Top 28 Free Landing Pages Templates Built With Bootstrap Frontend Framework 2017


If you visit (or create) a web page that has terms such as “Sign up!”, “Register”, “Act Now!”, “Buy”, “Pre-order”, amongst others — you are browsing a landing page! A carefully curated page that’s meant to serve as the stepping stone for having you, the visitor, complete an action based on the information you’re consuming. In the age of rapid web development and expansion, much of the webs pages can be considered landing pages. But, we want to focus on more specific type — the kind that startups, eCommerce stores, online businesses use; any page that involves completing an action that leads to a transaction can be considered a landing page.

Because landing pages account for so much sales and hold such a weight of importance, there is an infinite number of resources available for learning more about the important parts of a good landing page, how to use the full potential of modern web design to better convey ideas, and most importantly to make more sales. Just like testing your online advertisement campaigns, landing pages should also be treated to extensive and rigorous A/B tests to determine which versions work the best in which particular situations.

landing page mobile template

There are a ton of platforms and resources out there that will help you to analyze your landing pages in front of a real audience for free (and there are also paid options available, we recommend traditional search networks to find what you need), which can be helpful to understand the first impressions others get when visiting your landing page.

On top of making room for a high-quality lead form to capture emails, it’s important to ensure our landing pages consist of:

  • Concise Headlines — we want our main headline on top of our landing page to directly convey our mission, vision, purpose in the best way possible. Be bold about the usefulness of your product.
  • Call-to-Action — our call to action buttons should be easy to spot, and with inviting messages on their own. If you’re offering early access use “Get early access” and so on.
  • Email Singup Form — you want to make your email signup form visible, but not too bloated with text or other funky widgets. Traditional email input form and the “Subscribe” button work the best.
  • Photo & Video — enriching your landing pages with great visual content is invaluable to your success. Investing in professional photographers and videographers is a must if no one else on the team is able to produce high-quality visual content. A demo video helps to ingrain your mission as well as set the tone.
  • Social Proof — have any publications written about you in the past? Use it to your advantage as social proof, it’s one of the easiest methods of ensuring that your visitors feel safe about using your product.
  • Urgency (optional) — sometimes it helps to mention things like the availability of the product, mostly if you are still in a development phase and currently work just with BETA testers and such.

Now, if those insights sounded interesting, know that the world of landing pages (technical aspects of it) go much, much deeper than that. Ed Shelley from ChartMogul has put together an amazing resources that depicts the leading 40+ SaaS startups and their landing pages — there’s a vast ocean of insight and knowledge to be gained from reading his post, and we know for sure that many of you will find new and better approaches to craft highly-converting landing pages. With all this energy on our side, it’s time to take a look at some of the best free landing pages templates that have been built using the Bootstrap front-end framework. We are pleased to announce that this list turned out to be truly spectacular and there are a lot of cool picks to be played around with.

Snow landing page

First up we are looking at Snow, a parallax optimized template that focuses on color choices and background images to provide a one of a kind browsing experience. It’s demo use has been put towards an mobile application, but we know for a fact that you can change things up yourself to use this particular style for a project or a platform. Pre-configured templates include app information, as well as a pricing module to make the front-page as effective as possible. At the very bottom there’s an easy to use email signup form that will naturally attract subscribers. Also room for social exposure, as well as social media icons at the footer of the template.


Backyard theme

When it comes to maximizing your conversion rates and goals, there’s no better choice on the market than a good landing page template for your business website, and Backyard is one of those templates that fully focuses on conversion rates, rather than concise style choices. Backyard will work great for anyone who is running a platform, a series of products, even mobile app developers will find that Backyard can solve their requirements for a good landing and sales page to promote their apps with. The get in touch widget at the bottom of the template will ensure that not only are your visitors able to find your contact details, but also search engines and other web crawlers.


KreFolio Startup Agency Landing Page Template

The KreFolio template takes modern design approach and the FLAT design standard to a whole new level, bringing about a beautiful landing page HTML5 template that will work flawlessly with sites that operate in the fields of startups, agencies, and online businesses. A good real estate company might even find use for this one! KreFolio allows to explain your vision in an easy to understand manner, whilst maintaining great functionality — social verification, pulling tweets from your Twitter profile, a template for hiring new people, and a huge widget for displaying your physical business location with the help of Google Maps. We have been impressed with the extendability of this template.


