WordPress Developer

We need a smart, enthusiastic, professional individual who knows their way around WordPress. They should be able to handle front-end and back-end specs for our website. They should have a thorough knowledge of the workings of WordPress, its various functions, plugins, themes, performance, customisation etc. Having a well-functioning website is crucial for us and we[…]

Mobile-first, site speed developer

MissionProduce the highest quality, pixel-perfect, & fastest sites for our publishers to help them achieve their goals and help Once Coupled become an industry leader for front-end site speed expertise. SummarySelf-manage project workflow & improvement schedule, communicate with clients, collaborate with team members, and self-motivate. Outcomes Convert between 2-4 Illustrator/InDesign mocks into fully-functional, visually-detailed, custom[…]

The Best Invoicing & Time Management Apps to Use in 2018 Sponsored

You know that how you spend your time is important. You try to put as much effort into a task as possible during an allotted amount of time. That’s a good thing. You can only do so for so long however before reaching a plateau or experiencing burnout. We usually forget something in this fast-paced[…]

Multisite has serious issues, needs repair, updating and routine maintanence

We are a 41-year-old nonprofit with serious website issues: www.ncfm.org The site keeps crashing and each time the respective data bases experience more and more damage on rebuild. Serious issues developed after our hosting company moved us to a new server. We are looking for a Multisite expert to resolve our problems and help keep[…]

Ongoing WordPress development

We are looking for experienced WordPress developers who are available on a part-time or full-time basis at an hourly rate (based on experience and availability). The ideal candidate has at least several years of WordPress development experience, is meticulous, and cares about doing things the right way. The work might include:– Customizing or building WordPress[…]