Luxe Free CSS Template

The Luxe Template has a Responsive layout with Mixed Columns and uses an HTML 5 doctype. It is a Dark on Light design developed by "FreeHTML5". source_link

۱۰ Sleek Coworking WordPress Themes 2017

With growing number of coworking spaces all over the world, coworking websites have become a necessity for people who work from home, travel a lot, or freelance. Whether you’re a coworking space owner or you need to design a coworking website, this collection of>10 Sleek Coworking WordPress themes is just the thing for you. It’s[…]

Top 23 Best Free JavaScript Frameworks for Web Developers 2017

The JavaScript community experienced some really big changes last year. ECMAScript 6 was finally standardized and published, and most popular compilers and web browsers are working hard to adapt to all the new changes and regulations. To fully understand such a huge update (the last ES update was in 2009), it’s necessary to immerse yourself[…]

Over 20 Awesome Premium And Free Under Construction/Coming Soon WordPress Themes – ۲۰۱۷

List of the best coming soon WordPress themes that you can use as landing, under construction or coming soon pages. All these themes are packed with progress bar and/or countdown timer to keep the track of your progress. Themes are packed with custom subscription forms, contact forms and social media icons.These themes will make your[…]

۲۵ Best Free WordPress Themes For Startups 2017

Do you know how much it costs to design a “professional” website? It can range anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 per project. And God knows how much any further customization is going to cost you. It’s simply not viable for small startups to invest such a ridiculous amount of money into designing a personal startup[…]

۳۰ Most Popular Free Minimalist WordPress Themes 2017

WordPress themes evolved drastically in the last 5 years. As a platform WordPress started out strictly for blogging purposes alone, but nowadays more and more themes act as frameworks. Tools that can power not only blogs but communities and large-scale businesses. This growth of theme categories has led to themes becoming bloated and full of[…]

۲۵ WordPress Business Themes With Appointment Booking Forms 2017

Any business whether digital or not requires some type of a bridge between client interest and client onboarding. Typically, the traditional way of acquiring new clients is through a phone call which is followed by a scheduled meeting. With the expansive growth of eCommerce and web technology, many are moving over to the web to[…]

۳۰ Most Popular Fundraising WordPress Themes 2017

fThe World is far from being in a good place, especially in categories like wellness and overall health. Think about countries in Africa or regions in South America where resources aren’t as accessible as everywhere else in the world. Needless to say, only a handful of world’s countries can call themselves modern or developed. And[…]

۴۰ Drag & Drop Visual Composer WordPress Themes 2017

It’s probably an amazing feeling to be the owners of Visual Composer. A WordPress page builder plugin with more than 285,000 premium sales. And 99% of all new premium WP themes are compatible with VComposer either directly or indirectly. That tells you a lot about the level of usefulness that Visual Composer is able to[…]

۲۰ Best Free WordPress Slider Plugins For A Better User Experience 2017

There is only a handful of truly special WordPress plugin types and sliders have to one of the best. In fact, sliders are probably the most modern and popular plugin type for WordPress blogs. With a slider, you can highlight featured content, publish important announcements, and display your best content in a stylish fashion. Since[…]