Top 12 Free Website Builders for Web Designers & Developers 2017


Investing in an agency to build you a new website can turn out to be a fairly costly venture, with average prices for unique designs ranging anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 — depending on the project requirements. You can read more about web design costs for different size projects in this Executionists report. While it certainly helps to have a professional web design built exclusively just for you, in more cases than one — all we really need is a good website builder platform to build a good looking (and functioning) website at the fraction of a cost.

Nowadays, website builders come in different forms and shapes, and most have adapted to the latest web design standards (focusing on UX and UI, responsive design, creative feature panels, etc,.), which makes them more appealing to designers and developers who perhaps need to fire up websites and blogs for their clients, though without all the extra specials that you would usually get from a custom job.

Website builders are also incredibly cheap, especially for the amount of customization options you get. Anyone, whether you’re a freelancer or a small business owner, with a budget less than several thousand dollars should invest in either a reliable content management system, or a professional website builder — like any of those on our list here.

Free Website Builder Build Your Own Free Website WebsiteBuilder

With a selection of over 1,000 unique design styles, this particular website builder stands out with flexibility and versatility. Whether you’re looking to build a business website, or a person blog, the guys over at WebsiteBuilder will provide you with all necessary tools and features to get you started right away. In-built search engine features will ensure that your site gets found by search engines quickly, and a library of free images will compliment any content that you’re looking to share anyway. Also good for those who want to setup a personal shop, as there is an eCommerce option available.

Free Website Builder Create a Free Website

Do you want to start your own online store? Perhaps you need a website for your new restaurant, or the event that you’re going to be hosting? Wix has got you covered, with hundreds of unique styles to choose from, each style is categorized — making it very easy for people like you and me to find the exact style that we need to build the type of site we want to build. Wix provides an easy to use drag and drop website builder, designer-made templates, beautiful galleries, mobile optimized, domains, huge image collection, secure hosting, SEO, 24/7 full support and more – all wrapped up in one free website builder.

Just last month, Wix rolled out a new and beautiful website builder that has taken some inspiration and logical understanding from the social giant Facebook. Full parallax and video background integration is just some of the features of the new website building editor, and more can be learned at the official Wix blog post announcement.

Create Your Own Free Website with 1 Website Builder SiteBuilder

Because of a lot of developments in the web technology industry, website builders such as SiteBuilder are able to provide its users with a choice of over 10,000 unique template styles, making it one of the largest databases of custom website styles on the net so far. You also get the option to add an online store or a blog to your website, and optimize both with in-built search engine optimization tools. It’s free to get started, with the ability to add premium features as individual upgrades.

Website Builder by Soholaunch Content Management System CMS and Web Design Software for Everyone

Hundreds of thousands of online webmasters use Soholaunch to host their own, and their client websites. The reason why? Soholaunch has perfected the platform to allow its users to create membership-type sites that can be used to host content, sell products, conclude business and so much more. Soholaunch includes many more features than the average website builder, and they all complement each other. For example, you can build a page with the Page Editor and then send it to your Shopping Cart customers with the Newsletter feature.

Drag and Drop Responsive Website Builder Website maker

With Simbla, creating responsive websites becomes a breeze. Simbla uses a powerful drag&drop website building interface that lets you build professional and creative websites in just a few minutes. And because responsive desing can be quite demanding in the way content should be displayed, the Simbla platform uses intuitive learning tactics that will ensure your website looks amazing on any device that visits it. Search engine optimization is in-built, and you won’t have to worry about things like sitemaps or URL optimization. Simbla is built upon the Bootstrap 3 foundation, which means a lot of flexibility and great design choices.

Build a Website Squarespace

Squarespace has evolved from being just a simple website builder to a full-fledged content management system that works in the cloud. Although Squarespace requires an monthly investment to keep your website running, features such as mobile-design and integrated analytics platform compensate for all of that. Web developers, businesses, individuals, creatives, photo artists and so many more have found Squarespace as their home, and rightfully so. The team behind this website builder have built an outstanding reputation for themselves as caring, creative, and supportive bunch of people that want to make sure that all of their customers are satisfied and happy.

Free Website Builder Easiest website builder for your website

The Ewisoft Website Builder is an actual desktop platform, suited for those who perhaps want to take their time with crafting and building a website that looks and feels great all at the same time. It’s a great solution for both experience and inexperienced website builders, and despite being easy to use — features are modern and in alignment with the latest design contexts.

Free Website Builder Make Your Own Website Moonfruit

Need a beautiful website that works on all devices, but only have time to build one single website for desktop? Not a problem, Moonfruit is proud to advertise themselves as an website builder that lets you build one copy of a website and then have that same copy work on all devices simultaneously. Building a blog or launching an online store is super easy with the help of Moonfruit’s extensive feature list, and don’t worry about having to do social integration, as it all comes prepackaged with all of the websites that you launch.

Weebly Website Builder Create a Free Website Store or Blog

Weebly is one of the oldest website builders out there, with more than a decade of experience in website building and web design, Weebly has grown to become one of the most sophisticated website building platforms, and many of the sites that are built using Weebly look nowhere close to a website that would have been built using a website builder platform. On the list of features you will find a choice of over 100 customizable design styles, an easy to setup blogging system, an in-built forms builder to help you create custom and dynamic forms, photo gallery and slideshow integration, detailed analytical reports of your website performance, custom image editing, search engine optimization, eCommerce integration, and the list just keeps going on and on. All website owners get full access to edit HTML and CSS to their own liking.

Mobirise Mobile Website Builder

Need a professional and appealing mobile website fast? Mobirise is an offline application (For Windows and Mac OS X) that lets you create small to medium sized websites, landing pages, resume pages, portfolio pages, landing pages for application, events pages, and service and product pages. Mobirise is the perfect solution for those webmasters who are truly inexperience and don’t have a technical background, since most of the work with Mobirise happens in a visual drag and drop environment, with plenty of help along the way.

Code Free Responsive Website Design Software Webydo

Webydo, a website builder that has managed to attract a lot of investor attention, is a cloud-based web design platform that allows designers to create advanced HTML5, responsive websites with a built-in CMS, without writing code. Whether it’s a simple content site or a full-blown eCommerce store that you’re looking to build, it’s very likely that Webydo could be your number one solution.

Finding the Right Website Builder for You

Website building is definitely taking a new turn, whether for best or worst is still undecided, and a lot of designers and developers in the community feel resentful towards the idea of a simple dynamic platform overtaking the mundane task of building a quick and fast website. Truth of the matter is, nobody is going to spend thousands of dollars to build something unique, when they can spend a couple of bucks and get pretty much the same result.

If you are looking to build website based on WordPress you might want to read our detailed beginner’s guide on how to setup a WordPress powered website. This detailed guide is available here.


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