Top 12 HTML5 Job Board Websites Templates For Freelance Marketplaces and Job Portals 2018

As the world grows ever more connected in the 21st century, distances become less meaningful concepts and culture identity becomes a single entity that envelops all of mankind. Many things have changed and many more will definitely follow suit. Borders become less crucial to keep or remember, languages unite more so than they divide, and knowledge and opportunity brings man together with men. One thing is decidedly certain, though, and that is—no matter what the future will look like, folks will always need to find work. He who provides employment or employees to others shall never be without business! That is why will always be a sound idea to go into the Job Board website market. Offering a hub for employers and employees to find each other will ensure your website is always popular, particularly when the going gets tough and the economy is acting up—that is when users will most flock to your website! New technologies such as HTML5 provide a powerful and functional framework upon which you can found sophisticated, modern websites that will stand the test of time as you attempt to play professional scout or matchmaker. Whichever path you may choose, the following collection of HTML5 website templates features the best HTML5 Job Board website templates in the game. Check them out.



WorkScout is a clean and crisp, levelheaded and professional, well structured and polished, attractive and deeply engaging, dynamic and easy to use and customize, visually simple and inviting, functionally rich and feature-dense responsive HTML5 job board website template. WorkScout is a fantastically flexible and very solidly built template that has been carefully constructed on a solid foundation of HTML5 elements on a CSS3-powered Bootstrap framework that is modular and developer friendly. This ensures WorkScout has the optimal combination of raw power, sheer pliability and technological resourcefulness to handle all the needs a modern job board website may encounter during its design, development and maintenance.

Including premium plugins for your convenience and to dazzle your users with, such as the Slider Revolution and Showbiz Pro Responsive Teaser jQuery plugins, on top of Responsive Pricing Tables, limitless menu levels as well as the gorgeous responsive jPanelMenu, for a responsive menu experience as seen on websites like Facebook or YouTube mobile, right out of the box. The Responsive Boilerplate design of the attractive and cutting edge Skeleton Grid will make your website stand out from the crowd like none other. Over 20 included HTML5 pages make building your own professional job board website a painless matter that will take minutes at most. Enjoy WorkScout today!

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Profession is graphically accomplished, colorful and vibrant, simple and minimalist, fresh-faced and youthful, serious and professional, easily navigable and wonderfully intuitive, creative and flexible, technologically powerful and functionally malleable responsive HTML5 job board website template. Profession is a handsome and accessible template that has been created with an eye for design and utmost attention to a polished, finished look and feel. Profession is characterized by its total user friendliness as well as its powerfully focused approach—Profession is decked out with the tools and features you will need to create an amazing, modern and beautiful job portal, wanted ads directory or job board website with absolutely minimal hassle and in no time at all.

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JobBoard is a serious and highly professional, polished and efficiently coded, light and fast-loading, thoroughly search engine optimized and very safe and reliable, continuously updated and visually stunning and dynamic responsive HTML5 job market template. JobBoard is a sophisticated and well developed template that is the result of a thoughtful design process centered on the specific and unique necessities and requirements for running successful, modern and fluid job directory, job listings or job market websites.

JobBoard features a select set of professionally designed and completely responsive HTML5 page templates, such as Job Listing Page, Single Job Page, Post A Job Page, Post A Resume Page and many more incredibly convenient and useful pages when it comes to building a gorgeous and smooth job board website, with no coding background required and ready to go within minutes of setup. Tons of shortcodes let you expand your JobBoard website to no end with a wealth of added functionality, as professional quality jQuery Sliders and Carousel will liven up your user’s navigational experience and make your website more inviting. Built-in Contact Form and Registration Page will make handling users and clients a breeze. Get your own JobBoard today, and see the offers pile up and vanish!

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JobHunt is a smooth and fluid, technologically sophisticated and articulate, graphically expansive and attractive, functionally resourceful and feature-rich, flexible and nimble, quick on its feet and deeply elegant, aesthetically accomplished and highly responsive HTML5 job board website template. JobHunt is a serious and professional template that has been developed with painstaking attention to detail and an eye for beauty, coordinating the deep functionality required of a professional job board website with a design philosophy centered on engaging, dynamic visual presentation.

