled by our cloud based servers.
    4. Fully managed service, updates and upgrades are included.
  • Compatible

    1. Mobile first responsive design.
    2. Compatible with all WP templates and plugins.
    3. Compatible with all browsers and devices.
    4. Windows, Linux, Apple, PC, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, Android tabs, smartphones, etc.



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