Top 18 WordPress Webshop Themes To Build a Professional eCommerce Website 2017


The internet is the world’s greatest, largest, and perhaps, its last true frontier, a vast and ripe land full of possibilities, uncharted territories, opportunities, dangers, chance and fortune. It’s where most of this decade’s new billionaires have made their money, and it’s where all of the next century’s will make theirs, too. It’s the single fastest growing interconnected organism on Earth—so entwined and energized, it is akin to a behemoth at this point, one that reaches around the globe, instantaneously, with ever increasing speed and reliability.

Advanced security protocols and communicational standards as well as powerful encryption technologies make it safer than ever to shop online, and customers are responding to this new, comfortable, convenient and trustworthy environment. Not everyone gets to make a billion, but with the world’s economy pouring larger and larger slices of the pie into online commercial and corporate products and services, it could hardly be unwise to set up show now. If you have the ability and willingness to market your wares to a worldwide online audience with powerful, beautiful, dynamic, modern websites that are professional-looking, secure and reliable, and integrate convenient eCommerce solutions, look no further. The following collection of themes has been compiled to satisfy all your webstore website needs.



Jevelin is a delightfully creative and technologically cutting edge, imaginative and easy to use, highly responsive WordPress premium multipurpose website theme. Jevelin is a solid, robust framework for the creation of eloquent and crafty modern websites spanning a range of diverse applications and fields of interest, from personal or professional to corporate and commercial, with an advanced collection of powerful customization options and settings that can turn your website into an incredibly immersive end-user experience, featuring stunning Parallax visual effects and smooth scrolling, top notch CSS3 styling and animations, numbered in the dozens and customizable for every element on each of your pages.

Highly widgetized, Jevelin’s modular sections have impressive Video, Parallax and Parallax Video background features among many others, while Jevelin’s robust WooCommerce eCommerce plugin suite built-in capabilities empower webmasters to set up attractive and functional online shops in a matter of minute, with plentiful opportunities to customize your product catalogue layout style, animation and transitions with complete ease. Sophisticated payment methods are integrated into Jevelin for you to maximize your sales overnight, while SEO enhancements drive traffic through the roof and translation readiness and RTL optimization ensure you reach the broadest possible audience. Give Jevelin a go today, and start making those sales!

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Kalium is a sophisticated and high end, creative and colorful, sleek and effective, highly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose portfolio and online shop website theme. Kalium is a wholly impressive, professionally developed solution for webmasters from all walks of life to quickly assemble superbly functional, supremely customizable websites within minutes, featuring powerful portfolio layout configuration capabilities, handsome layout styles, fullscreen width, landing pages and much more, negotiated through the intuitive and coding-free Visual Composer premium drag and drop page builder plugin, as well as the Revolution Slider and LayerSlider, and complete out of the box integration with the industry standard WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite.

Kalium has been packaged with a wealth of amazing, out of the box functional demo websites and template pages including numerous online shop and e-commerce templates and relevant shortcodes that can make your pages have all sorts of functionality, expanding them beyond your wildest dreams. Marketing your products to the world at large has never been this fast or uncomplicated. That is why more and more businesses and individuals are choosing to start their online commerce ventures powered by Kalium. Try it for yourself, and be the master of your store!

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Merchandiser is a marvelously modern and delightfully dynamic, innovatively inspired and creatively colorful, rapidly responsive WordPress commercial WooCommerce website theme. Merchandiser is a beautiful, professionally designed website building platform, a potent set of tools, features, plugins, templates and elements curated to form a selection of the best and most relevant capabilities for a modern online commerce website venture.

Merchandiser has been designed around the industry standard WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite, which provides a solid base for all sorts of online commercial operations through a myriad different niches, markets and business models, from affiliate marketing websites with helpful ad revenue system block elements for easy configuration, to full-fledged direct customer online sales websites with sprawling categorized searches and dynamic listings featuring infinite scrolling capacities, sleek and modern pagination and much more, including some of the most attractive Product Image Galleries on the market today. Merchandising has been deliberately built for your convenience in marketing a very broad and diverse product catalogue to a wide and undifferentiated massive online audience, which is why it keeps aesthetics clean and minimalist with plentiful customization options through the Visual Composer, Live Customizer, or advanced theme options. Try Merchandiser now and see what’s the real deal!

