The Role Fluid Layouts Play in Modern Web Design

[ad_1] Fluid design is ultra-adaptable, user-friendly, and cooperates across devices – a necessary design foundation for the modern web user. However, it’s surprising how many web designers don’t understand the role fluid design plays in modern web design. I’ve compiled some of the things you may not know about fluid design so you can better[…]

Free WordPress Plugins for Adding jQuery Goodness to Your Site

[ad_1] jQuery is an incredibly popular JavaScript library – and for good reason. It’s powerful, fast and is supported by a multitude of web browsers. In fact, WordPress comes bundled with a version of jQuery to provide functionality and allow developers an easy way to tap in. If you’re looking for a super easy way[…]

Weekly News for Designers (N.376)

[ad_1] By Speckyboy Editors Mar 12 2017Designer News This is our popular weekly design news post where we share our favorite design related articles, resources and freebies from the past week. You can sign-up to our awesome weekly newsletter or follow us on Twitter for some more amazing design articles, resources and freebies. New Resources[…]

۲۰ Tips for Improving Your App’s Rank in the iOS App Store

[ad_1] Just over 2 million apps and counting. That’s the number of apps currently in the iOS App Store, with thousands of similar apps overwhelming every category and subcategory. With that being said, app development and design is a lucrative market with Apple paying out $20 billion last year alone to developers. Knowing the methods[…]

Your Guide to Designing Websites That Connect with the Millennial Crowd

[ad_1] They know how to tinker with gadgets they’ve held for the first time; they can communicate in acronyms and abbreviations that bend the basics tenets of grammar; they can make a meme go viral within hours via the smartphones glued to their hands. Say what you will about the quirks of this generation, but[…]

۲۰۱۷’s Premier WordPress Plugins – Just for You

[ad_1] No matter what feature or function you would like for your website design, there’s likely a WordPress plugin for that. There are, in fact, probably several, and for some features and functionalities, many. The sheer number of potential candidates can, therefore, present a challenge. You might be able to locate a plugin that will[…]

۱۰ Free Plugins for Adding Animation Effects to WordPress

[ad_1] Special effects such as smooth scrolling, page transitions or CSS animations can add some welcome personality to your WordPress website. Use them to call attention to important information, enhance UX and take your designs up a notch. Here are some free WordPress plugins you can use to add a variety of effects to your[…]

Ten Steps to Intuitive Forms in Website Design

[ad_1] Your forms are one of the most important elements on your website, both for your users and the company. At their best, forms interact with visitors and are user-friendly. A good form encourages visitors to fill them out for feedback, subscriptions, bookings, and registration. At their worst, forms are clunky, hard to navigate, and[…]

۱۰۰ Free High Resolution Photorealistic Mockup Templates

[ad_1] We have collected a huge selection of creative mockups that will allow you to showcase your products in creative and photorealistic surroundings. There are professionally photographed mockups for featuring your mobile app or website in realistic and natural environments, photo-realistic mockups that will allow you to showcase your newly designed branding in real-world situations,[…]

The UX Mistakes That Cost Companies Millions

[ad_1] My friend is a steel structure engineer – his company has been involved in putting up enormous structures, like the iconic Gherkin in London. If he doesn’t get it right, and something is a few millimeters out, the building can be off kilter and the consequences could be huge. Does being a UX designer[…]