JobHunt has been built with extensive use of HTML5 frameworks and sophisticated, polished CSS3 animations and visual effects, negotiated by a pliable and responsive modular Bootstrap design that makes JobHunt naturally cross compatible with all known platforms, devices, browsers and screen sizes, resolutions or orientations. JobHunt really speaks a universal visual language that can be appreciated by all, everywhere. Convenient shortcodes and incredibly useful and relevant HTML5 page templates are included with JobHunt, to make the process of setting up your own job board website an easy and painless task, with an easy to use and highly intuitive visual customization process that will let you make your JobHunt website completely your own, with minimal coding required and in no time at all.

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Cravious is a clean and pristine, colorful and youthful, charming and visually attractive, highly intuitive and navigationally easy to use, search engine optimized and very user friendly, well developed and efficiently coded, fast-loading and tech-savvy responsive HTML5 job board website template. Cravious is a well developed and completely polished template, created with the intention of empowering webmasters from any background or skill level to quickly and painlessly design and set up their own unique, functional and powerful job board websites in a matter of minutes, out of the box.

Cravious has been built on a powerful Bootstrap framework incorporating sophisticated HTML5 elements and smooth and fluid CSS3 animation as well as a dozen of professionally designed HTML5 page templates exclusively built for job board websites, and a slew of premium, professional quality jQuery plugins, ranging from the Owl Slider and Isotope 2 to Drop-Down Navigation menus and the PrettyPhoto Viewer to show off your content in the most favorable light. Cravious includes a power set of 101 Premium Line Icons deployed as shortcodes, so that you can build your own pages to look, feel and function precisely the way you want with little to no coding required. Are you craving it yet?

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Jobseek is an elegant and smooth, sophisticated and powerful, technologically cutting edge and graphically stunning, visually refined and aesthetically stunning, luminous and bright, fresh-faced and cleanly designed, cleverly coded and highly responsive HTML5 job board website template. Jobseek is a very modern and current template that is capable of empowering users to create amazing and impressive professional quality job board websites with absolutely no experience required and in a matter of minutes, owing to Jobseek’s intuitive nature and its powerful preconfigured page templates, totaling in at over 14, all decked out in handsome and smooth CSS3 animation.

Jobsekk has an easy to use visual customization options and expansive, powerful shortcodes and features, such as a host of amazing hardware-powered Parallax visual effects and smooth scrolling, a mobile app-style navigation, built-in Stats Counter, Price Tables, Full Screen Slit Slider and other sophisticated, polished and perfected features that will dazzle and impress your audience as they seek out professional opportunities in your handsome job board website. Jobseek is perfect for recruiters or job offices that specialize in niche employment of any kind whatsoever, as its high performance, high quality design will appeal to audiences that want a distinctive feel from their job board website services. Jobseek—where you stop searching and everyone else begins!

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Jobplanet is a simple and minimalist, aesthetically colorful and soft-spoken, understated and elegant, intuitive and very easy to use and visually understandable and accessible, uncluttered and resourcefully functional, flexible and deeply powerful responsive HTML5 job board website template. Jobplanet is beautiful, professional and attractive template that has been built with the ample core features required to create successful and functional job board websites, combined with the sophisticated aesthetical philosophy of minimalism, with low impact, highly legible typographical and visual customization options and features to match.

Jobplanet has been built using HTML5 code and elements styled through a gorgeous CSS3 dynamic scripting technology atop a cutting edge and natively responsive Bootstrap 3.x framework, making Jobplanet both amazingly developer friendly as well as entirely cross compatible with all known browsers, devices, platforms and screen sizes or orientations. Mobile friendliness is the core of Jobplanet, and your Jobplanet job board websites will always look just as great when accessed from anywhere. Powerful technologies like the Magnific Popup jQuery plugin, Pricing Plans, powerful shortcodes including Grids, Tabs, Pagination, Accordions, Modal and Lightbox, among others, with plenty of customization options for each, Filtered Searches with many customizable fields, advanced Contact Form integration, and much more, Jobplanet surely is out of this world!

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If you are looking for job board themes that are based on WordPress you might want to check this theme collection. WordPress is better suited for beginners that would like to create their own website using WYSIWYG text editor and other administration tools that are easy to use.