Top 15 Responsive Car Service / Auto Repair Shop WordPress Themes 2017


The world is an increasingly interconnected place. Telecommunications have done wonders to connect continents and cultures in real time into one global culture, and air travel has shortened the lengths of the earth to traversable times. And as cities grow larger and absorb farther and farther territories into their extended metropolitan areas, one thing remains a constant necessity: vehicles. Cars have brought cities, states, countries and people together like no invention had ever before, and have revolutionized the modern world to the point of being inherently necessary to its proper functioning.

There is a reason the global economy lives and dies by the prices of gasoline and countries pour billions into renewable energy vehicle projects—the way cars go, the world goes. Which is why it will always be a sound idea to go into the auto service industry—as long as there are both people and places, there will be cars, and services to provide for them. But making it as a small auto service business can be quite difficult in the competitive markets of this globalized world. Which is why you need an edge—a powerful, modern, attractive website to use as a calling card and tool to have an ace in the hole in this business. The following collection of themes has been created with criteria designed to find themes most capable of producing professional-looking, successful auto service websites.

Auto Car Repair Mechanic Shop


Auto Car Repair Mechanic Shop is an incredibly powerful, high quality, carefully crafted WordPress responsive auto service theme, especially constructed with the deliberate purpose of completely satisfying the needs of any sort of auto service provider website, ranging from car repair shops, car washes and garages to auto painting, brakes servicing, car rental, vehicular inspections, and all sorts of small business services, including handymen of all kinds. Auto Car Repair Mechanic Shop is uniquely built for ease of use and professionalism: dozens of combinations of included homepages, templates, headers and sidebars are available, with tons of preconfigured options with a purpose-oriented design philosophy, including opening hours, Free Consultation / Appointment forms, case results, FAQs, meet the team pages, and much more.

Auto Car Repair Mechanic Shop is an intuitive, easy to use, accessible theme, requiring absolutely no coding experience in order to build professional-looking, serious and interactive websites for your auto service business. It is easily customizable to meet your visual and branding needs, and its thousands of satisfied clients rave about its reliable, dedicated customer support and extensive, thorough yet approachable technical documentation. Auto Car Repair Mechanic Shop is your one stop solution for all your auto service website needs.

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Cardinal is a visually refreshing, clean and clutter-free, youthful and vibrant WordPress responsive auto service theme, designed to meet the expectations of a wide range of auto service applications, ranging from car repair shops, mechanics shops, brakes shops, car dealers and car rental agencies and many other similar small business operations, but especially crafted for usage by car washes and car glass installation business websites. Cardinal is constructed for both functionality and flexibility while retaining a simplified, user-friendly admin interface and page building tools that don’t require webmasters to possess to any coding knowledge whatsoever—and if you do, the code is cleanly annotated and easily built upon.

Cardinal is highly customizable, with a series of predesigned templates specifically meant to cover all imaginable pages needed in a car wash or car glass business website, such as contact, location, pricing guide, product pages and much more. Cardinal can easily be fine-tuned to look exactly the way you want it to with admin customization options. Beautiful sliders are available with the Revolution Slider plugin, included, and limitless sidebars can be created. Compatible with WooCommerce, you can easily turn your Cardinal website into a full-fledged online store, and open up another stream of revenue by marketing your wares online, to an endless sea of potential clients. Go the right direction with Cardinal!

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Helmets is a thoroughly powerful, entirely versatile, robust and functional WordPress responsive handyman and small service business theme, built exclusively and dedicatedly for the design and construction of all sorts of small business websites, from contracting companies, plumbing companies and freelance repairmen to mechanic workshops, car body shops, car paint shops, car washes, and even gardening, decoration, architectural, carpentry and any kind of small business venture website. If your website is meant for a small company to introduce itself to clients both new and old with a highly customizable and brand-friendly online calling card that can also double as a way to capture new business through the internet, then Helmets is exactly what you are looking for.

Built for speed and ease, Helmets is filled with convenient templates that include all the necessary pages to make a small business website, with plenty of widgets to boot—contact pages, staff pages, product portfolios, company blogs, and much, much more, with easy to use, drag & drop shortcodes for anything from price quotes to working Contact Forms that you can customize to let your users request free quotes or contact you for further inquiries. Helmets—sit back, and let someone else do all the heavy lifting, this time.

