The Best Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins 2018

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The Best Free WordPress Font Plugins To Chance Fonts With Ease 2018

[ad_1] A major and important part of any web design is typography. The type of fonts that you use on your website reflects the nature of your website and can help to reinforce your brand in the visitors’ minds. For instance, you may want light and attractive fonts on a website that’s meant for kids.[…]

The Best WordPress Plugins for MailChimp Integration 2018

[ad_1] Any person who is marketing any product or service online understands the value of an email list. It refers to a list of potential consumers for your product or service collected diligently over a period of time. The marketing automation platform, MailChimp, is a great aid in building an email list, growing a consumer base[…]

The Best WordPress Media Library Management Plugins for 2017

[ad_1] Nowadays, very few websites contain only text. A fair amount of screen space is devoted to images as well. Not just images, audio, video and all combinations of media files are included to reinforce text content. Media inserts also help to break up long paragraphs of text. When it comes to websites such as[…]

The Best WordPress Calendar Plugins for 2017

[ad_1] Event calendars can be used to schedule and organize small or large events such as conferences, parties, family get togethers, sports events and more. You may have a website completely devoted to events and booking for events, or you can add a calendar to an existing website and schedule events and enable bookings from[…]

The Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugins For 2017

[ad_1] Notification bars are the narrow strips that appear at the top of the screen. Generally they carry important announcements or messages, and a quick Call To Action button. They can be used for many purposes – recruiting new subscribers to a mailing list, offering discounts or linking to important content. They can be very[…]

The Best WordPress Forum Plugins for Online Communities 2017

[ad_1] A forum is a place where persons with similar interests meet up and and connect over common interests. With the growth of the internet, it’s easy to have online forums that cost very little money to set up. They serve as a platform to share ideas and allow members to participate in a community.[…]

The Best WordPress Voting Plugins for 2017

[ad_1] Visitors are the most valuable asset for any blog, and we direct a lot of effort in increasing visitor count. One way in which you can increase visitor count is by identifying the type of content that they favor and providing it to them on a regular basis. But how do we know what[…]

The Best Free WordPress Directory Plugins for 2017

[ad_1] A directory website is one where the names, addresses, contact and other details of like or similar individuals or organizations are grouped together, so that they can be accessed from one location. Examples would be a real estate listing directory, blood banks, restaurants and the like. Online directories make it easy for people to[…]