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The Ultimate Converter Plugin helps you and your visitors convert any units of measurements into the desired measurement. Gain knowledge about the various units of measurement out there. For more information, visit Ultimate Converter website

  • Temperature
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Area
  • Shoe sizes
  • Clothing sizes
  • Volume

Whether you are looking for conversions to volumes or areas, or from Fahrenheit to Celsius and European into American shoe sizes, this WordPress plugin has got it all.

Our free WordPress Converter Plugin is easy to use. The way it has been set up with just two columns makes it easy for you to learn how it works. Just input your measurement on the left-hand side, and you will get the measurement you are after on the right-hand size. It is simple and most importantly, you will get the information that you need at the click of a button.
Simply download and install the WordPress Converter Plugin through the WordPress directory and install in any widget, sidebar, or footer that your website theme allows. You will be able to convert any units of measurements and most importantly, drive traffic for your visitors who are seeking answers to their units of measurements.

All size guides, charts, and converters

First and foremost, the WordPress Convert Plugin is fully compatible with WordPress to give you a seamless experience when you download and install it. As one of the most prominent and loved publishing tools out there, we looked at the online converters available at WordPress and found that a lot of information and conversion possibilities were missing. We thought we could do much better and so we have! You can now find out what size you have, how to take proper measurements and how to convert into European/American or Asian shoe sizes, depending on what you are after.

When it comes to the various size systems and measuring units in different countries and regions, making online purchases from foreign shops can be quite daunting. Same when it comes to your favourite foreign brand. If you are not careful when ordering a clothing item in the right measurements (inches or centimeters), you can easily end up with something that is either too big or too small.

Install Plugin in a matter of seconds

Downloading the WordPress Converter Plugin is a very easy process. We did not want to complicate things. In fact, just like the converter, setting it up is a doddle. Just click on the download link above, extract all documents from the zip file and then click on the ‘readme.txt’ file.

Within this file, you will find all the necessary information that you would require to get the WordPress Converter Plugin up and running on your domain.

Everything has been explained in its simplest form so you won’t need to be a computer wizard to get it up and running. Once you have completed the whole process, you won’t need any subsequent installs or updates as we believe that the Ultimate Converter truly covers all your conversion needs.

Don’t wait any longer. Download the Free Ultimate Converter WordPress plugin so you can start converting any units of measurement.



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