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CarZone is a powerful, technologically savvy, modern and highly specialized WordPress responsive auto service theme, designed and built with the needs and expectations of auto service business websites of all kind, from car washes to body shops and from car rentals to dealerships, but especially well-suited for deployment as a theme for car towing services and car repair service center websites. CarZone is uniquely armed with advanced features designed by consulting the real requests and day to day operations of car towing and car repair service center business operations, with the result being CarZone, a one stop shop for all your car tow and repair website needs.

CarZone is easy to use and lightning fast at churning out great looking pages, thanks to the powerful drag & drop Visual Composer and its extended Ultimate elements, while keeping things modern and dynamic Flex Slider, Revolution Slider and Static Image Sliders, as well as tons of headers, footers and sidebar styles and options. Convenient widgetized Contact Info, Flickr Photos, Twitter other social feeds combine with Business Hours Pro for endlessly powerful pages. Easily post Bookings, Offers, Quotes, Galleries and Videos with customized styles, color, background and smooth CSS3 animations. CarZone is the all-around auto service website package. Ready to get down to business?

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AnyCar is an extremely comprehensive, incredibly intuitive, effortlessly stylish and astoundingly modern WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, strong and flexible enough to handle a wide range of websites of any kind and nature, but especially designed with the needs and requirements of automotive and auto service industry related websites, from car repair shops to car dealerships, from car rentals to car washes, motorcycle repair service websites, and pretty much any sort of small or midsized mechanical or repair business websites.

AnyCar is equipped with the precise combination of tools necessary to produce professional, potent and pliable auto service websites, from intuitive, coding-free page building tools such as the powerful Visual Composer and the smooth and elegant Revolution Slider to the multiple, professionally designed homepage options that can easily be altered with advanced admin panel options to match your desired look and feel, to multiple gallery, blog and other additional convenient page templates to make the process of building your auto service website quick and painless. WooCommerce built-in integration means your AnyCar website is also your own auto service online store with just a few clicks of a button, right out of the box, so you’ll be marketing your wares to a wide online audience within minutes of setting up.

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Car Service


Car Service is a WordPress theme with a very high standard of quality. It can enhance your car repair shop, auto mechanic, mechanic workshop, auto painting, car repair service, auto detailing and wheel shop websites. Regardless of your niche or specialization, this theme can accommodate your needs. Of course, interested customers will need to make appointments. Gone are the days of pen and paper registries, as Car Service has an Appointment form feature. You may also setup incredible slides that showcase your work, thanks to the addition of Revolution Slider. This is one of the most trusted premium plugins on WordPress, and it will never disappoint.

After you purchase this theme, you can expect many regular updates, which will be added for free. With every update, errors will be fixed and your site’s capabilities will be expanded. Should you encounter any issues along the way, be sure to contact the excellent support staff representatives. They will not rest until every problem is solved. Your content can be showcased on high resolution Retina screens, and most web browsers. In addition, the layout is responsive towards hand-held devices. For those who wish to sample Car Service and its features, a live preview was added.

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AutoService is a very robust and solidly coded, extensively designed and carefully crafted, purposeful and deliberate, technologically cutting edge and incredibly intuitive, smooth and fluid, engaging and enticing, user and developer friendly, mobile and Retina ready responsive WordPress car repair, mechanic and auto workshop website theme. AutoService is a wonderfully convenient, time-saving solution for repairmen, mechanics, workshop owners and retailed services and industries that are in need of a capable, all-inclusive toolkit for establishing their online presence and capturing a wider, broader audience and market share for their products and services.

AutoService has everything you need to quickly and effortlessly set up a professional quality website for introducing your business to the world at large, right along with your offerings and rates in handsome, sleek, predesigned presentations that are extremely easy to customize, thanks to the premium Visual Composer page builder plugin, greatly enhanced with a series of AutoService Shortcodes, AutoService Icons and features developed specifically with the needs of car service, repair and workshop enterprises. AutoService makes short work of most website building tasks, without you having to so much as write a single line of code yourself! Try AutoService today, and feel the surge in traffic, quotes and clients to your business overnight!

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For those who wish to create an impressive website for their car repair shop, this theme is an ideal choice. Mechanic has a series of very useful features, each implemented in order to improve your odds of success. The layout is incredible, and the design is charming and intuitive. For any business, online stores represent the way of the future. You will be able to distribute products and parts with ease, using a professional platform. This is made possible by the inclusion of WooCommerce, one of the most prolific plugins on WordPress. Creating the online shop is very easy and intuitive, and there is no need for advanced programming knowledge.

