Top 20 New Premium WordPress Themes January 2017 – Get The Latest and Greatest Themes


As technology grows and evolves, the market is forced to adapt to any change. Computing power is predicted to increase every few months, while internet connections are getting faster. The once unsurmountable barriers of land and sea are nothing, when you can literally do business at the speed of light.

Trade, by its very nature, is opportunistic. A good trader never fails to take advantage of an opportunity, and the internet is a goldmine left unguarded. A few years ago, websites were nothing more than gimmicks and side projects that were used to cater to the very young, and the very tech savvy among target demographics. Nowadays, every business in existence incorporates a tech department, given that no market niche can ever afford to overlook the importance of a well-managed website.

As is the case with any technology, it was expensive at first. Sizable bills were charged for proper web development, but the investment was worth the trouble. Thankfully, platforms like WordPress now host massive communities of theme creators, each designing products that are increasingly cheaper and efficient. Every average Joe can create a website for what is basically pocket change. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the newest WordPress themes:



Soledad is an innovative and cutting edge, technologically avant-garde and incredibly pliable and nimble, modern and eloquent, graphically creative and expressive, bold and colorful, bright and engaging, dynamic and extremely versatile, user and webmaster friendly, mobile ready and extra responsive WordPress multiconcept blog and magazine website theme. Soledad is a sparkling and dazzling brand new theme that has been exclusively designed for the ever changing necessities of the modern webmaster, complete with an extensively thought out, developer friendly codebase.

Soledad theme  is thoroughly search engine optimized in a myriad ways, as well as an expansive collection of over 250 completely unique, distinct and amazing homepage demos, which you can mix and match with over 100 different blog and slider combinations to make a completely one of a kind, recognizable website that makes a statement about you, your content or your business, as easy as dragging and customizing block-like elements in a visual process through the WordPress Live Customizer, expanded with over 250 options to fiddle with as you make the website of your dreams a concrete reality. Soledad includes top notch customer support around the clock to answer all your questions or listen to your feedback, while extensive documentation makes getting the most from Soledad a walk in the park.

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Herald is a new and innovative theme for WordPress websites. Its design is charming and fresh, giving users complete freedom when it comes to customization. You will be able to showcase articles in any way, thanks to the intuitive module system. Herald has over 500 combinations for post layouts. With every article, the user can alter the color of the fonts, and upload images of various sizes. Advertisement banners can be placed on the site home page, single posts, and archive pages.  There is a limitless number of available sidebars, 4 pagination options, and a series of custom widgets.

This new WordPress theme is fully-translatable, capable of showcasing your content in any language. In addition, Herald has incorporated RTL (right to left) writing support, for languages such as Japanese and Hebrew. All settings can be changed and customized, by accessing the Theme Options Panel. Despite its power, this panel remains user-friendly and easy to navigate. Herald has a smart category system, through which the user can easily color-code different categories on the website. For novice users, an informative documentation source was introduced, in addition to a useful video tutorial. Be sure to access the Herald live preview, if you want to sample the theme without having to spend any money.

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Jevelin is a tech-savvy and flexible, fast and responsive WordPress premium multipurpose website theme. Jevelin is a uniquely intuitive set of tools, plugins and shortcodes. Jevelin has been assembled to provide webmasters with a user-friendly approach to website construction. Jevelin features an amazing drag and drop page builder. It lets you make your own layouts, add widgets or style your sections without having to write any code. Webmasters love Jevelin’s simple one click installation process.

Jevelin’s ample selections of demo websites, ready to go with a single click, are appreciated as well. Jevelin is also filled with premium features and functionality. The auto adjustable MegaMenus or the thoughtful separate header logo files. Use a different logo for your sticky, standard and mobile header versions with ease. No matter the case, Jevelin makes sure your website looks good and works like a charm. Jevelin is a solid showcase for your professional skills too. Tons of different portfolio overlays, portfolio single item styles and 10 different portfolio layouts are included. With tons of social media sharing capabilities, viralization is easy peasy. Your content will course through social media in on time at all. Check out Jevelin today, and see for yourself!

