Top 21 WordPress Plugins for Monetizing a Blog

[ad_1] Advertising techniques continue to grow in diversity as bloggers find new ways to earn money from their content. Traditional AdSense ads have started to decline as bloggers find direct partnerships to be more rewarding and less obtrusive to the readers. Indeed, the traditional advertising landscape is changing. While content farm websites continue to feed[…]

۱۱ Best Free WordPress Affiliate Plugins To Crush It In 2017

[ad_1] If you are coming up with solutions how to monetize your website, these free WordPress affiliate plugins are a fantastic way to make it happen. While Amazon might be one of the most widely popular affiliate, there are a whole lot of other options available for every niche your blog is all about. Roughly[…]

۱۰ Best Multiple Domain Hosting Services 2017

[ad_1] In case you are in need to build several individual (read different domain name) websites under one account, you should look into our best multiple domain hosting services collection. All these come with exclusive packages which allow you to host all of your pages within one account. No matter the number of domain names,[…]

۱۱ Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers 2017

[ad_1] You are here to pick between the best WooCommerce hosting providers for your superb online store. When it comes to launching an eCommerce website powered by WooCommerce, the basic shared hosting might not be the best pick for you. To your luck, each of the hosting providers you find on the list below has[…]

The Best WordPress Media Library Management Plugins for 2017

[ad_1] Nowadays, very few websites contain only text. A fair amount of screen space is devoted to images as well. Not just images, audio, video and all combinations of media files are included to reinforce text content. Media inserts also help to break up long paragraphs of text. When it comes to websites such as[…]

The Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugins For 2017

[ad_1] Notification bars are the narrow strips that appear at the top of the screen. Generally they carry important announcements or messages, and a quick Call To Action button. They can be used for many purposes – recruiting new subscribers to a mailing list, offering discounts or linking to important content. They can be very[…]