For languages such as Arabic, Japanese, and Hebrew, RTL (right to left) writing support was added. Your foreign audience will certainly appreciate the extra effort. With a simple flick of a switch, the RTL mode can be enabled. If you are a novice user in need of guidance, do not hesitate to consult the well-made video tutorials. They can walk you through the process of creating your own car repair site. Mechanic allows users to determine their page’s color palette, and typography settings. There are custom widgets, and more than 500 Font Awesome Icons.

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Fix & Ride


Developed by an elite author, Fix & Ride is an exemplary WordPress theme. It can be used to improve your car repair website, as you attempt to attract more clients.  The design is minimal and clean, and the layout is very user-friendly. As long as there is a vehicle maintenance site that needs an upgrade, Fix & Ride will never disappoint. This product was made for all users, not just expert web developers. Just about anyone can create a site that matches their vision, considering that Fix & Ride does not require any advanced programming knowledge. You will be able to craft your own pages, thanks to the Visual Composer feature. If you can imagine it, it can be done.

Every client will benefit from a staggering number of widgets and shortcodes that facilitate theme management. You can even showcase your work in an attractive manner via the Revolution Slider plugin. Demo data can be very practical and informative, as it provides a template for future improvements. Importing this demo data is very easy, as it requires only a single click. The theme layout can be viewed from tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers. It should also be mentioned that it is cross-browser compatible and it supports touch screen interaction.

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Bengkel is a technologically sophisticated, aesthetically accomplished, robustly functional and thoroughly appealing WordPress responsive auto service theme, wholly dedicated to and designed for the purpose of creating car body shop, car paint shop, mechanic repair shop, auto glass installer or general auto repair service center websites of all kinds. If you’re in the business of providing automotive repair services to the public at large, Bengkel speaks your language, and you’ll be greatly pleased to find that Bengkel is built in such a way as to make the construction and maintenance of your auto service websites easier than ever before.

From a ton of custom auto service template pages to the powerful SiteOrigin Page Builder and the Live Customizer, Bengkel is entirely your own, and tons of helpful shortcodes will make short work of posting relevant business information such as offers, pricing guides, services, products, staff qualifications, location assistance, contact information and much more, all with absolutely no coding whatsoever—as easy as stacking blocks together exactly as you wish for them appear. And appear exactly they shall, regardless of where they’re being viewed, thanks to Bengkel’s natively responsive code. Bring your car repair shop to the next level with Bengkel, and you’ll never look back.

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AutoDoc is an incredibly resourceful, amazingly pliable, fresh-faced and vibrant WordPress responsive auto service theme, versatile and powerful enough to lend itself for very successful adaptation in all sorts of automotive and auto service related website applications, from used car dealerships to car wash services, but specifically handcrafted for the purpose of servicing the needs of car repair, mechanical repair, car servicing and auto workshop related websites. If your business deals in the repair, servicing, custom upgrading or detailing of cars, trucks, motorcycles or any sort of vehicles, AutoDoc can provide you with handsome, professional looking websites that inspire trust and confidence and effectively capture new business clients through the internet.

Complete customization is possible thanks to the Visual Composer page builder for layout edition, the Slider Revolution plugin for incredible, smoothly animated sliders, WooCommerce integration out of the box for a one-click setup of your very own online store where you can market your auto service products, services and offers directly to your customers and rake in the profits within hours of installation, a powerful AJAX frontend catalog filter for your customers to quickly sift through your products—AutoDoc really does all the heavy lifting, while keeping your every page tidy and classy regardless of where it’s being viewed, thanks to a BootStrap 3-based robust, responsive coding.

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Garage is an impressively flexible, wonderfully reliable, tech-savvy and modern WordPress responsive auto service theme, sufficiently pliable and powerful to be effortlessly converted into a host of different automotive and auto service applications such as car rental agencies, car washes and car glass shops, but especially and uniquely designed for its usage in service of car repair website, car workshop website, car repair service center websites, specialized car niche functionalities and related auto service business websites.

Garage is built to be industrial, robust and high quality, with every nook and cranny thoughtfully designed to look professional, visually coherent and subtly elegant while always entirely customizable in appearance and behavior, through the visual Content Composer, Content Templates and Section Options, along with the Custom Admin panel options for plentiful personalization of incredibly specific and convenient auto service related preconfigured pages and relevant widgets and shortcodes, such as for pricing, contact forms, product catalogs and much more. Garage is out of the box WooCommerce integrated, meaning it’s a matter of seconds before you’re filling out your product catalog on your online auto service store, right out of your Garage website, opening up a whole new revenue stream for your business and attracting new clients constantly thanks to SEO friendly coding. Garage has everything it takes to make it. Do you?