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Merchandiser is a sleek and attractive, purposeful and effective, easy to use and very engaging, mobile friendly and responsive WordPress commercial multipurpose WooCommerce website theme. Merchandiser is an incredibly convenient and time-saving platform for the uncomplicated creation, design and customization of beautiful modern commercial websites based on the WooCommerce e-Commerce suite and related, associated tools. Merchandiser is a theme for beginners and experts in online commerce alike, including a very easy to use and coding-free process for crafting your own unique websites and pages or customizing our provided demo websites and templates to your heart’s content.

From digital download based outfits to affiliate marketing operations, from direct customer sales to interactive product catalogues and end-user uploading, Merchandiser can do all things commercial in the blink of an eye, without breaking a sweat. Engaging features like the Off-Canvas Quick View for detailing individual products or the Off-Canvas Shopping Cart are both extremely mobile friendly and widely customer favorites. A plethora of creative and innovative arrangements for your Merchandiser Product Image Galleries are available, allowing you to quickly organize your content in the most attractive way for the world to see. Try Merchandiser today, and see what it feels like to be a closer!

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Newsmag PRO


Newsmag PRO is a reliable and powerful, easy to use and technologically robust, creative and responsive WordPress premium multipurpose magazine website theme. Newsmag PRO has been developed to a be full-fledged solution for webmasters with or without previous website development experience who want to quickly and painlessly put together their own modern magazine websites in a matter of minutes, including inherent mobile readiness and native cross-compatibility with devices and browsers the world over.

Newsmag PRO is perfect for a range of niche magazine applications and purposes, due to its flexible framework and plentiful widgets and modules with potent AJAX-powered searching and sorting capabilities as well as dynamic categories to let you easily organize Trending, Recent and Featured News. Limitless, visually stimulating and engaging custom sliders and attention-grabbing image carousels are readily available for you to deploy within Newsmag PRO, sprucing up your website’s look and feel and offering a charming, enticing end-user navigational experience. Multiple pagination styles and custom scrolling visual effects are a couple of clicks away, and profound graphic customization and branding is always at your reach through intuitive, powerful settings, endless color scheme combinations and hundreds of Google fonts. Newsmag PRO gives you the tools you need to deliver the latest news worldwide!

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Gridlove is an eloquent and pliable, intuitive and user-friendly, fast and lightweight, readily responsive WordPress creative news and magazine website theme. Gridlove is a powerful framework for the uncomplicated development of sophisticated blogs and magazine websites across a range of interests and industries without having to write a single line of code yourself. Gridlove is equipped with a competent set of tools and plugins to facilitate the website building process immensely, as well as a thorough collection of hundreds of layouts and template pages you can deploy with a single click, predesigned for a multitude of specific usage cases and scenarios.

Gridlove is the most flexible platform on the market for handling sophisticated, elegant masonry websites that have a distinctly modern look and feel that users love and readily respond to. With deep and intuitive customization capabilities going from headers to endless sidebars and more, including post and widget highlight features within your masonry or grid layouts and many more options under the hood, Gridlove can turn itself inside out in a flash to meet your demands and specifications. Easy to brand, Gridlove is perfect for webmasters that want to establish a memorable, effective online presence. Give Gridlove a go, today!

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XStore is a modern and youthful, user-friendly and tech-savvy, fresh-faced and polished, robust and reliably responsive WordPress multipurpose WooCommerce website theme. XStore has been crafted as a powerful and intuitive solution for webmasters across a broad spectrum of industries and fields to easily and effectively design and orchestrate entire websites with a truly modern feel and a fully functional commercial layer that allows them to market any kind of product or service to potential clients and customers the world over.

XStore includes a number of premium plugins, including the Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, Contact Form 7 and WPML, among others, which combine through each of XStore’s dozens of engaging website demos and page templates with the utterly, seamlessly integrated WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite. This means marketing products and services to a massive online audience is easier than ever before with XStore. Among its many template pages and demo websites, the well constructed Bicycle Shop template pages are incredibly attractive and extremely popular with clients and owners alike. Flexible product pages with customizable fields and layouts, the most attractive product portfolios on the market today and a number of creative header options make selling some wheels online easy as pie. Try XStore now!

