۱۰ Simple Code Snippets for Creating Beautiful Tabs

Tabs are a fundamental part of the web, and they’ve been around for years, but with even more developers going open source there’s a whole world of free code snippets out there. If you’re building a tabbed widget you could always start from scratch, or you could rework someone else’s code and style the element[…]

Weekly News for Designers № ۴۰۸

This is our popular weekly design news post where we share our favorite design related articles, resources and freebies from the past week. You can sign-up to our awesome weekly newsletter or follow us on Twitter for some more amazing design articles, resources and freebies. New Resources & Tools One-Nexus – A front-end boilerplate and[…]

مدیریت فایل های دانلودی در وردپرس با WordPress Download Manager

بروز رسانی توسط حمید برفی در تاریخ ۲۷ مهر ماه ۱۳۹۶سلام دوستان عزیز وردپرسی؛تعداد زیادی از سایت‌های وردپرسی فایل هایی را در جهت نیاز با کاربران وب‌سایت خود برای دانلود به اشتراک می‌گذارند. اما این لینک‌های ساده دانلود موجود در صفحات وب سایت کمی قدیمی شده است و امکاناتی چون ثبت تعداد دانلود یا رمز گذاری[…]

Convincing Clients to Invest in a Custom Website

The web design marketplace has never been more flooded with choices for consumers. Whether we’re competing with other talented designers or DIY services that promise the moon (all for one low monthly price), sometimes it takes a little something extra to help prospective clients better understand what you have to offer. Here are some tips[…]