The Grumpy Designer’s Summer Survival Guide

[ad_1] Traditionally, summer has been a somewhat slow time – at least for this grumpy designer. Sure, there are projects to work on. But it seems like the big maintenance issues take a break along with everyone else on holiday. Well, not this year. You see, the world is a very complicated place. We web[…]

How to Avoid Common WordPress Theme Development Mistakes

[ad_1] WordPress is known for being incredibly flexible, especially when it comes to theme and plugin development. If you ever want to see proof, just ask a group of developers how they’d implement a specific feature. Chances are that you’ll receive several different methods for accomplishing the same result. Support forums are littered with these[…]

۵ Ways the WordPress Gutenberg Editor Can Boost Revenue

[ad_1] Part of being a successful web designer is taking advantage of new opportunities. Some we have to hunt for, while others sort of fall into our laps. With the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress, due to be released as part of WordPress 5.0, we find one of those golden opportunities coming our way (although,[…]

The Importance of Design and Development Fundamentals

[ad_1] Back when I first became a web designer, it was a career path I fell into by chance. One day I decided to play around with HTML and created a personal site. From there, I sent an email out to a local newspaper in hopes that they would promote it. They never did bother[…]

Gutenberg Team Member Andrew Roberts Dishes on the New WordPress Editor

[ad_1] As you may have heard, WordPress is currently working on a brand new content editor named Gutenberg. Currently available as a plugin and set to ship with WordPress 5.0, the editor is radically different from what WordPress users are accustomed to. The changes it brings go beyond just adding and editing standard post content,[…]

Meet Greg Schoppe: The Developer Who’s Taking on Gutenberg

[ad_1] Within the WordPress community, it’s been hard to ignore all of the hype surrounding Gutenberg – the new content editor being developed for the world’s most used CMS. Currently available in plugin form and scheduled for inclusion in WordPress 5.0, the first thing you notice about this newfangled way of creating a page or[…]

۲۰ Best Job Board Themes and Plugins for WordPress To Create Awesome Job Sites 2017

[ad_1] Today I decided to make a list of the best WordPress themes designed for job boards. These themes can be used for general job listing website as well as some niche sites like freelancer job listings and even job board for babysitters. These themes features frontend submission, location aware search, resume creators, visual builders[…]