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Divi WordPress Theme


Divi is a WordPress theme that has no limits, capable of enhancing your website and increasing your view count. Smart and flexible, it is certainly well-designed. Customers will enjoy the marvelous Divi builder, which facilitates the creation of unique, stunning layouts. Unlike other themes, this does not require any modification of the code, making it more accessible to those that are not very tech-savvy. All elements are shown as plain building blocks. Users can easily move, arrange, and personalize these blocks, resulting in an unparalleled degree of theme flexibility.

Despite the capability to design your own layout, you do not have to start from scratch. This product will include 18 pre-designed layouts, allowing you to save precious time. Later, they can be modified and personalized, acting as templates for further improvement. Divi is entirely responsive, regardless of your website’s configuration settings. Every single element will adapt to your reader’s screen, resulting in a user-friendly experience. Due to a productive collaboration with, Divi is one of the most reliable and secure WordPress themes in existence. In addition, it offers plenty of header style variations. For more information about Divi theme you can read on our review.

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You can always rely on technology to become obsolete. When designing your website, you must not settle for yesterday’s products. GoodLife is a new WordPress theme that is sure to exceed all expectations. It is packed with cutting-edge features that promise to simplify the site construction process. The theme has integrated video playlists, and an Ajax pagination function. There are multiple theme demos, each catering to a specific market niche: Music, Fashion, Blogs, Sports, and so on. In addition, this product offers 3 distinct header styles. Regardless of your choice, the page will look amazing.

There is no need to hunt for third-party plugins. Many premium WordPress features were included, at no additional cost. You will save a total of $144, by simply purchasing GoodLife. Rankie is a wonderful plugin that informs users regarding their position of search engine rankings. This makes it easier to adjust your marketing strategy in real time. Taking a page out of Buzzfeed’s book, GoodLife has included a viral quiz builder. Your view count will certainly increase, given that people seem to gravitate towards these entertaining quizzes. In addition, the download also includes some useful PSD files. For those who prefer a more hands-on demonstration, a live theme preview was made available.

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Black Bear


Black Bear is an elegant and gorgeous, luminously bright and very neatly styled, professionally graphically designed and laboriously developed, wonderfully intuitive and amazingly tech-savvy responsive WordPress blog website theme. Black Bear is a sparkling, brand new website theme that reflects all the design values and aesthetic philosophies of the Internet’s avant-garde, with a creative, open design that is stylishly understated and minimal.

Black Bear’s Live Customizer makes short work of your average layout customization tasks, which are greatly eased by using the included blog layout styles, which can be applied to all your dynamic pages such as contact, archive and galleries, resulting in a distinct, differentiated website with a visual hierarchy and structure, as well as a professional, polished feel, accomplished in a matter of minutes, without ever having to touch a single line of code. Innovative features, such as a smooth, AJAX powered Instant Search, are swiftly integrated into Black Bear for your convenience. Gorgeous, Retina-ready sharp-looking icon sets are readily packed with Black Bear, as well as responsive sliders, a host of convenient, modern post formats for every occasion, social media-friendly buttons and features and much more under the hood of this sleek blog theme. Give Black Bear a hug!

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Amory is an incredibly modern and stupendously polished, brilliantly luminous and positively elegant, readily responsive WordPress premium creative blog website theme. Amory is a clever and concise platform for webmasters from all walks of life with a flair for the creative to easily and effective build an online home for themselves, their art, their creations or their thoughts to thrive with utter creative freedom, while being readily accessible to the world at large.

