Being a Workaholic Designer (And How to Recover)

Designers are very fortunate. Unlike a whole lot of careers out there, we quite often genuinely enjoy what we do. We get to unleash our creative spirit and can make a decent living out of it, too. From my experience, it’s an industry full of talented and passionate people. It can be a bit of[…]

Freebie: Valentine’s Day Icon Set (50 Icons, SVG & PNG)

Ahh, Valentine’s Day! That beautiful day that brings out the romance in all of us. It’s a day for romantic dinners, flickering candles, expensive wine, roses, chick-flicks, and free icon sets! To celebrate Valentine’s Day we have a free icon collection for you (you can share them with your significant other if[…]

۱۰ of the Best WordPress Themes for 2018 Sponsored

“Content is King” still holds true when one speaks of what is necessary for a business’s website. Especially, if it is to attract and engage visitors, and encourage them to respond to a call to action. An attractive website and one that’s loaded with cool content is not enough, however. More than half of today’s[…]

۹ Custom Open Source File Upload Field Snippets

You can find amazing tools for improving web forms, ranging from UI kits to advanced jQuery plugins. But one of the toughest input fields to edit is the upload field. This is a default HTML input element and it lets users upload files from their computer. Restyling the upload field is a massive challenge compared[…]

Weekly News for Designers № ۴۱۹

Get FullStory for Free, Forever. Gifme – A Sketch plugin that lets you play gifs and videos in the app. The Power and Danger of Persuasive Design – Taking a look at persuasive design and its potential downside. ۱۰ Open Source Examples of Three.js In Action – A collection of 3D objects built with JavaScript.[…]

Three Common UI Trends eCommerce Loves But Should Hate

There’s a dangerous little lie the design community has propagated around the internet. Like every entrenched myth, it’s anchored in a bit of truth, which makes it difficult to weed out. Unfortunately, it seems e-commerce is especially vulnerable to buying into the lie. The truth: “You only have a few seconds to grab a shopper’s[…]

Playing Whack-a-Mole With WordPress Security

Securing a website in this day in age (even a small one) is increasingly becoming more difficult. And if you’re using WordPress, you might as well have a big old bullseye on your back. Between nefarious people and relentless bots, every minute of every day has become a battleground. The truly stunning part of this[…]