Top 20 Feminine & Girly WordPress Themes For Food Blogs, Magazines and eCommerce Websites 2017


In these modern times, it is widely understood that our era is defined as a fundamentally digital one, as there have been iron or bronze periods in the past. Personal and professional circles intermingle and meld in the amalgamating aggregate of the web, with its ever growing market share on all forms of business. A strong online presence makes or breaks a brand, project or career in this day and age. No one wants to be a victim of the times.

But the Internet is also the last great Boy’s Club, with a dismal female to male ratio across the board, making it sometimes hard to for a woman’s voice to stand out from the background noise, and making it even harder for a woman to find tools that empower her and her opinions in a way tailored to her needs. Enter these powerful, flexible, unmistakingly feminine WordPress themes. Designed to elegant perfection, these themes will enable you to stand up and make yourself heard, on your own terms, in your own words, in your very own website. Intuitive and customizable, they’re all here to make your Internet foothold a firm one.

So, rebel against the patriarchy today with one of these beautiful, feminine themes.



Soledad is an aesthetically refined and delicate, visually stimulating and highly sophisticated, experientially designed and amazing intuitive and easy to use, user and mobile friendly, technologically savvy and proficient while functionally flexible and pliable, modern and amazingly responsive WordPress multiconcept blog and magazine website theme. Soledad is an incredibly carefully designed and constructed theme, built specifically as an infinitely versatile solution for all your blogging and online magazine needs, with an utter ease of use that will have you churning out professional quality pages like it’s nobody’s business.

Soledad is the only theme out there designed with a uniquely sensitive approach to layout and styling, with endless options among the 250 included predesigned homepage demos, over 100 blog and slider combinations and over 250 customization options for all your elements, Soledad knows you want to stand out, and it gives you the right set of tools and features for the job, ensuring your website looks like nothing else out there and that your users find your presentation memorable, making your content more palatable to all. Soledad is all about end user experience, and as such, its smooth visual effects and superbly diverse graphical options will let you take your users anywhere you want to go.

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CheerUp  is a fresh faced and bold, eloquent and youthful, dynamic and appealing, modern and readily responsive WordPress multipurpose blog website theme. CheerUp is a wonderfully creative solution to the blogging needs of webmasters the world over, of any experience level or background. With CheerUp, creating an engaging, visually impressive custom blog website is easier than ever before. CheerUp is a dedicated blog design platform that features a jaw-dropping, professionally designed array of gorgeous demo websites and page templates to get your blog started off on the right foot. However, CheerUp truly shines when it comes to blog customization.

With over 100 unique blog layouts, there’s hardly anything you may wish to express through your blog’s graphic environment that there isn’t a cleverly constructed layout for within CheerUp. Should the case arise, CheerUp features a multiplicity of handsome header, footer, post and menu styling options that put you firmly in control of your website’s look and feel every step of the way. With CheerUp, there is nothing that cannot be expressed in a uniquely favorable spotlight, making sure every word you blog gets the maximum exposure possible. Try CheerUp today, and feel your audience grow day by day!

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The Essence


The Essence is an attractive and dazzling, minimalist and clean, fresh-faced and easy to use responsive WordPress blog website theme. The Essence has been crafted by a dedicated team of designers and developers seeking to provide an intuitive platform for webmasters to create the most engaging magazine and blog websites on the market today. The Essence includes several purposeful widgets and plugins designed to make your content pop and to integrate your website with a trove of social media outlets that will help drive massive amounts of traffic to your pages and posts.

You will be delighted in the multiplicity of choice within The Essence, with tons of layout styles to select from, including several full width column layouts as well as columns plus sidebar layouts to fit all sorts of websites, and even innovative alternating post layout styles. Four different social sharing options can grace your every post, including vertical and blogroll, and a fully functional Featured slider lets you shine a light upon a selection of your finest content with ease and speed. With the MeridianStyler and the Live Customizer, making The Essence your own is an easy, breezy matter. Try The Essence today, and see what it’s all about!