Amory is gifted with a sleek graphic design which is apparent through each of its numerous homepage demo websites and template pages, which provides a beautiful substrate for a content first approach to layout building where your content first and foremost is the center of all attention. With Amory, six different blog layouts have been laid out at your disposal, so every wordsmith out there can find the proper framing for their articles or brief collections of thought, each wholly optimized thinking of readability and legibility, from typographical font choices to color contrasts, Amory has been designed to be a delight. Beautiful image galleries and portfolios of your works can be crafted instantly without writing a single line of code. Amory is the theme for blogging your creativity away! Try it today!

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Lemon is a clean and pristine, serene and handsomely constructed, smooth and tech-savvy, highly responsive WordPress health and spa website theme. Lemon is the result of a joint effort between professional coders and graphic designers working in unison to craft the perfect theme for webmasters that want to create a uniquely tranquil, peaceful environment in the hectic modern web in a matter of minutes, regardless of previous coding skills, and through a completely streamlined, visual page building experience.

Lemon is ideal for putting together health spa websites, wellness center websites and all similar, related health service industry businesses and organizations that cater to a progressive, selective crowd seeking refuge from the afflictions and stress of modern life. Relaxing animations, smooth visual transitions and wonderful layout arrangements abound within Lemon to help get you started, while a fully integrated WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite affords Lemon a series of advanced commercial capabilities, so you may market your services directly off your website via seamless shop template pages fully functional out of the box. Wonderful widgets, staff blurbs, portfolio gadgets and social media integration through customized buttons are all there for your benefit. Try Lemon today, and see your customer list soar overnight!

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cool modern WordPress theme

Cool is a state of the art, adaptable WordPress theme that offers an impressive design. It has many customization options, allowing customers to create unique websites. Cool is sure to attract the attention of potential customers, and increase your view count. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, a live demo was made available. This allows users to test out the content without committing to a purchase.

Page building used to be a very complicated process, only accessible to those that were tech savvy. However, Cool is highly intuitive and user friendly. Thanks to a series of implementations that are both efficient and easy to use, page creation is very easy. The drag and drop sections make it seem like a game, without compromising the quality of the results.

Good pages are supported and elevated by the people who visit them. A mutually beneficial relationship was built between websites and the search engines that facilitate user access. Should a page fail to optimize itself for search engines, it will be condemned to anonymity. Thankfully, Cool is SEO ready, able to maximize your chances of getting noticed. Upon purchase, customers will benefit from limitless Domain Usage, and One-Click installation.

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interactive - creative magazine template

Interactive is an affordable WordPress theme for those who wish to design a quality website. This product was constructed to accommodate webmasters that have a lot to say. It will allow you to form a close relationship with your readers, and interact with them on a regular basis. There is a multitude of useful options, and each of them was implemented in order to enhance your blog. Powerful features will impress potential followers, and encourage them to follow your posts. For those who wish to experience this theme first-hand, an interesting live demo was made available. There is a limitless number of color personalization options, allowing you to design a site that is truly unique. In addition, Interactive offers over 630 distinct Google Fonts.

Language translation is another important feature, as it can increase your view count, and cater to a broader range of demographics. This theme incorporates an impressive off canvas mobile menu which will automatically hide when it is not being used. Interactive has very low bounce rates, and its speed is astonishing. Its loading time is very fast, assuring that you will have a good position in search engine rankings. As it maximizes performance and convenience, this theme is certainly worth your attention.

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moneyflow - awesome multipurpose theme

The internet provides boundless opportunities for those who wish to work from home, and earn a living by doing what they love. MoneyFlow is a WordPress theme that offers modern features and simple monetization options. It appeals to the user’s sense of style, thanks to its eye-catching layout and dynamic interface. With this theme, you will gain access to the most powerful website building tools. Your chances of success will increase exponentially. Be it AdSense integration, search engine optimization or WooCommerce implementation, MoneyFlow has you covered.

You do not have to be a web developer in order to enjoy this wonderful product. It is very user friendly, while giving you complete creative control. If you want to sample some of its features, be sure to check out the free live demo or the extensive documentation source. For mobile users, MoneyFlow is a godsend. It has completely eliminated resizing issues, resulting in an experience that is just as good on tablets, as it is on laptops. Site owners will be able to translate their content and accommodate non-English speaking users. This facilitates site expansion, and increases popularity. Upon purchase, customers will automatically benefit from a year of free updates and support.