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Salient is a remarkably rapid, visually stunning, outstandingly functional, flexible and modern WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built with a sufficiently broad range of skills and abilities to service the needs of an unimaginably vast variety of website applications, from personal to corporate, from business to blogs, but peculiarly well suited for the task of deployment as an auto service related business website theme, uniquely capable of meeting every need an expectation of car repair shops, car body shops, car washes, auto repair service centers, motorcycle shops, mechanical workshops, car rentals and dealerships and any number of auto service related websites.

Salient is intuitive and easy to use,  highly customizable through a visual page builder, equipped with the customized Nectar Slider for interactive, animated sliders at the touch of a button, packed with robust Admin panel options for easy personalization, tons of convenient shortcodes for small and midsized businesses such as pricing tables, staff blurbs, testimonials, Contact Forms for free quotes, along with full-fledged out of the box WooCommerce eCommerce plugin integration, meaning at no additional cost you can set up shop online right off your Salient website and attract new business and new clients in a matter of minutes. Stand out from the crowd, with Salient!

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Ronneby is a an outstandingly powerful, remarkably memorable, visually stunning, functional and flexible WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, meant to be vastly potent and pliable enough to lend itself to a wealth of different successful usages in a great number of different applications, from personal to commercial and from business to corporate, Ronneby can take all comers, as long as they share one commonality: they’re looking for the highest quality, highest performing theme out there for websites with truly high class needs to service.

Ronneby caters to special requirements, and as such, it is uniquely well suited for utilization by boutique car repair services, high end car workshops, elite mechanics workshops and other such high quality auto service business websites, that deal in the auto service industry and market both a high end product to a high end clientele, necessitating thusly an equally high end theme powering their website solution. Ronneby is that theme—each of its dozens of professionally graphically designed templates and layouts is a masterpiece that of style and composition, which, combined with integrated WooCommerce store with multiple layouts, makes for pages that attract customers and appeal to them in an unforgettable fashion, using sophisticated Parallax effects, Revolution Sliders and many more features, Ronneby is a theme for high quality auto service websites to outshine the rest.

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Unicon is a visually iconic, remarkably unique, outstandingly functional, intuitive and modern WordPress responsive design driven multipurpose theme, built with a native fluidity that guarantees its effortless applications across a veritable cornucopia of website models and applications, as its design driven philosophy empowers Unicon to produce amazing, cogent, coherent websites that service all sorts of businesses, with a host of widgets, shortcodes, templates and special, customized layouts that can easily meet the expectations of all kinds of imaginable auto service related business websites.

Unicon is highly customizable thanks to its Visual Composer, advanced slider plugins, and customized admin panel options, making branding your website a speedy, simple task. Unicon is jam-packed with functionality, quickly expanded by simply dragging block-like shortcodes and dropping them right into the action to add all sorts of features to your pages, from product descriptions and pricing plans to catalogs, galleries, staff pages, contact information, location assistance pages, informative and descriptive blurbs of all kinds, hundreds of Font Awesome icons and customized, animated elements, all custom crafted with amazing attention to detail, plentiful use of beautiful Parallax effects, HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, interactive and smooth headers, footers and sidebars in endless numbers, and much more—Unicon is truly one of a kind.

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Avada is a consistently outstanding, impressively cogent, visually stunning, technologically sophisticated, flexible and powerful WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, created with the deliberate intent of spreading its wings over an immensely vast extent of website applications, from personal to commercial, from business to corporate, sizes big and small, and as such a theme, it is peculiarly well equipped to satisfy the needs and demands of auto service related business websites, ranging from car repair shops, mechanics workshops and body shops to paint shops, car washes, auto glass shops, custom or specialty shops and all sorts of auto service business websites.

Avada’s uniquely pliable, intuitive nature offers an easy layout building experience through the Fusion Builder page builder, compounded with advanced theme options for high end customization at every level. The Fusion Core framework provides a powerful heart for your website, empowering you with tools like the Fusion Slider to effortlessly create professional looking animated sliders with all sorts of content and behavior. Set up shop in a instant with native WooCommerce integration, reach the whole world with Bootstrap 3 responsive native cross-browser, cross-platform compatibility, deploy gorgeous Parallax effects anywhere, employ useful shortcodes to build any sort of page and post you can imagine, with convenient popups, maps, icons, boxes, toggles, pricing tables and dozens of business templates to hit the ground running. Service the world today, with Avada.

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