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divi - girly business theme

Divi is an incredibly powerful, amazingly flexible, entirely customizable WordPress multipurpose, multi concept theme, built to suit all imaginable needs and requirements, regardless of the nature of your website or business, Divi has your back. Endless personalization with incredibly versatile plugins and tools make Divi the theme of your personal or professional online dreams. Divi is elegant and classy, and every included template is designed professionally to aesthetic and navigational excellence.

Divi features advanced HTML5, CSS3 and BootStrap 3 technologies, incorporated with beautiful results. Divi’s unique, custom page building interface allows you to create custom sections or modules with all sorts of shortcode, plugin and tool-powered functionality, and then drag and drop these modules, pile them, stack them or generally lay them out as you desire. Divi is feature-rich, with tons of headers, footers, sliders, theme options, full translation in three dozen languages available, eCommerce integrated plugins, lightning fast loading times thanks to Divi’s enhanced, minimalist coding, search engine indexation optimization, guaranteeing more traffic and higher page rankings across the board… all while letting you easily build a home for yourself online, to your exact specifications and wishes. At this point, you’d have to ask yourself, is there anything Divi can’t do?

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Foodica is a beautiful and very classy, cozy and inviting, warm and intimate, polished and aesthetically relaxed and sophisticated, very graphically customizable and supremely easy to navigate and user friendly, technologically feature-rich and intuitive, flexible and delicate responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. Foodica is a pliable theme that has been gifted with the sheer strength and raw flexibility to seamlessly service all sorts of requirements and needs across a broad range of website archetypes, but that has been uniquely crafted for the purpose of sharing and enjoying food related content to a vast online audience of like-minded souls.

Foodica packs all the features you’d expect of a well-balanced theme, including a visual page builder that is very simple and easy to use with plenty of handy sections for building your website, as well as tons of useful shortcodes, ranging from the more general like Image Galleries, Image Lightboxes and such to the more specifically convenient, like Ingredients shortcodes, or Directions shortcodes, so you can quickly and effortless share recipes with friends and strangers or the world at large. Foodica has been carefully crafted to be a sublime experience for the senses, making it a perfect theme for the more feminine websites and audiences out there.

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capri - multipurpose ecommerce theme

Capri is an incredibly pliable, endlessly powerful, sizzling hot WordPress multipurpose theme, built the fulfill the needs of a great variety of websites, with a range of over a dozen equally stunning layouts that can be infinitely customized to your heart’s content with a whopping excess of two thousand options in the powerful included admin panel, meaning the possibilities of customizing your website are limitless. Over twelve included demos can each be imported and implemented with content in a single click. WooCommerce eCommerce plugin integration will turn your website into your personal online storefront within twenty four hours of setup. Retina ready and natively responsive thanks to incorporation of the potent and flexible Bootstrap framework, Capri looks gorgeous, no matter who’s viewing it and on what device or browser. Capri has dozens of included page types, including personal or corporate blogs, professional or content post portfolios, product galleries, interactive featured product carousels, Parallax static pages, powerful HTML5 and CSS3 platforms built right into the code, a lightweight coding style for speedy page loading, SEO optimization like you wouldn’t believe and a deeply fashionable sense of style, Capri is a true all terrain theme, that will take you wherever you need to go, in impeccable style.

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The Voux

the voux - feminine magazine theme

The Voux is a clean, fresh, modern, intuitive WordPress news and magazine theme. The Voux is flexible beyond all imagination, and there is no end to the beauty and elegance The Voux provides for webmasters wishing to share, distribute and aggregate stunning content with impressive, Retina ready high resolution images. The Voux makes sure you don’t have to raise your voice to be heard.