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Uncode is an unimaginably strong and potent, incredibly reliable and consistently safe and secure, widely popular and continuously updated, very simplified and easy to use for both developers and end users, completely readymade and preconfigured out of the box responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Uncode is an inherently ductile and pliable theme, designed with a conceptual approach that results in completely unique, one of a kind, visually impressive and vastly memorable websites every single time. While an extremely breezy and uncomplicated visual customization process allows webmasters seasoned and rookie to quickly set up their own distinct and unique websites, owing to amazing Bootstrap shortcodes and framework. Modern HTML5 elements, dynamic CSS3 scripting and smooth Parallax scrolling.

Intuitive and in-house enhanced Visual Composer drag and drop page builder, on top of premium Revolution Slider and Layer Slider plugins, and built-in eCommerce functionality with WooCommerce. These features, and Uncode’s superbly executed WooCommerce integration and absolutely top notch Portfolio and layout options make Uncode an ideal candidate for creating an online foothold for all sorts of physical shops, from record shops to book stores, Uncode can handle them all and make them look their very best. Try Uncode today, and be amazed at the ease of setting up shop on the internet!

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Shopkeeper is a highly professional, very thorough, wholly expansive, feature-rich and modern, simplistic in design and potent in delivery, flexible and beautiful WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, an inexpressibly malleable website solution capable of adapting itself to a veritably endless number of entirely different website archetypes, from blogs to professional portfolios, from corporate websites to professional firm websites, but especially designed to the ultimate solution for websites that are looking to buy and sell anything online.

Whether you are an artisan marketing your crafts or a wholesale supplier taking orders and confirming deliveries, Shopkeeper has the stuff it takes to take care of your every need, ease your workload, let you breathe a little easier and increase your sales steadily, day in and day out, with its uniquely effective layouts, search engine optimization, engaging widgets, unique features and awe-inspiring graphical effects. eCommerce capabilities are entirely built into Shopkeeper for your convenience, so you can effortlessly sell shippable or downloadable products, collect and receive payments, manage a product inventory or even deploy Shopkeeper’s eCommerce capabilities simply to catalogue your content—the possibilities are boundless, and with the huge amount of demo websites and templates available, there is inspiration aplenty to go around. Shopkeeper now loads faster than ever. Thanks to its recent performance optimizations it is now one of the fastest WooCommerce themes out there.

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For those with an eye for quality, online commerce can be a very profitable venture. Themes like Noraure can facilitate the creation of a professional eCommerce website. Its design is memorable, charming and very user-friendly. No coding or programming knowledge is required, given that anyone can craft an astounding page. For novice users, the installation process can be very intimidating. Thankfully, Noraure has included a comprehensive documentation source that offers to explain every feature in detail. You can easily become an overnight expert. A successful businessperson understands the need for quality presentation. You will be able to showcase your items in an eye-catching manner. This is made possible by the Revolution Slider plugin, which allows you to create some astounding slides.

There is a limitless number of color customization choices, so feel free to experiment with different palettes. Mandatory registration can cause users to simply give up on their purchase. Typing personal information and waiting for confirmation emails is very frustrating. Thankfully, Noraure has a Twitter and Facebook login system that maximizes customer convenience. This theme makes it easier for site owners to manage taxes, shipping, and payments. Creating an online store is simple, thanks to the amazing WooCommerce plugin.

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eCommerce is a visually appealing, extremely modern, functional and businesslike, flexible and customizable WordPress responsive online shop theme, a highly pliable and carefully constructed one-stop shop webstore solution, wholly prepared to handle any number or kind of webstores, online outlets, online retail stores and pretty much any website dealing in the craft of commerce through the medium of the internet. eCommerce is optimized for every necessity a webstore webmaster may come to have, including out of the box WooCommerce plugin compatibility with extended integration, seamlessly opening shop within minutes of setting up eCommerce.

