This WordPress Theme Follows the Design Trends of 2018 Sponsored

Some design trends are short-term fads. Others remain popular for quite some time. Either way, web designers ignore them at their peril. It becomes a matter of keeping up with the latest trends or risk losing out to the competition. Keeping up with these trends can involve time and effort. Designers would much rather devote[…]

The Best Invoicing & Time Management Apps to Use in 2018 Sponsored

You know that how you spend your time is important. You try to put as much effort into a task as possible during an allotted amount of time. That’s a good thing. You can only do so for so long however before reaching a plateau or experiencing burnout. We usually forget something in this fast-paced[…]

The Grumpy Designer’s Summer Survival Guide

Traditionally, summer has been a somewhat slow time – at least for this grumpy designer. Sure, there are projects to work on. But it seems like the big maintenance issues take a break along with everyone else on holiday. Well, not this year. You see, the world is a very complicated place. We web designers[…]

۱۰ Pens That Pay Homage to Musical Legends

The biggest inspiration for artists is often the art they consume. What we see and hear has an undeniable impact on the things that we ourselves produce. Web designers are no exception. We receive inspiration from any number of art forms, with music being right at the top of that list. A great song or[…]

Weekly News for Designers № ۴۳۷

Make Frontend Sh!t Again – ۱۹۹۵ is alive and well again, including the “Netscape Now” button! ۷ Rules of Using Radio Buttons vs Drop-Down Menus – A guide to implementing these form elements in the most user-friendly way. What’s new in Material Design? – A look at what was announced at Google’s I/O 2018. ScrollHint[…]

The Free Location Icon Set (40 Icons, SVG & PNG)

Today we have another free icon set courtesy of our friends Freepik. The Location Icon Set is a collection of 40 beautifully designed map marker icons in SVG & PNG format. The beautifully designed icons are sharp, clean and modern, and they come in three different styles (line, colored line, and flat), and are entirely[…]

How to Avoid Common WordPress Theme Development Mistakes

WordPress is known for being incredibly flexible, especially when it comes to theme and plugin development. If you ever want to see proof, just ask a group of developers how they’d implement a specific feature. Chances are that you’ll receive several different methods for accomplishing the same result. Support forums are littered with these kinds[…]

۵ Must-See WordCamp Presentations

Attending a WordCamp is an opportunity that every interested designer, developer and user should take advantage of. No matter your level of experience with WordPress, you are almost certain to rub elbows with some fascinating people while picking up some useful knowledge along the way. Each event has an interesting mix of presenters. You’ll find[…]

The Best Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins 2018

Selling a product is never an easy task, and selling online is a great deal more difficult. When you sell a product online, it’s important to remember that your potential customers have many other options, and you need to convince them that your product is somehow a better fit for them. If you’re going to[…]

۱۰ YouTube Channels For Learning Basic Frontend Development

Learning to code is easier now than ever before. You can find tons of free tutorials covering the basics of frontend development. And really that boils down to just 3 languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. And besides written tutorials you can also find lots of free video tutorials on YouTube. Those are mostly hidden away[…]