The Voux packs sophisticated technology to make your website run smooth as silk. Bootstrap 3 makes The Voux incredibly natively responsive, meaning your website will display just right, no matter who’s viewing it on what screen, device, browser or platform, you’ll reach them all! Social sharing isn’t just built into The Voux, The Voux builds social sharing into WordPress itself–you’ll be able to store your social sharing data in a backend cache for as long as you need, allowing you to even monitor the numbers from the backend! Infinite loading and scrolling on news articles means your visitors can simply scroll right beyond the end of their current read and delve right into the next one, while the browser’s URL even updates itself automatically to match the already loaded content! Seamless navigation takes a whole other meaning with The Voux. Install The Voux today, and stop screaming for attention!

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Christina is a clever and intuitive, gorgeous and seamless, tech-savvy and visually eloquent, rapidly responsive WordPress fashion and lifestyle blog website theme. Christina has been developed by professional graphic designers working in conjunction with dedicated developers and coders in order to provide a single-handed solution to webmasters from all walks of life and with any degree of previously existent skill to easily and effectively craft customized blog websites with a uniquely sensitive visual aesthetic that is perfect for webmasters that want a particularly feminine look and feel for their blog.

Feminine webmasters love Christina because it allows them for an impressively creative website design and creation experience through the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder. Christina is perfect for webmasters seeking a competent medium for self-expression in the modern web, an ideal soapbox for those with something to say and an urge to get it out in the open. Christina’s amazing HTML5 capabilities empower it to handle all sorts of content, from video and audio to high resolution images, with impeccable precision and utter design freedom vía advanced theme options. Christina is your soundest ally in creating a fully functional website that caters to your sensibilities. Try Christina today!

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zarja - girly blog theme

Zarja is a creative, whimsical, classy WordPress Feminine Personal blog website theme, ideally suited for the needs of female webmasters wishing to set up their own personal website or blog of any interest or concentration. Zarja is flexible and accommodating, while visually homey and intimate, making your viewers feel right at home on your website. Clean and crisp in its design, yet cozy and homey in its attentive details, Zarja is a feminine theme for a modern lady.

Zarja comes packed with features to set up your website effortlessly and with basically no coding skills required. Zarja includes 5 different home page variations on top of 7 custom post templates, an Instagram feed, SEO optimization and improved readability thanks to Google Fonts, an amazing eye for detail, incorporating subtle transitions and animations all over Zarja’s many elements, illustrating a Material Design philosophy. Spartanly clean and infinitely customizable, Zarja is a canvas for your most personal dreams to come true on the web. Custom headers, the Revolution Slider premium plugin, and a natively responsive  cross-platform design for optimal navigation in every case, Zarja’s a theme fit for a queen, a mother, a businesswoman, a freelancer… there’s hardly a lady that can’t make herself at home with Zarja.

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Anemos is a visually stunning and surprisingly dynamic, wonderfully intuitive and engaging, tech-savvy and rapidly responsive WordPress multiuse blogging website theme. Anemos has been designed to service a broad range of blogging website types and kinds, from personal blogging platforms to niche specialty blogs, technical blogs, artistic journals and far more. Anemos achieves this by being a polished and perfected means of expression, be it through a post based blogging style or through stunning image or video multimedia galleries with engaging layouts, grid and masonry styles, impressive animations and imaginative transitions all readily customizable through the intuitive Visual Composer page builder plugin as well as the endlessly potent Redux Framework advanced configuration options.

Anemos is perfectly well suited for servicing handsome, modern photography blog websites, photoblogs, photo journals and websites in similar, related fields of interest. A modular architecture based on Twitter’s own Bootstrap design renders Anemos entirely responsive, adapting your pages to fit all devices and platforms instantly and natively without writing a line of code. With incredible features like smooth Parallax vertical and horizontal scrolling, integrated slider sections, impressive gallery options, thorough and conscientious SEO coding from the ground up and tons of widgets, Anemos is ready to show your photography to the world!

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moneyflow - creative magazine theme

MoneyFlow is a modern, professional, businesslike WordPress theme, built around the needs of those seeking to establish their financial independence via Internet-based revenue streams. MoneyFlow is a theme for those who want to keep the ball rolling and the dollars coming in, with every feature and tool in it existing solely for the purpose of increasing your profits. MoneyFlow looks good, handles well, but earns best.