Your website itself is extremely easy and quick to build, with professionally graphically designed page templates, specialized page layouts, expansive header and footer customization capabilities, amply useful preconfigured sections such as the Brands section for your sponsors or own brand identities, a completely unique Product Slider Widget that will definitely captivate your visitors into surfing through ever more of your catalogue, a handsome and functional Related Products Carousel, multiple types of pagination for your individual pages, limitless color and background choices including beautiful Parallax static webstores, and much, much more, at your fingertips in an instant, with eCommerce. eCommerce—it really is worth its weight in gold.

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Hugo is a visually impressive, masterfully designed, technologically powerful, intuitive and easy to use, potent and flexible WordPress responsive online shop theme, built with the thorough customization capabilities and expansive, inclusive, elastic coding to service a whole host of webstore applications, but specifically polished and purposefully enhanced to effortlessly and elegantly meet and exceed the expectations of high end commercial webstores, dealing both in high end products or services and with a high end clientele that demands nothing but the utmost quality and reliability in all their dealings.

As such, Hugo is a uniquely robust, particularly powerful, visually accomplished theme that is empowered with advanced premium plugins to ease the website building experience while simultaneously empowering your webstore to degrees hitherto unheard of. Create amazing, engaging homepages with the visual Drag & Drop Homepage customizer, exploit the incredibly useful and tasteful custom widgets included with Hugo, including content widgets, Twitter, Flickr and social media feeds, and much more, at the touch of a button. All, of course, on a potent framework that is integrated with WooCommerce for full compatibility and seamless visual cohesiveness. Hugo is also feverishly updated at a rapid pace, so it is constantly evolving, and it is optimized for speed and smoothness of user navigational experience. Perk it up, with Hugo!

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Orson is a reliable, resourceful and responsive WordPress online store website theme. Orson is an innovative tool for webmasters looking to set up shop online effectively. With the powerful integrated Visual Composer, website design tasks are a breeze. Orson is perfect for a range of commercial applications. With 23 different homepages, you can deploy, every usage case is covered. Fresh-faced summer fashion stores or youthful tech retail outlets. Accessories and jewelry stores, sporting goods or cellphones, Orson has your back.

Create seamless one page stores or resourceful multipage shops in a few clicks. Import demos in seconds and customize them intuitively. Your previous coding experience is unimportant when it comes to pulling off handsome functionality. Orson stores look great and work like a charm. Tons of awesome header styles and crafty portfolio shortcodes are at your disposal. The Revolution Slider powers beautiful, engaging carousels and slideshows. You can keep your audience engaged while they peruse your product catalogue. SEO optimization makes Orson a solid performer on search engine rankings. This way you drive up your traffic, sales and revenue overnight. The WooCommerce plugin powers Orson’s awesome commercial capabilities, from payment gateways to shopping carts. Make the sale today, with Orson!

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Atelier is a visually refined, incredibly flexible, amazingly powerful, technologically sophisticated, modern and mutable WordPress responsive creative multipurpose eCommerce theme, a potent WordPress website solution that is entirely capable of handling the requirements of building and operating any number of different, diverse website projects, but uniquely well suited and peculiarly effective when deployed as a theme for all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable online shops, webstores, online retailers, online wholesalers, and more—in general terms, if you wish to create an aesthetically pleasant and polished, creatively expansive and daring, visually unique and memorable online store website, Atelier is just the theme to empower you to do so.

Atelier includes over 12 completely different, very high quality, professionally designed demo websites, with more always on the way, that enable you to easily and quickly churn out amazing looking websites with an optimized, easy to use customization interface. Dozens of headers, footers, customizable, gorgeous product sliders with amazing visual effects, powerful Parallax visual options and AJAX frontend shopping carts packed with different animation styles… there really is no end to Atelier’s showcase of true webstore building power. Native search engine optimization and thorough responsivity seal the deal on Atelier, the pound-for-pound strongest multiconcept eCommerce theme out there.