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wordx - classic news site

WordX is an eye-catching, professional WordPress theme for online magazines and blogs. It is ideal for sites that offer plenty of content and high definition images. Basically, it will allow you to stay competitive and attract plenty of users. Your site will look amazing, and it will not be plagued by compatibility issues. Mobile phone and tablet users will not have any restrictions. WordX has many personalization options and useful features, implemented in order to maximize your chances of success.

Given that search engine optimization was integrated, your page can gain a good spot on search engine rankings. If you wish to learn more about this theme and what it offers, be sure to check out its extensive and informative documentation source. Making your guests wait is a gesture of poor taste, online or otherwise. Thankfully, WordX has lightning-fast loading times, eliminating downtime for your users. This improves their browsing experience, making them more likely to return.

You work hard for your content, and you will want to showcase your best work. The Carousel option assures that you can do that. AdSense support was incorporated as well. This guarantees that your revenue from online advertising will remain constant without diminishing the user’s experience.

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newspapper - magazine style theme

With a simple name and straightforward approach, NewsPaper is a refreshingly elegant and beautiful WordPress theme, made for content-rich web pages. It offers media rich features and various post layouts, allowing it to cater to any blog website that aims to please its readers. If you wish to experience its features first-hand, a nifty live demo was made available for users. The layout is adaptable, fluid and completely responsive. It works well on smart phones, tablets and desktop computers. In addition, site administrators will benefit from an unprecedented degree of freedom as they can update content while they are on the move.

This theme is optimized for search engines, assuring that you will get a great position on search engine rankings. The loading speeds are quite impressive, as they have managed to reduce downtime to a minimum. Content can be easily translated, facilitating site expansion. NewsPaper integrates a useful feature section that can turn your best high definition images into site centerpieces that will seize the reader’s attention. Navigation has also been optimized due to the introduction of a high-performance homepage layout. It is easy to sacrifice organization if you post on a regular basis. Thankfully, this product provides plenty of tools that can organize all content, via the Popular Categories Section.

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Struck is a WordPress theme that is perfect for creative people. Be it video, photography, agency, or software design web pages, Struck has something for you. It helps your site stand out, and assures that it is a worthy backdrop for your amazing content. It does not shift focus from what’s important, only complements your art. With Struck, the potential for fame and exposure awaits! This theme has a highly responsive design. Some sites can have trouble accommodating to new device screens, but not Struck. It works great on tablets, smart phones, and computers. Success is in the details, and this theme pays attention to them. For example, Ajax dynamic loading is available, and the page will be optimized for search engines. Rest assured that the logo of your brand will remain on display constantly. With Struck, your visitors will always have a great time.

This theme has a live preview, so feel free to check it out if you want to sample the content. Pretty screenshots were added as well. Struck is compatible with WordPress 4.5, and it features distinct gallery options. The slideshows are amazing and the user interface is as smooth as velvet. If you are new to WordPress, do not be intimidated by the installation process. This product is amazingly simple to install, and it only requires one click. After that single click, your job is over. You may sit back and watch how the theme imports all of the files, features and layouts.

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falive - amazing magazine theme

Developed by an elite author, Falive is a gorgeous WordPress theme that can accurately represent your creative spirit. It includes 5 different layouts for your header, which can be implemented in order to accommodate your needs. Each of these headers offers something different. Users are able to craft distinct homepage layouts, thanks to the three Featured Slider Options. They can also alter the behavior of each individual slider. The main layout has 2 different variations: Boxed and Full Width. Changing its setting is quite easy, as you only need to access the Theme Options section.

Your pages will be entirely responsive, featuring a crystal-clear image on high resolution Retina and HiDPI displays. In addition, customers can enjoy cross-platform compatibility, given that Falive works on devices such as laptops, smart phones and tablets. In terms of customization, this theme offers a complete experience. Thanks to the Live Editor and Theme Customizer, any change can be previewed in real time, before it is made permanent. You will be given the ability to alter the color of your background, chance fonts and padding, and so on. Typography can be modified from the theme customizer. With over 600 wonderful Google Fonts, there is no lack of choice.