MoneyFlow features an easy one click installation process, after which boundless combinations of typographical, color and design modification choices can be implemented thanks to a powerful admin panel. MoneyFlow is integrated with WooCommerce out of the box, meaning you’ll be turning a profit in your online marketplace right off the start, within a day of setting up shop. Search engine optimization maximizes the traffic netted from search results by better indexing your content in every section of your website. AdSense integration out of the box lets you turn those eyeballs into actual cash, painlessly and hassle-free. Full cross-platform, cross-browser responsive design, a gorgeous off canvas menu, Parallax scrolling, Mega Menu and Subscribe Pro compatibility, advanced sliders and full translation capabilities round out this amazing theme nicely. MoneyFlow makes sure you are raking it in!

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vixen - clean food blog theme

Vixen is an easy to use, professional, creative WordPress Feminine blog and portfolio theme, founded on the notions of intuitiveness, elegance, and femininity. Vixen is a crafty theme for crafty gals, readily customizable while preserving always a delicate, feminine touch. Vixen simplifies all aspects of building your website, and puts the power in your hands with powerful admin panel tools and a thorough, accessible documentation.

Vixen is built for speed, too. Cleverly minimalist coding incorporating the latest technologies enables Vixen to offer the fastest page loading times around the block, meaning your website will load faster than everyone else’s, your server loads and costs will be kept low, and your users won’t wait a second to access what you’ve got to show them. Search engine optimization means every part of your portfolio or blog is properly indexed by search engine robots, greatly improving your performance in terms of page rankings, which in turn guarantees a higher amount of traffic, ad revenue, exposure, and everything that comes along with that. Made to be readable, Vixen delivers your content responsively, adapting it to the screen of all devices in existence. Vixen looks attractive and handles like a pro–you’ll never go wrong with Vixen.

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frida - vintage personal blog theme

Frida is a sweet, homey, creative, warm WordPress blog theme, designed for the needs of creative personalities of all types who wish to maintain crisp-looking, fresh-faced, heart-warming blogs, as well as serious, yet intimate websites. Frida is flexible and powerful, while remaining delightful and light. Frida is modern in capacity yet classic in design, with a carefully crafted aesthetic permeating its layouts and schemes.

Frida includes many powerful features, such as numerous post styles, custom CSS3 effects, custom HTML5 implemented features, numerous custom widgets, which you can easily manipulate with the advanced admin panel customization options and with no coding skills required. Frida is continuously being expanded upon and updated, and now offers extensively customizable header and footer bars, which can be docked full of widgets as you desire, as well as limitless sidebars. Responsiveness is offered at the drop of a hat, thanks to incorporated Mobile Device Settings. Multiple fonts and custom social media sharing icons, handsome, artistic transition effects, and a zest for life round off this impressive, artistic, feminine theme with a real sensibility and actual technological prowess. Sticky Headers are available, and advanced Image and Google Maps Widgets are included as well. Frida paints a pretty picture.

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Spa Lab

spa lab - girly beauty salon theme

Spa Lab is an attractive, masterfully designed, astoundingly powerful WordPress theme, ideally suited for the needs of hair salons, wellness centers, meditation and yoga lessons, and many other kinds of beauty and health care related businesses. It is flexible, intuitive and easy to use, while remaining modern, fresh-faced and appealing in every instance.

Spa Lab is malleable, and easily bends to your every whim, becoming exactly the website of your dreams in a few simple, easy clicks, drags and drops. Spa Lab is packed with crucial features for your venture, such as two types of menu card designs, reservation systems, gift cards, product showcase galleries, custom online shop pages with eCommerce plugins. News can be spread through blog pages, while newsletter systems will engage your audience and keep them loyal and returning. Spa Lab allows for limitless branding opportunities, including custom colors, logos, social media links and icons, contact information, product and service pricing guides, and many more ways to make your website your own. Spa Lab is stylish and elegant, to match your business, while modern and fully responsive natively, owing to a powerful BootStrap framework design, rendering your website in full glory to all visitors on all devices and platforms, from desktops and laptops to tablets and mobile phones, Spa Lab gets you the exposure you want. Tune up your business with Spa Lab!

