۲۰ Free Apple Watch PSD Mockup Designs for Every Situation

Apple Watch is a smartwatch developed by Apple Inc., which is known to be a master at finding an extremely effective way of presenting their product to a wide audience. More often than not, it provides inspiration to designers all over the world. A simple and accessible design with a great presentation is its key[…]

Warehouse – Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress Theme

Have you ever heard of Multipurpose WordPress Themes and do you know why they are so hot lately? The answer is simple: One theme does all. Instead of looking for tons of themes in the market to see whether they have the look you want or features that suit your need, it would become so[…]

Floix Free CSS Template

The Floix Template has a Responsive layout with Mixed Columns and uses an HTML 5 doctype. It is a Dark on Light design developed by "Designstub". source_link

۲۰ Beneficial Eye-candy Sweet Shop And Restaurant Themes For 2017

Some say that we eat with our eyes. This expression holds true as even if we’re not hungry, we’re likely to say ‘I’ll eat it’ when we see a dish that’s ultimately appetizing. The potential of the sight of food to make us want it is the powerful thing to capitalize on when powering your[…]

۱۱ Best Free WordPress Affiliate Plugins To Crush It In 2017

If you are coming up with solutions how to monetize your website, these free WordPress affiliate plugins are a fantastic way to make it happen. While Amazon might be one of the most widely popular affiliate, there are a whole lot of other options available for every niche your blog is all about. Roughly said,[…]

Optics Free CSS Template

The Optics Template has a Responsive layout with 4 Columns and uses an HTML 5 doctype. It is a Dark on Light design developed by "TemplateWire". source_link

Access Unlimited Downloads of Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins!

From the very same people that gave rise to the community that made ThemeForest, and brought us Avada, Visual Composer and the X Theme, we now get unlimited WordPress downloads too! The subscription is currently priced at $29/m, and all their WordPress content gets unlocked when you order an annual subscription of Envato Elements. This[…]