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themesy - fashion wordpress theme

Themesy is a WordPress theme that caters to those who value quality above all else. It allows users to construct a successful website that is sure to attract all readers. A live preview and some screenshots were made available for those who wish to sample the content before making a decision. With this theme, customers can set up layouts easily, thanks to the Visual Composer Front-end Drag and Drop capabilities. Advanced project creation has been simplified and made accessible to everyone.

This is a high-performance product, as you will be given the opportunity to alter your project’s position and conversion ratio, resulting in a pristine experience for your readers. Themesy also makes it easy for you to combine demos, as all elements can be imported to your page with one click. Customers will benefit from a semantic markup code, and full SEO capabilities. Given that the site will be optimized for search engines, its chances of getting noticed will skyrocket.

As you customize and design your site, you do not have to modify the code. Every change can be implemented using the theme Front-end, making it easier for all users. A Mega Menu, Animated Portfolio and Master Slider were added as well.

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cargopress - logistic company theme

CargoPress is the ideal WordPress theme for logistic, transportation and trucking web pages. With this product, it will be easy to create and navigate your future website. It offers a simple yet effective structure that can impress your customers. Given that your site will be the reflection of your business, CargoPress can be your top ally.

A ton of industry-specific research went into the development of this theme, resulting in an experience that is tailored for your needs. It is user-friendly, extremely fast, and streamlined. This is a businessman’s theme, free of all redundancies and flashy animations. Your customers will enjoy your minimalist and efficient demeanor.

The code is well-written, and it conforms to the standards of the WordPress community. You will benefit from full compatibility with other prolific WP plugins. Site owners can make all of the creative decisions, while the theme takes care of the rest. The drag and drop interface turns a complex process into a very simple action. The result will be the same, but you will have more fun along the way. Customization changes can be made and previewed in real time, before they are applied. If you are interested and you want to learn more, be sure to check out the live theme preview.

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severn - simple blog theme

Severn is a WordPress theme that has much to offer in terms of quality, efficiency, speed, and customization. Available in both dark and light styles, its beautiful interface will embed your site deep into the memories of those who visit your page. Severn was created for all platforms. Be it Notebooks, Tablets, Desktop Devices and Mobiles, your page elements will conform to the screen on which they are being displayed.

There are 8 Different Post Formats available: quote, gallery, image, audio, video, status, aside, and standard. You can easily shift between these post types, and adjust them to your content. The adaptable Ecko plugin was incorporated, bringing ten custom widgets and many innovative short codes that can improve your posts. A nifty post editor short code menu was introduced in order to streamline the process.

Customers are able to seamlessly switch between a single, two and three column layout. The layouts that feature multiple columns include complete widget support, sticky scroll features, and some practical sidebars. It would be foolish to ignore the massive potential of social networks. Thankfully, that is a mistake that Severn is not willing to make. You will be able to interact with your followers from GitHub, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

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capri - creative fullscreen theme

Capri is a modern, hot, WordPress theme. It allows you to craft a successful website that is sure to attract plenty of followers. The number of options is staggering, resulting in a unique experience for each site owner. If you want to learn more about this theme, be sure to check out its live preview and screenshots. Capri also has an informative and expansive documentation source. Page creation can often be a daunting process, especially for those who lack programming knowledge. Thankfully, the Admin panel is highly intuitive, and all changes can be made without having to modify the theme code.

The sheer variety of choice makes Capri one of the most customizable products on the market. There are over 2000 options available for all users. The One-Click importer can facilitate site creation, constructing a fully functional page in a matter of moments. Upon purchase, users will benefit from 12 distinct demos. In addition, Capri incorporates WooCommerce, one of the most prolific premium plugins on WordPress. It facilitates the creation of an impressive online store, and it is available for free. You will be able to sell your services and items easily, increasing your profit margin. The theme is also Retina-Ready and completely responsive.

