Getting your GPS tracks into WordPress and publishing them has never been easier!

Trackserver is a plugin for storing and publishing GPS routes. It is a server companion to several mobile apps for location tracking, and it can display maps with your tracks on them by using a shortcode. It can also be used for live tracking, where your visitors can follow you or your users on a map.

Unlike other plugins that are about maps and tracks, Trackserver’s main focus is not the publishing, but rather the collection and storing of tracks and locations. It’s all about keeping your data to yourself. Several mobile apps and protocols are supported for getting tracks into trackserver:

A shortcode [tsmap] is provided for displaying your tracks on a map. Maps are displayed using the fantastic Leaflet library and some useful Leaflet plugins are included. Maps can be viewed in full-screen on modern browsers.

To publish a map with a track in a post or a page, just include the shortcode:

[tsmap track=<id>]

See the FAQ section for more information on the shortcode’s supported attributes.


Trackserver requires PHP 5.3 or newer and it needs both DOMDocument and SimpleXML extensions installed.


This plugin was written by Martijn Grendelman. Development is tracked on Github:

It includes some code and libraries written by other people:


  • Support GpsGate tracking protocol
  • Better permissions/authorization system
  • More track management features, like folders/collections and editing / splitting tracks
  • Track statistics, like distance, average speed, etc.
  • Add map profiles, maybe include leaflet-providers plugin

More TODO-items and feature ideas in the TODO file contained in the plugin archive.



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