Coffee app design template for Sketch

[ad_1] A pretty nice design concept for a coffee app designed and released by Eman Tawfik. Freebie is made of 6 free Sketch artboards ready to be used and customized at your own pleasure. Download freebie Posted on June 29, 2018 in Sketch freebies and tagged app, sketch. [ad_2] source link

How Designers Can Build a WordPress Maintenance Service Offering

[ad_1] One of the best parts about working with WordPress is the opportunity to expand your range and offer other much-needed services from the platform. So, even if your job title has been “web designer” or “web developer” until recently, there’s no reason why you couldn’t or shouldn’t be able to sell other WordPress-related services.[…]

۱۵ Free Keynote Templates for Creatives

[ad_1] Whether you want to impress potential clients and investors or simply need to design a presentation for your client, there is no doubt that a template can save you hours of time. Luckily, there is no shortage of free templates that not only look good but can be used for business presentations, investor pitches,[…]

۸ Stunning CSS & JavaScript Code Snippets for Enhancing Illustration

[ad_1] Illustrations can bring a highly-artistic style to any website. Whether hand-drawn or created digitally, these images can help us tell a story and convey ideas. By itself, a great illustration can be pretty powerful stuff. But, with a little magic, we can give them an even greater impact. Through the use of CSS and[…]

Freelancers vs. Design Agencies: A Fair Fight?

[ad_1] In your freelance career, you’ll inevitably run into a situation where you’re bidding against several competitors for a project. That competition may not only include others in the freelance space, but multiperson agencies as well. This can lead to an interesting choice for clients. Will they go with the team-based approach or choose to[…]

The First Step in Selling a Seven Figure Web Project

[ad_1] “It was a two million dollar web project.” Then Nick Weynand, CEO of Mighty Citizen (formerly Trademark Media), got up to take care of some business for a moment. Nick and I were conducting an interview for UGURUS at their office in Austin, TX. I’ve spent the majority of my professional life in the[…]

Renner*: A free Futura alternative

[ad_1] Renner* is a free typeface inspired to Futura and designed by Owen Earl. Renner* is an origonal font that aims to keep the attitude of Futura rather than the exact design. Futura was designed to be functional in its day and in that spirit, Renner* aims to be as functional as possible in the digital[…]

Weekly News for Designers № ۴۴۲

[ad_1] Never Overlook Animation in UX – Animation can be more than just an aesthetic element. Easier scrollytelling with position sticky – Using the “sticky” graphic pattern with CSS. Color Picker Plus – An improved color picker for macOS. The Most Dangerous Writing App – Stop typing and your progress will be lost! A Collection[…]

۴۰ Free Web-Based Tools & Apps for Working With CSS

[ad_1] We have accumulated a super-useful collection of our favorite little web-based apps and tools for when you’re working with CSS. All of the tools have been created with the intention of being either time-saving generators to some of the more frustrating aspects of working with CSS or handy little problem-solving tools. You will find[…]

The Free Tropical Icon Set (50 Icons, SVG & PNG)

[ad_1] Courtesy of our friends Freepik, we have a wonderful free icon set for you today. The Tropical Icon Set includes individual icons of palm trees, beach balls, cocktails, surfboards, waves, ice creams, bikinis, suntan lotions… everything you would expect to see and use on a warm tropical vacation. These bright, colorful and beautifully designed[…]