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writing simple blog theme

Writing is a minimalist and streamlined WordPress theme. Designed to enhance blogs, it is ideal for people who want to complement and organize their well-written posts.  Writing has many creative effects and features, resulting in a pleasant and entertaining reading experience for your loyal readers. The simplified layout of this theme is ideal for users who wish to focus on what they do best: their writing. It is very easy to setup and personalize. Of course, a good blog site must have stunning typography. Thankfully, Writing is a theme that is equipped with all of the tools of the trade.

The user reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, given its 5 star rating. This product benefits from a well-designed structure and it features a flawless HTML outline that will make it easier for search engines to find your site. All elements are meant to cater to these search engines, and enhance your view count. Just sit back and watch how readers flock to your page. Art is all about presentation, and you are offered several methods of showcasing your work. There are multiple blog styles such as: classic, default, list and masonry. You are free to choose whatever you want.

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jay - blog combined with WooCommerce

Jay is a top-quality WordPress theme that offers a modern and clean design. Your site visitor’s gaze will be caught by the impressive featured posts with personalized labels. Jay’s sidebar can accommodate both WordPress widgets and built-in widgets. At the bottom section of your page, you can feature an impressive media feed. Dribbble shots and Instagram photos can be showcased in that section. Jay has incorporated WooCommerce, one of the best plugins on WordPress. Users will be able to easily create a nifty online shop in order to commercialize all of their items. If done correctly, this can be a very profitable endeavor.

The theme has multiple layouts variations: Left Sidebar layout, Classic layout, Full Width Layout, Grid Layout, Masonry Layout and a Parallax Layout.  In terms of customization, the process has been simplified and streamlined. The admin panel offers customizer support, and it is powered by the Redux Framework. The great thing about Jay, is that it shatters the difficulty barrier. Anyone can create an excellent site, without having to hire a professional web development company. Everything is accessible and intuitive. There is an unlimited number of color choices, and the layout is compatible with High Resolution Retina Displays.

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Uncode is a streamlined WordPress theme that is available in both one page and multi-page variations. It is designed for professional websites, and it is extremely user friendly. There are many site niches that Uncode can accommodate, including: Photo Studio, Business, Freelancer, Portfolio,  Personal, Creative, Travel, Agency, Corporate,Blog pages.

Upon purchase, you will immediately gain access to 15 complete one page demos. The layout is completely responsive, as it has eliminated all compatibility issues. Mobile and PC users can rejoice! Every single page element can be tweaked or modified , assuring that you are able to create a unique web page. Uncode has over 600 Google Fonts, and a relentless non-stop support system. The support representatives are very polite, knowledgeable, and eager to help. If you are experiencing any issue, do not hesitate to contact them.

With the integration of the WooCommerce plugin, users can now open their personal online stores. This can potentially increase your site’s profit margin and brand awareness. Uncode has several advanced blog layouts, and many advanced portfolio layouts. Demo data can be imported with just one click, simplifying the installation experience. In addition, this theme is also compatible with high definition Retina Displays.

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handy - green ecommerce theme

Developed by an elite author, Handy is a handmade shop theme for WordPress. As the demand for hand made goods increases, opening your own online store has become quite popular. This theme offers many features, each designed to improve your site and attract more visitors.  With Handy, you can benefit from many personalization options. This will allow you to create an eye catching, unique page.

Your site will certainly be fully responsive and Retina ready, compatible with high resolution displays and mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. There is a limitless number of color customization options, allows users to design something that matches their vision. The administration panel is very powerful, yet it remains accessible and highly intuitive.  Of course, no online handmade shop site will ever be complete without WooCommerce. It is one of the most trusted and prolific plugins on WordPress, facilitating the creation of charming online stores. It is safe, reliable, and easy to use.

If a user experiences any issue during installation, that issue can be easily resolved by the dedicated One on One support system. The theme is also WPML ready, capable of translating content for non-English speaking users.

