۲۰+ Trendy Flat Design Templates 2018

[ad_1] When you pick a web template for your project there is one question that sort of jumps to the forefront of your mind immediately, namely it is a website efficiency. Of course, it is easy to choose the platform for your website, since here everything depends on the kind of project you run. However,[…]

The Best WordPress Calendar Plugins for 2017

[ad_1] Event calendars can be used to schedule and organize small or large events such as conferences, parties, family get togethers, sports events and more. You may have a website completely devoted to events and booking for events, or you can add a calendar to an existing website and schedule events and enable bookings from[…]

Top 21 AdSense Plugins for WordPress To Maximize Revenue 2017

[ad_1] Google AdSense will always remain as a safe option for generating extra income with your blog or website. Starting out as a blogger means that you will want to pursue your career options a little further, it’s likely that you will be interested in gaining financial satisfaction in return for your dedicated efforts, this[…]

۱۰ Super Plugins to Clone or Duplicate Your WordPresss

[ad_1] Do you want to give your website a makeover ? Add some special features ? Do you want to try out new stuff, vary it a bit and then perfect it as best as you can ? Afraid you might mess up in the process and land yourself with a broken website ? Wouldn’t[…]