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falive - minimal fashion magazine theme

Falive is an incredible, beautiful, creative WordPress fashion and blog theme, constructed with the needs of fashion industry related news and blog type websites. Falive handles a classic two column layout presentation, and is extensively documented for your convenience. Keep the world up to date on the latest trends with Falive, fast and flawless!

Falive is alive and amazing. With five completely different header layouts tailored to different needs, three featured sliders with adjustable behavior for making the most unique of homepage layouts, and a live editor with Theme Customizer, Falive ensures your website is your own, and entirely personal, branded and recognizable. The incredibly simple one-click setup and installation feature makes starting your fashion blog with Falive today the simplest of tasks, and that purchase includes free customer support and lifetime product updates, for no added price! Falive is a clean and fresh looking blog theme that creative types of all sorts will fall in love with. It is streamlined and fluid, with a minimalist user interface, a powerful admin panel and fast loading, efficiently coded pages, that’ll keep your website light and speedy. Falive is ready to quench a thirst for fashion and style online, don’t miss out!

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huntt - masonry style portfolio theme

Huntt is a clean, modern, beautiful WordPress personal blog and portfolio theme, ideally suited for webmasters offering their viewers a very visual oriented content stream that needs to be distributed to a wide audience. Huntt is elegant, stunning, and incredibly powerful. Huntt will keep your content up, front and center.

Huntt is flexible and malleable to your every need, whether you’re running an architectural agency, you’re a freelance photographer or a personal blogger, Huntt offers several post layouts and sample post types for you to quickly set up your website in a matter of minutes and a couple of clicks, with boundless color customization and branding opportunities. Huntt is adjustable with a simple switch to turn your website into three column or four column formats effortlessly, while being entirely natively scalable to all sorts of devices and screen sizes. Huntt has many tools and features to showcase your content in style, and truly make your audience stick around and be dazzled with what you’ve got to show. Custom, Retina ready social media sharing icons, beautiful HTML5 and CSS3 enabled animations and visual effects, smooth transitions, powerful scrolling technologies for an immersive navigational experience, Huntt offers all the tools you’ll need to get a bigger piece of the pie.

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Black Bear


Black Bear is a solid and robust, very well-founded and visually slick and attractive, graphically precise and polished, deeply engaging and palpably modern and happening, dynamic and enticing, highly responsive WordPress blog website theme. Black Bear is a surprisingly easy to use and extremely intuitive theme designed with creative bloggers in mind. Packing a wealth of awesome tools to simplify the website building experience, such as the amazing WordPress Live Customizer or AJAX powered Instant Search features that users love, Black Bear makes blogging in a lavish, modern style a simple, breezy matter.

Simply select one of Black Bear’s handsome blog layout styles for your homepage, and start posting away, using any of Black Bear’s convenient, multimedia friendly post formats, perfectly styled for all sorts of content, from videos and streams to short journal entries or whole picture galleries. You can similarly select a different, specific blog layout for each of your website’s dynamic pages, including your archive, search, galleries and much more. With Black Bear, your imagination is the limit of what you can blog about. A pristine Bootstrap foundation makes Black Bear innately cross compatible with browsers and devices across the board, with a wonderfully responsive interface that adapts to different screen sizes and orientations.

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themesy - fullscreen portfolio theme

Themesy is an incredibly flexible, customizable, gorgeous WordPress multipurpose theme, designed to be an end-all, be-all theme solution for your website. Themesy is pliable and potent, customizable to no known end and coded for absolute responsivity natively. Themesy is jam packed with custom built features. Themesy– you need to look no further!