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Mr. Tailor


Mr. Tailor is a modish theme that stands out for its full screen slider. This theme is suitable for retail business owners, clothing brands and other kinds of agencies who want to sell their products online. If you don’t want to build an online store, you can still use this theme for promoting your business or showcasing your products and features to the world by deactivating its eCommerce functionality from the theme options panel. This theme comes with an eye-catching design that will surely grab the attention of your audience. This theme is pixel perfect and highly responsive to provide your visitors an amazing user experience.

Mr. Tailor WordPress theme has remarkable theme customization options such as unlimited color options, parallax image support, custom logo upload, eye-catching sticky header, built-in sliders and an optional Wish list functionality that you can turn on for your target customers. The Visual Composer packaged into the theme will make it easier for you to create unlimited layout page design with the help of drag and drop interface. This theme is WooCommerce ready to help you sell physical, digital or affiliate products with ease.  This theme has a powerful store management, built-in order tracking system, tax and shipping options, unlimited categories and sub-categories, built-in coupon system, one page checkout and easy shipping calculator. Mr. Tailor allows customers to rate or review your products, help you analyze your store report and optional Wishlist functionality. Gaining online popularity and establishing brand recognition not a problem with this theme since it is well-coded and fully optimized for SEO.

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Artemis is a multipurpose WordPress that specializes in e-commerce. It is easy to understand and set up with its intuitive one-click demo import. Find it with special offers and compatible with lots of premium quality plug-ins. Artemis has a responsive layout with multiple options for menus and unlimited colors. It features a dynamic shop sidebar, a blog page and customizable backgrounds. You will even find a custom logo and favicons section. Artemis offers WooCommerce integration to set up cool online shops. It also has a minicart, wishlists and a contact page to set. Try different styles of galleries to show products. Slider Revolution integration makes images get the best quality of display!

Artemis is ready for translation with both po. files and fully packed with visual display additions. It gives you a lookbook, product quick view, and a menu cart summary. Artemis is meant to be the best commercial service provider of all. Just like its name, the one of a goddess. It is 100% and adapts to screens, formats and browsers. Versatility at its best description! It comes with free updates and great documentation! Give a good look at it and you will surely be convinced of its potential! Use Artemis!

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StoreX is an attractive and highly enticing, aesthetically fluid and dynamic, extremely robust and reliable, safe and secure, serious and professional, bright and colorful, modern and technologically refined, visually stunning and graphically creative, easily customizable and lightweight, superbly responsive WordPress business and commerce multipurpose website theme. StoreX is an all around extraordinary theme for handling the creation, development and maintenance of sophisticated and technologically advanced, smooth running and fully functional webshops of all natures, fields and niches.

StoreX is ready out of the box for you to start marketing your digital wares to the world at large through a seamless and stylish series of professionally composed demo websites and layout templates, which will save you time and money with their convenient design, helpful configuration options and vast technical capabilities, including AJAX sorting, filtering and loading, a reliable HTML5 backend with delightful CSS3 animations and effects, all without you having to write a single line of code, through a simplified static page layout editor, with a plethora of diverse choices to make your StoreX webshop look and feel just right. Thorough out of the box WooCommerce integration means StoreX will let you start making some sales from day one, within minutes of setup. Stock up on StoreX!

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Handy is an astoundingly convenient and impressively reliable, technologically refined and cutting edge, graphically nimble and flexible, lightweight and search engine optimized, modern and secure, resourceful and wonderfully structured, youthful and whimsical, appealing and attractive, natively responsive WordPress business and commerce multipurpose website theme. Handy is a strong and versatile WordPress theme designed explicitly for the purpose of servicing webshops specializing in marketing handmade goods or products of absolutely any nature.

Handy has been purposefully decked out with a sophisticated set of tools, plugins, features and templates integrated into an intuitive and potent backend user interface that allows webmasters without any prior coding experience to quickly and masterfully craft their own professional quality handmade webshops within minutes of setup, without having to write a single line of code. Handy is jam-packed with useful and on point shortcodes and widgets that will effortlessly expand the functionalities of your webshop with a couple clicks, while featuring a plethora of diverse and deep configuration options, so you can fine-tune your handmade goods webshop to fit your precise graphic requirements. Handy is the ultimate webshop theme for artisans, artists, and all sorts of creative ventures that need to establish a firm foundation for their business online.