Boishakhi theme

Mobile apps are sweeping the designer sphere with new challenges and creative tasks that inspire and approaches to mobile design, and the use of mobile design to promote an app or a product. This CSS3 and HTML5 validated Bootstrap template features a full-page design that’s responsive and offers functions like smooth scrolling, line icons, a fancy lightbox as well as the integration of Google Fonts for maximum versatility when it comes to your content. Boishakhi default color scheme, yellow, is truly a treat to anyone who gets exposed to it; we know this one will be a heavy sales driver.



Although the name might suggest this as another mobile app template, it’s really not. AppPonsive will be the perfect choice for those who are eager to launch their first design and/or business company profile and need a solid way to introduce their past experience, as well as current offers. The template has been built with Bootstrap, and helps you to customize each part of the template (each section) in a way that better reflects your own requirements for any particular project. This particular style is more minimalist and focuses on what is essential.


LifeTracker a template by Themefisher

As we learned, mobile apps are everywhere, and more and more designers are starting to crawl out of their usual habits and turn their attention to building sustainable and highly converting mobile app templates, the demand in the market is definitely there, and LifeTracker is one of those templates that really showcase the potential of modern web design, as well as the insight that’s been accumulated over the years for understanding what makes a good mobile web page convert and drive sales ultimately. LifeTracker will suit the needs of any app out there, with the amount of customization options that this template offers — you will never be bored.


App plus

We have a bunch of mobile app landing page templates on this list, and it seems that each one we discuss next is topping the list of features and performance. App Plus comes with a fully-responsive layout, with the latest Bootstrap foundation, an optimize mobile menu, a design that’s pleasant to look at and navigate through, the theme code has been optimized for easy modification, a choice of a full-width or boxed layout, a documentation that discusses each aspect of the template, great use of CSS3 and HTML5 features, an in-built contact form, as well as the integration of Font Awesome for all your cool and nifty icon needs.


small apps theme

Small Apps; a stylish and modern responsive landing page template for mobile applications. With the use of the latest Bootstrap features, the code base comes out as optimized as it could be, providing an easy experience of customization and otherwise optimization. Also equips the latest SEO standards already in-built in the theme, with the best uses for this template being the ability to promote and/or present your mobile applications through a website. The flow of the design is very clean, and very simplistic — the template will look great on Desktops, Mobiles, and Tablet devices.


GRAPE App Landing Template by Codepassenger

First thing we notice about GRAPE’s demo page is a choice between transparent background, an image background, a background slider or a solid background. These four features constantly appear throughout the design of the GRAPE template, giving anyone a chance to create a variety of website templates and then perhaps using those templates for A/B testing conversion performance amongst other vital stats. GRAPE lets mobile app developers to really talk about their apps and their overall use to the average person. There’s a huge selection of widgets and templates that can be used to explain everything in concise detail and manner.


Blue App

Blue App’s another stunning landing page template that will perfect fit for business related websites. This parallax optimized template looks somewhat like the standard of Google Material design, giving its users the flexibility to utilize a professional design approach to better envision their message to the world. The very first element of the template can be used to integrate a custom background image, as well as several sliding images to better showcase what your application looks like — preferably on a mobile device. Blue App is one of those templates that don’t shy away from taking full advantage of all the glorious functionality that HTML5 and CSS3 have brought to the table. One needs to scout the actual demo page to get a better understanding of this beautiful style.


Droplet App landing page

Droplet offers a static image background as well as a dynamic background that can be used to slide several images at once. One of the first things that stand out about Droplet is the beautiful navigation menu that can be used to navigate all the different elements of this landing page theme. Whether you wish to showcase screenshots, features, or the overall pricing — Droplet makes it very easy for anyone (even inexperienced) to create the kind of app landing page that they will naturally feel good about. A full-width contact form widget at the bottom will ensure that everyone can get in touch with you.


