Test, debug, and troubleshoot in ASP.NET Core


Unit Testing in .NET Core and .NET Standard
See how to use unit testing in .NET Core and .NET Standard projects.

Integration tests
Learn how integration tests ensure that an app’s components function correctly at the infrastructure level, including the database, file system, and network.

Razor Pages unit tests
Discover how to create unit tests for Razor Pages apps.

Test controllers
Learn how to test controller logic in ASP.NET Core with Moq and xUnit.


Debug ASP.NET Core 2.x source
Learn how to debug .NET Core and ASP.NET Core sources.

Remote debugging
Discover how to set up and configure a Visual Studio 2017 ASP.NET Core app, deploy it to IIS using Azure, and attach the remote debugger from Visual Studio.

Snapshot debugging
Learn how to collect snapshots on your top-throwing exceptions so that you have the information you need to diagnose issues in production.


Understand and troubleshoot warnings and errors with ASP.NET Core projects.