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TruConversion Connect — WordPress Plugins

Enables truconversion tracking code on all pages.

  • TruConversion Connect is a seamless integration plugin between your Worspress site and your TruConversion account. TruConversion monitors vistor interaction with your web pages, posts by monitoring clicks, scrolls, form use, and the user journey. With this information you’ll be able to make better design decisions by identifying where your visitor is having trouble (or is downright frustrated).

  • Here’s an example of what TruConversion can do for you. Say you have an amazing product but nobody is adding it to their cart. You’ve tested your price point, new colors, better headlines, new photos…well you’ve tried just about everything and nothing has helped. Want to know why? You’re testing what YOU think is wrong and not what the visitor thinks is confusing. With TruConversion you can monitor the page to see how your user interacts. In a heatmap report (this tells you where they scroll and click), you notice that your main CTA is in an area where only 25% of your audience scrolls to. Well you know the old adage “You can’t get what you don’t ask for?” Well, that’s your page!

  • So how do you use this information? Find an area that gets significantly more user attention and move your messaging there. It’s a simple solution you would have overlooked had you not taken the time to see how visitors use your site.

  • It’s TruConversion’s mission is to help you understand the WHY behind visitor behvior and use that knowledge to boost sales and leads.

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