Landing Page Start Bootstrap Theme

Not everyone needs a full-fledge landing page template that uses the latest industry technologies. Start Bootstrap have released their very own, and very popular, Bootstrap built landing page template that focuses on pure simplicity and concise description of whatever it is that you’re trying to promote, sell or otherwise offer. This template has a fixed navigation menu at the top, it uses Font Awesome to integrate social media icons, each content section is fully responsive so they will look amazing on cross-devices, and a number of Call to Action choices to ensure people are reaching out to you about your offers.


Landing Zero Free Bootstrap Theme with Video

The one thing that’s truly amazing about the free template market is that nobody wants to fall behind the curve, so majority of the time the kind of web designs we get to download for free are still using the latest insights in design to provide a great, and in this case a very appealing, browsing experience. The elegant choice of colors and elements in the Landing Zero template will make this template useful for sites that are meant to be application landing pages, a small business can easily convey its message using Landing Zero, anyone in the creative area (including photographers) will find this template to be packed with the exact necessary features to make a clear statement, or you can just use this template as your personal CV portfolio to showcase all your amazing work. Once you are clear about your website needs and intentions, it becomes much easier to pick the right template for you.



Sometimes it takes some time for a product and/or application to be launched, but because you have spent time networking and promoting your idea already, it’s very likely that people will be looking for the official launch date, and a possibility to signup to the email list so as not to miss the actual launch. Notes comes in handy exactly in those situations when you need to just promote a future launch date, without the extra fuss, whilst maintaining a solid design standard that feels great. Notes is optimized for search engines by default, has in-built Font Awesome and Google Fonts to help you customize the little things to better reflect your personality (personal or business), and is another one of those templates that dip their feet in the versatility of HTML5 and CSS3 features.


Lucy The best Responsive App Landing Page

The team at ThemeWagon have outdone themselves with the Lucy Pro design. You can select from a standard image or video header and there are several pre-built choices of color schemes that will essentially make the decision for which template to use a much more quick one. Anyone in the app market knows how important it is to market yourself using good looking websites that are concise and descriptive, and Lucy Pro offers just that. Although the template itself is free, the premium quality screams from the moment you open up the demo page. This template will allow you to talk about even the tiniest details of your app, and you can even outline things like your team members on the landing page, as well as take up two beautiful subscription and contact us widgets at the bottom — stylish in this case is an understatement.


Boxer Software Landing Page

ThemeWagon have been really kind to the free Bootstrap template community, and it shows. Boxer is a niche HTML5 template for businesses that are into the software industry. This software landing page is going to give you all the necessary elements to talk about your products uses and functionality, without losing the flow of technicality that you may also wish to advertise. Talk about pricing, features and top it off with a simple download element to begin attracting your very first customers. Full-width contact us widget at the bottom will make customer support a breeze.


Domainer free responsive AD aware HTML template for domainers GetTemplate

Landing pages as we learned can come in many different shapes and forms, and whilst the most frequent one is all about helping businesses and agencies to establish an online presence, sometimes we need a truly specific niche template — like in this case, Domainer focuses on helping its users to put up their domain name for sale. This could be for a number of reasons — your business has run its course and you feel like you have a good domain to sell, or perhaps you started something great but it didn’t go the way you like and you still want to offer someone else the domain name, or in the simplest of ways — you might just be looking to sell domains in the first place, so this will be a good template to do it with. Mention the domain age, Google PageRank, the number of visitors it receives, number of backlinks amongst other important statistics that buyers will be looking for.


Oleose App Landing Page Bootstrap Theme

All of us desire for a template that catches our glimpse from the moment we look at it, and Oleose is one of those templates. This full-responsive Bootstrap based HTML5 template is for those developers and individuals who want to promote their applications in a professional web design environment. Features like individual section animations, latest jQuery widgets, pre-defined color choices, a great documentation and search engine optimization integration will capture your attention in more ways than one. The codebase has also been written so that the HTML5 code is fully W3C component, giving you edge over those who slack with cheap design code choices.