Themesy has dozens of preincluded demos full of sampler content for you to set up gorgeous websites to start yourself off with, which you can then easily an intuitively customize into things that you’ve never done, or even seen out there, before. Themesy makes sure there is no end to the possibilities, with incredibly professional demos for all sorts of purposes easily combined into unique representations. Themesy is entirely front end, meaning you will edit and alter the look and feel of your website without ever so much as looking at a line of code! The powerful visual features packaged include an extensive, customizable logo collection, many custom resources, Master Slider cutting edge slider technologies, an incredibly performance thanks to a combination of optimized, lightweight coding and complete out of the box compatibility with WP Total Cache. Regardless, Themesy is above all a responsive, BootStrap enabled adaptive theme that will fit right no matter where it is you’re looking at it. Retina ready, Themesy websites are beautiful and splendid to watch. Get your Themesy on today!

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Modern Studio

modern studio genesis portfolio theme

Modern Studio is an innovative, flexible, clean and creative WordPress theme. Bundled with the amazing Genesis Framework, allowing for untold degrees of freedom in customizing and branding your website and the navigational experience of your users, Modern Studio is a state of the art, advance, feature rich theme.

Designed by designers and for designers, Modern Studio is meant to be used by the creative types of all walks of life, from photographers and visual artists to industrial designers or marketing creatives, or simply all who have a very visually based, impactful content they need for showcase for utmost beauty and maximum effect, Modern Studio is the theme for you. Modern Studio understands that the end all, be all for a designer’s website is effective highlighting of imagery. To achieve this, Modern Studio provides a clean cut, open, unencumbered framework, free from hassle and clutter, which will really shine a light on your own content, images and colors. HTML5 markup technology provides you with tools to smoothly animate and personalize every element in your website, creating wonderful transitions and gorgeous sliders and headers. Styles are endless, and your own taste is the only limit of where Modern Studio can go. With Modern Studio, you’re calling all the shots.

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Daily Dish

daily dish - food blog theme

Daily Dish is a modern, fresh faced, elegant, visually stunning WordPress restaurant, food and wine theme, built with the supercharged Genesis Framework, affording it capabilities beyond your wildest imagination and customization that exceeds any scale you could come up with. Daily Dish is a theme that’s simply appealing to all the senses—perhaps some more so than others, though!

Daily Dish is built to service the needs of food lovers, food bloggers, wine connoisseurs, restaurateurs from all walks of life. No matter whether you’re dining on these delicacies or churning them out from a steaming hot kitchen, Daily Dish makes sure every meal is presented in impeccable, enviable style. Aesthetics is the name of the game with Daily Dish, and every high resolution image you post will be rendered in its Retina ready glory. Daily Dish knows what’s what, and it’s aware that your content is the main course of your website, therefore, it orients your visitors so that they’ll focus solely on what’s important. Your videos, your text, your images—your every entry is the star of the ball with Daily Dish. HTML5 markup technologies display your content in maximal beauty and incredible visual effects to keep your audience engaged and salivating. Daily Dish—just try it!

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foodie - genesis food blog theme

Foodie is a visually stimulating, boundlessly flexible, powerful yet understated WordPress theme, suited for essentially all imaginable purposes, though peculiarly strong when dealing with food, wine, and all gastronomical delights, and websites specializing in them. The flexible and innovative Genesis Framework, bundled with the theme, provides you with an incredible war chest of tools and features that will spruce up any page and allow you to churn out professional looking, sober, aesthetic websites in a matter of a couple clicks and a few minutes. Foodie is so easy to use, all you have to do is reap the benefits.

Foodie Pro is flexible like you wouldn’t believe. Incredible HTML5 markup means your websites will look and feel exactly the way you want them to, with multiple, minimalist layouts available, custom headers, featured images and content, plenty of theme options, amazing native responsivity that will render your website flawlessly regardless of the device chosen to display it, be it tablets or mobile phones, laptops or desktops, Foodie will be gorgeous and stylish. Translation capabilities out of the box mean you’ll reach the broadest of audiences effortlessly, with included translation files making setup a breeze. Foodie is a theme for those who are serious about their food!

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