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Suave is an incredibly versatile, magnificently flexible, powerful and tech-savvy, highly customizable and visually stunning, silky smooth and highly reliable WordPress multipurpose WooCommerce theme, a wonderfully tailored theme that is uniquely pliable, meant to service every imaginable need of webstore websites of any specialty or generality in existence and beyond. Suave has all the features required to create a top-notch, world-class online store that makes customers feel both impressed and secure, so they may feel in an environment where they spend their money more freely and are much likelier to become return customers.

To that end, Suave includes extensive core features like WooCommerce visual integration for seamless shops within minutes, the custom made CommerceGuru Toolkit, a unique toolkit solution for WooCommerce WordPress websites and multi-currency support, to in-depth layout features like boxed, full width, mobile friendly layouts, dozens of header and footer expansive, powerful options like Shopping Carts, Bags and Baskets, beautiful LayerSlider content sliders, easily adjustable color schemes, powerful plugins such as AJAX frontend predictive product search, image-enabled MegaMenus and much, much more—Suave is just incredibly potent, and all the while retaining a highly tunable interface with the Visual Composer plugin. Suave does all the heavy lifting—you get down to business!

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WooPress is a visually modern, feature-rich and tech-savvy, intuitive and easy to use, powerful and fully customizable WordPress responsive multipurpose WooCommerce theme, carefully crafted with the most polished elements and the most optimized, advanced codebase and technological platforms to offer an all-inclusive, one-stop shop solution for everyone and anyone’s online WooCommerce eCommerce website needs—from small niche or specialty online shops, antique shops, vintage fashion shops, to pretty much anything you can imagine—if you want to build a gorgeous WooCommerce webstore within minutes that has all the powerful visual and functional features expected from a professionally designed website, look no further than WooPress.

With an untold amount of room for creativity, WooPress can accommodate all your dreams, thanks to the Visual Composer with the Ultimate tools add-on, as well as the Slider Revolution and Master Slider plugins, plus Essential Grid—a huge value package, included freely with WooPress, for you to create each page in a way that matches up with your mind’s eye view pixel by pixel. WooPress further eases your workload with over 20 completely different webstore templates, so you can have your site up without writing a single line of code, out of the box. WooPress—impressed yet?

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Bronx is a visually attractive, elegantly understated, smooth and refined, functionally effective, technologically polished, modern and impressive WordPress responsive multipurpose WooCommerce theme, a powerful, cutting-edge, style conscious webstore solution that is designed with the flexibility to run any number of different online stores and businesses, though uniquely and especially constructed for the purpose of integrating WooCommerce eCommerce plugin webstores seamlessly and to its fullest extent and power, owing to Bronx’s uniquely Woo-optimized coding that makes every WooCommerce enabled page come alive with new, incredible options and customization capacities.

Experience true design cohesion with Bronx, or experiment with your own taste, employing Bronx’s many template pages and layouts as a starting point to make your own designs with the Visual Composer plugin, included, and benefit from Bronx’s highly optimized typographical capabilities and designs that are super-focused on legibility and overall improved end- user experience, thoroughly convenient native search engine optimized codebase, built to be naturally better indexed by crawlers but also entirely compatible with SEO advanced plugins such as Yoast! Bronx is also compatible with other popular eCommerce plugins, in case Woo isn’t exactly your thing—Bronx’s thing is empowering you to market your wares to a broad, online audience, and the rest, that’s entirely up to you.

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TREND is an extremely modern, technologically sophisticated, wholly customizable, highly flexible, fast loading and visually stunning WordPress responsive multipurpose WooCommerce theme, a style conscious and fashionable website solution that is strong and pliable enough to easily satisfy the needs and requirements of a whole host of diverse website archetypes, but uniquely suited for the purpose of creating and maintaining interactive, trendsetting and popular eCommerce websites. Using the powerful and successful WooCommerce eCommerce plugin combined with a highly polished, professionally designed collection of curated, fleshed out demo websites for all sorts of broad and narrow applications imaginable, from flower shops to construction stores, from wine shops to music shops, if you are marketing products directly to a wide, differentiated and vast online audience.

