Unified Remote

Unified Remote is the one-and-only remote control software for your computer! Turn your smartphone into a universal remote control. Install Unified Remote Server on your Windows PC and the app on your device. Next download the Unified Remote app on your device (Android, iPhone, iPad or Windows Phone). Download Unified Remote for Windows Now!

Ready to control 100+ programs from one app.

Use your device as a single or multi-touch mouse.

Mirror your computer screen to your device.

Turn off, lock, or wake up your computer using WOL.

Supports standard, 3rd party, and custom keyboards.

Browse, manage, and open files and folders.

Control Spotify, iTunes, Netflix, XBMC, and much, much more.

Control more than just apps.

Keene IR Blaster
Control your TV and other devices.

GlobalCache IR Blaster
Control your TV and other devices.

Flic Wireless Button
Wireless shortcut button for your smartphone.

PhoneHome Project
Control everything with NFC Tags.

Telldus / TellStick
Control lights and switches.

USB-UIRT Blaster
Control TVs and other equipment.

Note: Requires dedicated app on connected smartphone.