SevenApp Home

When browsing through mobile app landing page templates, it’s essential to remember that each template has been built by a designer who boasts his own set of tools and years of experience to bring forth a design that hopefully follows the latest design standards. SevenApp is certainly no exception to the rule, this outstanding app template has been carefully tailored to suit the needs of app developers who want to have their app seen in an interactive way. The owl-carousel is what makes SevenApp so special — let users swipe to the right or left to learn more about your apps, rather than having them go up and down the page. Built with SASS, SevenApp provides a great documentation for those who want to learn more, a fully valid HTML5 markup, as well as optimized for the latest search engine trends to have your site perform better than everyone else’s right off the bat.


Engadge Free Bootstrap 4 Template

Building a product but not sure what kind of template to use? Engage is one of those landing page templates that you can customize to suit any kind of needs and requirements. This thoughtfully organized template lets anyone talk about their product using imagery and descriptions, and reviews and recommendations from existing customers — this clean and fully responsive template might just end up being exactly what you need to launch your first product page. With some more HTML5 and CSS3 knowledge (and perhaps some JavaScript), you can turn this template into anything you like. An important note is that Engage is based on Bootstrap 4, so you’re really getting your time’s worth by working with this particular style.


UI Hero Free Responsive Bootstrap Theme

In web design user experience is very important, but what makes a great user experience is none other than a great looking User Interface that consists of the right elements, beautiful font choices, amongst other interface related widgets. UI Hero is a staggering landing page template that works with big font sizes and line heights to make your message loud and clear, while maintaining that clean and minimal look so as not to overturn anyone. The design is FLAT based and with the integration of smooth scrolling, this might be one of the best looking templates we have on our list so far — well done for finding this gem!


Corporal Bootstrap Personal Business Theme

Although the name might suggest that Corporal is a Bootstrap theme for Corporate websites, totally not so! Corporal will work great with personal sites underneath the categories of creative work, photography, or app promotion. It will also be a great template to use for situations where you wish to advertise specific services or products that don’t need a lot of explaining, and instead the focus remains on simplicity. Features include a Gallery Slider, AJAX Contact Form, smooth scrolling and much more.


Notebook landing page

Notebook’s approach to a good landing page template is ‘getting straight to the point’! Notebook offers a very simplistic and minimalistic approach to talking about your product and then getting people to signup for it. This is the kind of template that you will see sites selling Instagram and Facebook likes to use, because of its firm foundation it helps to make your product use to understand much more easy, and much more quick.


The Slide Landing Page Website Template Home w3layouts

Slide has a completely different way of presenting a landing page template. The first page focuses just on the very essentials of your product, which you can of course optimize to showcase more information. But then there is no one-page effect and instead you are using the navigation menu to showcase your other pages, like About, Blog and Contact. Yes, there’s an in-built blog template that comes with this theme, and we know that you will absolutely love it. Bootstrap never disappoints; neither do good web designers.


The Marketing landing page Website Template Home w3layouts

Landing pages are all about marketing yourself, your business and your products, so when a template comes out with a name Marketing — your expectations for it to be at least somewhat good increase tenfold. And we are happy to say that this particular Marketing template is the perfect choice for advertising your services, whether you are a freelancer or a business operating under a business name. The first part of the site features a subscription model, while the second part can be used to promote your existing work and attract clients through it. Use it as you like, it’s a very modest and flexible Bootstrap template.


Archer A Landing Page Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

When first looking at Archer, the first thing that comes to mind is Small Business. And after deeper inspection, it seems that Archer is indeed the perfect template to use for a small business to advertise itself. The blue and red color choices really come together, and your visitors will be pleased with the experience from any device they browse the site that you are using this template on. Fully responsive with native HTML5 and CSS3 support.


Pana a Corporate Business Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Pana template stands out from the rest because it makes each element a unique browsing experience, especially when it comes to sharing descriptions and other product details of your business or services that you are offering. Pana’s a multi-purpose template which means that you can use it literally for any kind of website that you want, and it will still manage to perform great, even under high demand.


Promo a Landing page Multipurpose Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

The last Bootstrap landing page template on our list is going to be Promo, and as the name suggests — this template is all about promoting your product in a simple landing page. Explain a few of the important details using text, and dive much deeper into the experience by uploading a video that showcases the full potential of your product. Video marketing has been on the rise in recent years, and it really helps your potential customers to understand what they are getting into.



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