A Long Time Ago: Code Snippets Inspired by Star Wars

[ad_1] Perhaps no movie franchise has more fans than Star Wars. For over 40 years, each new episode has generated great anticipation – not to mention monster profits. Both the movies and their long list of unforgettable characters have also served as a great inspiration to popular culture. Web design is no exception, as it[…]

Add Scroll Effects & Utilities to Your Website with These CSS & JS Snippets

[ad_1] Scrolling is among the most basic tasks we ask of users. And, judging from the amount of scrolling on websites and apps these days – we’re asking a lot. Adding scroll-based effects can be a great way to enhance user experience. That is, so long as they don’t interfere with the ability to navigate[…]

Send Holiday Cheer with these Christmas Code Snippets

[ad_1] Everyone who collects subscribers and regularly runs email campaigns can benefit from sending out festive greetings. It is customary to congratulate your devoted users by presenting them with bonuses, discounts, special offers or other unique material. On the one hand, it is a marketing trick that lures users in and helps to foist goods.[…]

The Silly Side of Code Snippets

[ad_1] Sometimes the daily grind of web design can make us take things a little too seriously. While that’s good for getting things done, it can also drain us of the passion we have for our work. It’s not a place where you want to be for the long term. Creating something fun is a[…]

Keeping Time: A Collection of Clock and Timer Code Snippets

[ad_1] The act of displaying time is quite popular on the web. But it’s not at all limited to what we typically wear on our wrist or hang on the wall. Sure, a traditional clock can add to the aesthetic of a website or app. However, that’s only genuinely useful in certain situations, considering our[…]

Amazing Collection of CSS & JavaScript Calculators

[ad_1] Calculators are one of the few tools that have become just as useful online as they are off. Perhaps even more so, when you consider that we now have apps that can calculate more than just hard numbers. Online calculators do everything from help us manage our diet, figure out a loan payment to[…]

Shining Examples of the Flashlight Effect Web Design Trend

[ad_1] ۲۰۱۹ has already seen numerous tiny trends where the mouse cursor played first fiddle: mouse trails, repelling effects, interactive 3D globes and fantastic hover effects – to name a few. Playing with the canvas has become mainstream. Everyone wants to become a proud part of it and make a valuable contribution. Indeed, HTML5 and[…]

Creating Wild and Crazy Backgrounds with CSS & JavaScript

[ad_1] The ability of developers to do amazing things with code never ceases to amaze. Sure, functionality still plays a huge role. But these days, we’re also seeing some otherworldly visuals come to life through the help of CSS and JavaScript, among others. Today, we’re going to focus on an area that is sure to[…]

۸ Code Snippets That Pay Homage to Apple Devices

[ad_1] As much as we associate Apple with its handheld devices these days, their history is filled with a great depth of other compelling products. Desktops, laptops, even printers and monitors. And, just like the ubiquitous iPhone (or even the iPod), they often were ahead of their time and quite prescient. Just think – PCs[…]