Sketch UX kit for wireframing & prototyping

[ad_1] A free UX kit for Sketch created by Mikolaj Dobrucki that may come in handy for wireframing and building complex interfaces quickly! This kit comes with more than 300 predefined components, text styles and layer styles. Inside the Sketch file you will find a mix of web, iOS and Android elements. Nevertheless, all elements are nicely[…]

Elements: A free iOS UI kit by Sketch

[ad_1] The designer team at Sketch has recently released a totally free UI kit for their popular app. It is called Elements and it is pretty massive since it includes 35 screens, 45 icons and 175 symbols. Elements is probably the best choice to get started on your next app design for iOS: you just[…]

Free iOS 11 UI kit for Photoshop & Sketch

[ad_1] A massive iOS UI kit brought to you by Apply Pixels which includes a bunch of useful screens and common interface elements, controls, shapes, containers and icons. This free UI kit is available for Photoshop (in PSD format) and Sketch (as symbols). Access to resource is reserved for subscribing members. It only takes a minute[…]

آیپد پرو جدید در مقابل سرفیس پرو ۲۰۱۷

[ad_1] با معرفی آیپد پرو جدید تنها دو هفته پس از رونمایی از نسل جدید سرفیس پرو، اکنون بهترین زمان برای مقایسه‌ی تبلت‌های اپل و مایکروسافت است. مقاله‌ی مرتبط: اپل در جریان کنفرانس WWDC 2017 از نسل جدید آیپد پرو در دو اندازه‌ی ۱۰.۵ و ۱۲.۹ اینچی رونمایی کرد. آیپد پروهای جدید تقریبا تمام ویژگی‌های نسل[…]