I Admit It: Gutenberg Excites Me

Those of us who work with WordPress on a daily basis have been keeping close tabs on Gutenberg, the completely revamped editor scheduled to be released with version 5.0 of the world’s most popular CMS. It looks like it will be a monumental change to the way we create and edit our web content. And,[…]

Using Color Psychology for Better Website Results

Perception is everything. Part of that is influenced by behavior, plus our emotion. Significant studies have shown that color effects not just what we see. It is how we feel about it and that influences our behavior. Sure, what we write and how that is presented is important. We do not, however, want to forget[…]

Check out the Best Multipurpose WordPress themes of 2018

Specialty WordPress themes serve a legitimate purpose, but you will usually do far better in most instances by investing in a premium multipurpose theme like any of those described in this post. One could argue that while a multipurpose theme is a good choice for many web design projects, it could prove to be less[…]

Weekly News for Designers № ۴۳۲

Mustard UI – Billed as a CSS framework that “actually looks good”. How CSS works: Parsing & painting CSS in the critical rendering path – A look at how CSS is rendered on the screen. ۱۰ Free Video Series for Learning to Design in Photoshop – Level up your Photoshop skills with this collection. Introduction[…]

Top WordPress Directory Themes vs Plugins: Weighing the Pros and Cons

It used to be that if you wanted to create a web directory you had to invest a lot of time and money into a custom designed website built from the ground up. Not to mention the cost to maintain and upgrade your website as your directory grew. And if you had no prior experience[…]