TREND is the theme you want in your corner, with its powerful HTML5 and CSS3 framework enabling gorgeous Parallax visual effects, endless layout possibilities with the Visual Composer plugin and impressive, unique sliders with the Revolution Slider and Master Slider plugins, MegaMenus, tons of customized, helpful shortcodes and unique widgets, a myriad font icons, and very thorough social media integration features to quickly boost your webstore’s online footprint and presence, TREND really sets the bar high for webstore themes.

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adot is a visually breath-taking, very carefully polished, masterfully crafted and robustly coded, creative, expressive, eloquent and engagingly modern WordPress responsive multipurpose eCommerce theme, a flexible, shapeshifting theme that has been created with the intent of producing a malleable theme that can easily fulfill the requirements set forth by several different eCommerce websites across a broad spectrum of areas. adot has been refined by means of minimalistic design to the point where it is entirely unobtrusive in its presentation, essentially bringing your customers and potential customers that much closer to your products.

Stunning layouts and template pages make very effective use of all your beautiful high resolution product imagery, so your visitors can practically feel the texture of your product or its aroma. Nine conceptually different demo websites, fully fleshed out, are included with adot, each an entirely distinct take on the interpretation of the webstore website, and each easily fine-tuned to be the webstore website of your dreams. Amazing AJAX frontend shopping carts and hover effects are included out of the box, with brilliant, engaging portfolio pages and multiple blog and timeline page styles, all seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce for your convenience. Start making the big bucks with adot, today!

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Boulder is a completely beautiful, visually detailed-oriented, graphically thorough, functionally powerful, efficiently coded and highly flexible WordPress responsive multipurpose WooCommerce theme, a highly adaptable, stylized and modern webstore website solution that is packed with an enormous array of extremely diverse tools that can be freely combined and recombined, customized and personalized to nearly no end in order to produce the most amazing looking, professional, reactive, smoothly animated and deeply engaging WooCommerce eCommerce websites out there.

Outshine the competition with Boulder’s extremely aesthetical, minimalist layouts, potent and entirely exclusive advanced options thanks to CommerceGuru’s advanced coding that lets you add functionalities such as allowing your customers to choose from List or Grid views, or a ton of other different settings, with over 100 advanced, unique settings available to fine-tune your Boulder webstore. Bedazzle your visitors with expansive LayerSlider content sliders featuring your products, your latest or seasonal offers, or anything else you want on their minds and easily accessible, offer pliable AJAX filtered product searches, product quickviews and more, Retina ready icons, multiple currency support and the most gorgeous Parallax product showcases on the web. Revolutionize your webstore with Boulder, and you will have the soundest foundation to build your online commercial empire on.

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Classico is a very high quality, visually refined, highly stimulating, modern and sophisticated, elegant and interactive, engaging and profoundly flexible WordPress responsive multipurpose WooCommerce theme, a carefully crafted all-around polished website solution for commercial webstores of all kinds, meant to be pliable and adaptable enough to accommodate essentially any and all websites that intend to showcase their product selection to a wide, diverse online audience, inform this audience of the core features and descriptions of these products, and then effectively market them and make a sale right then and there on your own website, Classico is exactly the theme that you have been looking for.

A Visual Composer-fueled theme, Classico is ready to become anything you want it to become, with plentiful commercial website page templates that are convenient and time-saving easily modified with the powerful plugin to become the layouts of your dreams. Combine structural visual options for your shops, headers, footers and sidebars to instantly generate amazing looking, professional, businesslike or intimate, engaging and captivating websites that make users feel at ease and comfortable spending their money on. Classico is well suited for a discerning webmaster that caters to a discerning audience, looking for nothing but utmost quality.

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Aurum is a visually memorable, understated yet boldly expressive, minimalist and stylish, modern and customizable, technologically pliable and professionally designed WordPress responsive minimalist webstore theme, a specialized theme that was created to be an effective and efficient website solution for online stores of all kinds, as it is packed with useful layouts, templates, widgets, tools and shortcodes that come in handy for the creation and maintenance of modern online store websites, but Aurum’s true power lies in its impressively aesthetical design philosophy, a stark yet colorful minimalism that is palpable throughout Aurum’s many different page templates and model websites.

