Volunteer Website developer

Volunteer Website developer required for a charitable community website called “YouthPotential.org.uk” (this name may be changed but work with this name for now and we can edit it by the time the work starts).
We intend to use WordPress.org
As this is a volunteer opportunity and is not paid its a good role for someone looking to develop a portfolio to show other/future employers.

We are currently rebranding so lots of things are changing however, the website we require is a very basic one with no bells and whistles. Just a few pages that let staff and parents know what services we provide. Also to inform potential sources of fundraising what our offerings are .
There is an opportunity to create the new website for the rebranded after school club charity called “YouthPotential.org.uk”. This charity is providing educational and homework assistance services to local children in Hackney every weekday from 16:00 to 19:00.
We also provide a holiday time Day Care service where try and take the kids out to the park to educational establishment like a museum.
Initially this vacancy is to set up a basic website to attract volunteers and children to this after school club charity.

For this role we are looking for the following skillsets: you
Proven track record of building websites using WordPress.org (either privately professionally)
Use of web editor WordPress or similar
Ability to create website and curate content that search engines will rank this website in top 10
Understand how hosting and publishing of websites works
Attention to detail you

Bonus Skills
We will soon be launching a fundraising page, so any knowledge of “Go Fund Me” or other crowdfunding platforms would be great.
There is also opportunity to run our social media campaign (Facebook, Twitter etc.) so if you have experience or interest in this then this is a great opportunity for you.
We also hope to establish an intranet for staff and parents to access relevant details so if this is something you have experience of that would be very good.

On-going duties would include:
After initial website set up ensure keeping the social media presence up to date
Automate some of the manual processes within the charity such as recruiting, planning and payments
Provide a web framework with tools so less IT savvy volunteers can make updates.
Ensure that the website stays in top 10 of the search engines
Much of this work can be done from home however we would encourage you to come into Hackney Library and meet the other volunteers and students.

Practical considerations: We are currently operating our services & homework club at Hackney Central Library at 1 Reading Lane, London E8 1DY
If WordPress allows it then to provide an intranet facility to make shared resources/information available to staff and volunteers.