What's New in ASP.NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012

[ad_1] ۰۲/۲۹/۲۰۱۲ ۴۵ minutes to read Contributors In this article This document describes new features and enhancements that are being introduced in ASP.NET 4.5. It also describes improvements being made for web development in Visual Studio 2012. This document was originally published on February 29, 2012.[…]

Integration Runtime Nodes – Update

[ad_1] Updates a self-hosted integration runtime node. In This Article PATCH https://management.azure.com/subscriptions/subscriptionId/resourceGroups/resourceGroupName/providers/Microsoft.DataFactory/factories/factoryName/integrationRuntimes/integrationRuntimeName/nodes/nodeName?api-version=2017-09-01-preview URI Parameters Name In Required Type Description subscriptionId path True The subscription identifier. resourceGroupName[…]