۵ Steps to Making Sure Your Users Trust Your Website

[ad_1] Research by the Nielsen Norman Group suggests that the average Internet user will leave a web page within 10 to 20 seconds of arriving. Typically, the user will quickly scan the content of the page, get a rough idea of its intrinsic value, then decide whether to leave or stay. The challenge is encouraging[…]

When It Comes to Ideas, It’s All About Presentation

[ad_1] When I was a student in design school, I once did an assignment for a teacher who made us stand up and present our projects to the entire class. Now I’m not the best public presenter, and as a teenager in college, I was even worse. After I fumbled through my presentation, my teacher[…]

How User-Centered Design Will Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate

[ad_1] “Keep it simple, kid.” This quick phrase could’ve saved me hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, but like so many beginners before me, I didn’t listen. There are countless stories of overcomplicating simple tasks, like the US space program’s epic fail while searching for an anti-gravity pen to use in space. Instead of[…]

How to Add Mobile Navigation to Your WordPress Theme

[ad_1] Ensuring that your website looks and functions properly on a mobile device is no longer an optional practice. Mobile web use is expected to account for as much as 68% of all internet traffic in 2017. Coupled with how a lack of a mobile-optimized site can hurt SEO, mobile compatibility is essential if you[…]

Best Approach to UX this 2017

[ad_1] Things come and go with the passage of time, but user experience will always be paramount. The evolution of UI and UX design is something to behold, and thing may be about to get more interesting this year. For 2017, the frontier of user experience continues to be explored as designers hone in on[…]

Are Be Theme’s Pre-Built Websites a Trend This Year?

[ad_1] Website design trends come and go; although some have demonstrated significant staying power. Just when you begin to think that every possible design trend has already been invented, a new one pops up. A trend you’re apt to hear about in 2017 has actually been with us for some time. This trend differs from[…]