Aurum is thus ideal for webstores that deal in peculiarly style conscious market segments, including businesses as diverse as fashion stores, jewelry stores, bookstores, technology stores and many other webstores that require both a powerful and functional eCommerce functionality and a seamless, adaptable blank canvas of a website that can be easily branded to any brand identity one may desire but that is also profoundly beautiful in its clean, fresh-faced adaptability. Aurum is equipped with sophisticated tools like transparent headers, handsome Welcome Pages, custom Visual Composer shortcodes and features for added functionalities, and much more. Aurum is proof that sometimes, shiny things can really be gold.

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Nantes is a highly expressive, visually eloquent, creative and daring, technologically sophisticated and aesthetically refined, smart and flexible, modern and feature-rich WordPress responsive multipurpose eCommerce and corporate theme, a powerful theme built to service uses as diverse as a full-fledged online store or a wholly functional massive corporate website, and a whole host of imaginative applications in between, as Nantes is a theme optimized for three things—the ability to easily commercialize products and services, catalogue them and offer them to the public, the ability to empower webmasters to produce incredibly tough and reliable AJAX frontend and backend structural skeletons for complex website applications with databases involved, and the ability to let webmasters craft professional-looking, gorgeous, amazing, engaging and beautiful websites with absolutely no coding skills required at any point.

Nantes hits the ball out of the park on all three counts, meeting and exceeding the expectations of corporate, eCommerce and webstore websites in general with its potent Advanced Reviews system, unique drag and drop Page Builder, fully integrated WooCommerce support, a gorgeous mobile, swipe and touch-friendly off-canvas menu and shopping cart, an AJAX shopping cart, product search, filters and more… Nantes is a theme that gets so much done, it makes the rest look bad.

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North is an incredibly colorful, profoundly beautiful, dynamic and vibrant, modern and technologically accomplished, professional-looking and polished, clever and fast-loading WordPress responsive multipurpose eCommerce theme, an extremely stylish theme that was created to be a website solution for eCommerce applications with a need for a highly style conscious design aesthetic that incorporates powerful graphical elements that can impress a discerning, visually sophisticated target audience. That is why North is perfectly suited for specialized, niche applications such as high fashion webstores, atelier webstores, design studio webstores, creative professional webstores, artistic or art gallery webstores and other similar, very aesthetically inclined commercial online endeavors.

North is thought out from top to bottom to be both an incredibly easy and intuitive experience for webmasters, who can produce explosive, high impact, amazing webpages in a matter of minutes with absolutely no coding knowledge required, as well as for the end users, who are treated to a smoothly designed navigational experience that is eased by hierarchical menus, highly customizable sidebars, gorgeous featured product carousels, breath-taking product portfolios and static Parallax pages, native WooCommerce integration for utter convenience and beautiful store layouts, expansive search engine optimization for increasing your traffic, and so much more, it would make your head spin—North is a theme that knows where it’s going.

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Oxygen is a beautiful and lightweight, fresh-faced and youthful, vibrant and colorful, aesthetically pleasant and functionally simplified, reliable and robust WordPress responsive multipurpose WooCommerce theme, a powerful and convenient theme built with the deliberate intention of crafting a carefully designed, complete, total WooCommerce eCommerce website solution for small and medium sized webstores that want to conserve their homely image with their customers, and need to engage them in an intimate level.

That is why Oxygen’s multiple layouts and page templates, which you can use to set your website right up after installation and hit the ground running, are all highly minimalized and focused on a simple, uncomplicated, intuitive end user navigational experience,  with a design philosophy that seeks to constantly reassure and guide the user throughout your website while making them feel welcome and at home, and thus, that much likelier to be comfortable enough to spend their money on your products, become a first time customer, and eventually, a returning one—Oxygen’s engaging sidebar features and convenient header styles and designs are sure to increase your customer’s satisfaction, resulting in more and more returning business. Oxygen is packed to the brim with advanced AJAX tools and HTML5 features to breathe fresh air into any webstore. Try it today!

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