Design WP Page for Alps Lifestyle Portal

First Test project in the context of developing an extensive Alps.Lifestyle portal and web-site. This test is adjusting and designing an exisitng WP page. An overview of travel information in a fresh and modern way. source_link وردپرس

Freebie: “Let’s Travel” Sticker Set (28 Stickers, AI & EPS)

Are you currently building a tourism-themed website, or designing a brochure for a hotel, or a special offer leaflet for a travel agency, or even planning a big vacation this summer? Then you’re in luck as today we have a fantastic travel-themed sticker set for you – all for free![…]

An Introvert’s Guide to Finding Success in Web Design

Our brains are capable of some amazing feats. Yet, they work in different ways that can reflect in our personality. For instance, some of us gain contentment from putting ourselves out there in the crowd, while others prefer a quite room all to themselves. We’re a species of extroverts and introverts. One is not better[…]

fixing a website

Need a party that can assist another party fix a simple error on an existing website This job will be for a single application only. source_link وردپرس

WordPress plugin Developer (Advanced)

We are developing a wonderful and ambitious access-control API. We would like you to help us build a WordPress plugin on top of that API to provide advanced access control for WordPress. You give us code and brain time; we give you money, recognition and love. Deal? This is a fixed-fee, fixed-scope, work-for-hire project. There are[…]

۵ Ways the WordPress Gutenberg Editor Can Boost Revenue

Part of being a successful web designer is taking advantage of new opportunities. Some we have to hunt for, while others sort of fall into our laps. With the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress, due to be released as part of WordPress 5.0, we find one of those golden opportunities coming our way (although, some[…]