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kwoon - multipurpose theme

Kwoon is a nifty WordPress theme that can accommodate a variety of websites. It has some header options, and also several blog, portfolio and slider variations.  There is an unlimited number of possible feature combinations, guaranteeing that each site will be completely unique. There are single and multiple page options, and you get to decide which is best for you. Kwoon is completely responsive, allowing the site layout to adapt to the screens of both mobile and desktop devices. You will not be tied to a desk chair all day, given that you can now update your content from anywhere.

This theme was constructed using the groundbreaking Twitter Bootstrap v3. There is a limitless amount of color customization options, and many other aesthetic design customization features. WooCommerce support was added, along with a beautiful AJAX icon in the header. Your online store will be beautiful, attracting many potential customers to the site. Image cropping is a service that is often neglected. Thankfully, Kwoon offers personalized image cropping, giving you complete control over the process. The Visual Composer plugin was added, which is probably one of the most popular builders on WordPress.  It turns a complicated and boring process, into a pleasurable and enticing experience.

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yogi - yoga studio theme

Yogi is a WordPress theme that refuses to compromises between aesthetic design and efficiency. It offers an extensive and informative documentation source, for those who want to learn more about the theme. In addition, there are some wonderful screenshots and an interesting live preview. Users can stay up to date by subscribing to regular email updates. The support system is excellent, capable of solving any issue. This theme is meant for spa, event, wellness, health, fitness, and beauty training web pages.  It has 4 post variations, each implemented in order to improve niche sites: trainer, class, testimonial and event. In addition, Yogi also has many widgets and shortcodes.

The theme aims to reflect the philosophy of its audience. It is beautiful, soothing and enlightening. Despite its specialization it can also accommodate any other health-related web page. Yogi is one of the only WordPress products that is compatible with MINDBODY, the most prolific Yoga-theme online application. Users can easily search for online classes, taking advantage of its registration and payment features. Installation is very easy, thanks to the Drag and Drop page builder. It requires only a simple action, and the results will be amazing. In addition, Yogi includes the WooCommerce plugin and Revolution Slider.

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qaro - seo company wordpress theme

Qaro is an impressive WordPress theme that is suited for a broad range of web pages: business, portfolio, corporate, agency, and many more. It is entirely responsive, catering to users who prefer mobile devices. This is one of the most adaptable and innovative products on WordPress. Qaro has a large roster of features, and useful One Click demo installer. It can setup a perfect page in just a few moments, providing you with the template for success. It has both corporate and business versions, reflecting the entrepreneurial spirit of your site.

For those who wish to commercialize items and services, the prolific WooCommerce plugin was included. It allows for the creation of an amazing online store, perfect for any customer. Online shops can also increase brand awareness.

Customers will enjoy a wide selection of interesting layouts for their home page. In addition to its impressive collection of features, Qaro offers some of the best premium plugins on WordPress. Plugins such as the Visual Composer and Revolution slider can be yours for no additional fee. This will actually save you about $80, which is way more than the cost of the theme itself. The Administration panel is intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing users to customize their site with ease.

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chirps - old school magazine theme

Chirps is a wonderful theme for WordPress, capable of enhancing your website and increasing its popularity. Its design can be personalized, guaranteeing that no two sites will ever look the same. This theme works with most major browsers, and it is entirely responsive. Site elements will not have any resizing or compatibility issues. This also increases flexibility for the site owners, given that the pages can be updated from anywhere.

The support system is excellent, and their representatives are eager to help. The Admin Panel is well-organized, streamlined, and highly intuitive. Even those who are not very tech-savvy can easily navigate its options. The one click demo installer simplifies the installation process, and reduces the amount of time that you have to wait. The multiple overlay effects improve your site’s aesthetic appeal, and give you more creative control over your posts.

Chirps is optimized for search engines, assuring that your page can gain a good spot on search engine rankings. The theme is also compatible with many SEO plugins, further improving its capabilities. The code is well written and semantic, and your site speed will be second to none. A drag and drop gallery was incorporated, allowing easy organization as you attempt to display your best work.

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