VirtualBox Extension Pack 5.0.40 Build 115130

VirtualBox Extension Pack were introduced in Virtualbox 4 as a new way to extend the functionality of the VirtualBox base package.

Using the extension pack doesn’t require a separate installation. The packs have a “vbox-extpack” file extenstion that’s automatically handled by VirtualBox. To install it just close down any running VirtualBox instances and double-clikc on extension pack file and VirtualBox will launch and install it for you, upgrading any earlier version of extension pack you might have.

The current extension pack includes a USB 2.0 (EHCI) controller that allows you to get a better performance from your USB 2.0 devices. To use it you’ll have to enable the controller by hand and add filters for USB devices that you want to use this controller.

VirtualBox Remote Desktop Protocol (VDRP) support allows you to run a virtual machine on one PC, while you can view and control it from another. Intel PXE boot ROM with support for E1000 network card allows you to remotely boot a computer trough emulation. Since Version 5.1.x, the Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack is also compatible with the new VirtualBox version for Windows 10.

VirtualBox Extension Pack Features:

  • Support for USB2.0 and 3.0 devices
  • Virtualbox Remote Desktop Protocol VRDP
  • Host webcam passthrough
  • Virtual hard disk encryption
  • PXE boot for Intel cards

Note: Please install the extension pack with the same version as your installed version of VirtualBox.